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    wows alpha invite

    I've been waiting for nearly as long, though I used a NA account i created just for that purpose. I gave up a few months back, but guess what, they launched alpha a week later. So much facepalm. So much regret.
  2. BlurpleTomato

    WOW alpha Testing email

    D: You guys are so lucky! :(
  3. That was supposed to be the plan for alpha... but i missed that. so i'm just sitting in my little corner and eating popcorn.
  4. BlurpleTomato

    Expand the forums

    Hi guys, I'm not sure where or how to post this, but I do genuinely believe that the forums should be expanded. Right now it's focused on the game alone- but if we aren't part of the Alpha process, how can we contribute to making the game a better experience for everyone? The NA forums allows this to happen- where we can post in the 'real world' section and the 'off topic' section and make this a better place for everyone. Why can't we do this for the ASIA forums? Just my 2 cents. ~a tomato
  5. BlurpleTomato

    Introduction thread

    Hi guys I'm a Tomato. I'm new here (lol just discovered there was an asian forum) and I come from hong kong. Hope to spend many more days with you guys!