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    Audio tearing and eventual cut-out

    Dear people monitoring this forum. here is a screenshot of an error i received today whilst trying to play with the audio tearing and large drop in FPS. when the audio tearing gets very bad i've had the audio cut out entirely but this time the game crashed and i got the attached error. additionally, the audio switched from my default external USB card to the internal audio. https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D6435809_06691152_091804
  2. AndreasK1542

    Massive fps drops

    Lenovo laptop i7 4510U Gefore 840M GPU 16GB RAM SB digital audio premium HD USB sound card running game @ 1920x1080 but all graphic settings are set to medium or low
  3. AndreasK1542

    Audio tearing and eventual cut-out

    How do we know if issues are being investigated?
  4. AndreasK1542

    Sound Tearing Bug Open Beta

    I have the same issue to the point where my audio will eventually cut-out entirely.
  5. AndreasK1542

    Audio tearing and eventual cut-out

    Well at least i'm not the only one. This has gotten so bad now that the game is unplayable for me as there is even lag firing guns, which is disappointing
  6. AndreasK1542

    Massive fps drops

    which 'special driver' is this?
  7. AndreasK1542

    Audio tearing and eventual cut-out

    Issue: Audio tearing leading to total cut-out of audio and input delay Screenshots: NA, audio issueShip: AnyMap: AnyOccurrences: Every time I play, in the last ~3 weeksTested: Reproduced every timeSeverity: Unplayable, stopped playingDetails: I've started experiencing the same issue as a few other users have reported (http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/6989-sound-tearing-bug-open-beta/) However my issue get progressively worse during gameplay. The audio will be fine at the very start of a match then deteriorate from there to the point where a couple of times my audio has actually cut out all together am i'm playing in silence. I have previously had no issues on the same hardware and believe this has started as the result of a patch. Accompanying the audio tearing is a sudden drop in FPS from 50-75 to <10. I thought the cause may be the onboard audio but I have just purchased an external USB sound card and disabled all other audio devices, with the same result. I have also tried reducing my graphics settings significantly from where they started and initially had no such audio problems My hardware: Lenovo laptop i7 4510U Gefore 840M GPU 16GB RAM SB digital audio premium HD USB sound card Temps of CPU and GPU during gameplay are fine and utilisation is also OK (CPU never hits 100%, GPU occasionally hits 99% but not corresponding to audio tearing). In fact when the framerate drops, the GPU utilisation does too, which seems counter intuitive. This is now severely affecting my ability to play/enjoyment of the game.