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  1. DogBolter

    and this is why you dont trust your teammates

    As in get rammed by someone while in smoke. My first 2 matches yesterday, i was rammed out of smoke in my Fiji by a chicken-head Bismark and obliterated the bismark player then whinged that he had no targets to shoot at because no one was spotting for him. I reloaded in the mahan and had a guy in a cleveland parke directly behind me so when the torps arrived i was out of position and we both died.
  2. DogBolter

    and this is why you dont trust your teammates

    This kind of crap happens to me once a day
  3. Yeah, time of day makes a massive difference in terms of teams. Same with Warthunder. Ive sold off a whole bunch of ships and narrowed my focus. Until i got Dunkirk Jack, my best captian was like 8 points, so i need to spend time working on that and actually learning how to play ships, so i self limited to USS DD's and cruisers, and RN cruiser
  4. Yeah..... im convincedits part of the reason i suck at this game ;P
  5. actually...i got detonated twice while carrying that flag tonight. the first time i thought i had forgot to equip it., but i most definately had it on for the second time
  6. Righto, been trying your suggestions, while running premium smoke with the cooldown flag, makes a massive difference. Cracked 100K damage for the first time in it. I have to play quite a bit more passively in it to get the damage numbers up. The short cooldown for the smoke gets me back into the fight much quicker than i realised. I also swapped from reticle 7 to dynamic, a few days ago, only just getting used to it now. Got a close quarter kill against a Sharnhorst i ended up duking it out with when i met him on a blind corner, i missed the torp shot and he killed me, but the secondaries set him on fireburned him down after i died, was pretty funny
  7. DogBolter

    how to mahan?

    I just got this to 10pt captain, and suffered terribly until i managed to get the CE, then it got much easier after that. Run flags for fire and consumable cooldown, as well as the premium smoke, makes a huge difference to damage output. I found if i couldn't light fire i did stuff all damage
  8. Thanks..i don't really know what that is, or how to do it and be 150ms a head of the game, but ill figure something out i guess
  9. I took the edi out for the first time in 2 days, was detected by a DD (i assume, i never saw what it was), and an Izumo 1 shotted me from 15km before my smoke came up, i never fired a shot. This pretty much sums up cruisers for me.
  10. That doesn't surprise me at all. I don't think its the edi, i think its me being unable to handle the MM past tier 5 Jeebus.. my main gun hit ratio has taken a massive dive! I have changed reticles though
  11. I thought i had been the other day, but figured maybe i had just forgot to equip it. Doesn't matter what i do past tier 5, i get absolutely raped with any nation form 6 and above. I got sick of RN cruiser, went to USN DD's and had a great time until the Mahah, where your detection range is obscenely large seeing you spend most of the match running/ avoiding from every ship with either a shorter detection range by a good kilometer and a half or are boating radar/sonar.... because apparently sonar and radar allow you to see through islands and aim your main guns on sound alone... radar and hydro are broken AF in this game
  12. The indicator says 100, but past experience is generally not tobelieve those things. Problem with Australia to Asia, is even though your PING is lower, its often far less stable. Would take NA every day of the week if i could
  13. Possibly a connection issue. I am noticing too that i a getting spotted by ships that are still a few hundred meters outside my detection range. Ive been allowing an extra 500 meters gap to cover that.
  14. I dont record, so you will have to take my word for it, but amongst the overpens i often get bounces thrown in there
  15. I get that, i don't get the same results as what is shown on youtube videos. there is no reason for destroyers to be bouncing shells when they are broadside on I had an isokaze bounce a couple of shells from a kaiser a couple of days ago