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  1. RaishinVuong2102

    0.10.2 bug report

    Description: The "AD Victoriam" text disappeared when zooming closer to the Marco Polo in match. Reproduction Steps: 1. Start a battle 2. Die and switch to observation camera 3. Zoom in and out to the Marco Polo Result: The text disappeared when zoom in and re-appeared at max zoom out Expected Result: The text should be display even when zooming in or out Other Details: Technical details about 19:43 (UTC+7) - 09/4/2021
  2. RaishinVuong2102

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback

    Thank u for helping me !!!
  3. RaishinVuong2102

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback

    http://imgur.com/a/fiKviI lost all my blueprint flag but there is no Bristish BB for me ?I have done the 3rd blueprint last night !!!Where are my ships ?
  4. RaishinVuong2102

    Bristish BB

    http://imgur.com/a/fiKvi I lost all my blueprint flag but there is no Bristish BB for me ? I have done the 3rd blueprint last night !!! Where are my ships ?
  5. RaishinVuong2102

    Volume !

    Listen to own music is one of the great change in 0.5.11 but the volume of mp3 file is very small, i hardly hear it if i dont turn off all of the other sound Anyone can help me with this problem ??? And what file u guys use ???
  6. RaishinVuong2102

    Haguro Voice

    Problem !!!
  7. RaishinVuong2102

    Problem with ARP Haguro

    Ship name
  8. RaishinVuong2102

    How Do You Know You Got Pink Name/Symbol/Status?

    Nah If you killed too much that is the time you got the pink status Only one team kill that is not a matter ;) But try your best and watch before you decide to drop torpedoes so as not to kill your teammates
  9. RaishinVuong2102

    Show me your Shipfu ( Waifu ) ingame

    My Waifu is not in the game
  10. RaishinVuong2102

    Stop being teamkiller! :'<

    They think their torps just stop when it hit enemies and go thought teamates ship And if they dont hit anything they will travel outside the map and disapear
  11. Minekaze seccond best dd of Japan after Shimakaze ??? - Tier 5
  12. RaishinVuong2102

    Kantai Collection login MOD poi~~~~

    I'm still working on it
  13. RaishinVuong2102

    The Phoenix - Firestarter

    Cleveland is the 2nd greatest ship in USA Cruiser tech tree Research it and you will find the stair way to heaven
  14. RaishinVuong2102

    Naval Battles of Guadalcanal

    Why the night battle event only have in EU
  15. RaishinVuong2102

    what is the best ship to keep in port?

    Tier 4 Kuma Tier 5 Minekaze, Kongo Tier 6 Aoba, Cleveland, Fuso Tier 7 Myoko Tier 8 Mogami Tier 9 Iowa Tier 10 Zao Maybe ???