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  1. Wombat56

    RN and Halloween Event Stuff up

    Getting tier 3 stars is easy as you all say but you all have missed the point. YOU NEED T5 STARS TO COUNT FOR THE RN MISSIONS. There is no T5 stars to be earned.
  2. Wombat56

    RN and Halloween Event Stuff up

    Getting 5 stars at tier 3 doesn't count for tier 5 requirements
  3. I see that they still haven't fixed the missions so that they are achievable. Need seven tier 5 plus stars when the event is tier 3. Very bad quality control.
  4. Wombat56

    Hall of Fame Points

    Done But no help at all from the support desk on my ticket.
  5. Wombat56

    Hall of Fame Points

    I had a player do the same thing in two games straight. Sailed west away from Dunkirk and then into the minefield. It was a very easy 180 Fame Points for that account. Ticket submitted.
  6. Wombat56

    Royal Navy Containers

    Using the money to buy Gold would give you enough free exp conversion to get you close to the Tier 8 DD anyway.
  7. Wombat56

    Royal Navy Containers

    Well I've done 20 containers from missions and not even a hint of a DD mission. So $68 for 20 containers, not going to happen, I've got better things to spend my money on.
  8. Yesterday I didn't get any in normal containers either.
  9. I was cleaning the shed last week and found my 1:1200 hand made balsa wood warships from the 1970/80. The first two ships I made were British Tier 3 Battleships. The last two ships at the end of my naval wargaming when the rules became too complicated and I packed them away were the Nelson and King George V. The Nelson is seven inches long.
  10. Wombat56

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    What's the ratio, I haven't seen a super container in 6 months.
  11. Wombat56

    Proposed British BBs

    The Rodney and Nelsons original design not the redesign they were built too.
  12. Wombat56

    Proposed British BBs

    The Rodney and Nelson as designed would be tier9. 48,000 ton Battlecruisers vs 36,000 ton slow battleships. There is no reason why both designs can not be used in the tech tree. One at tier 7 and one at tier 9. after all we have the Amagi in the game.
  13. Wombat56

    German Carrier Line

    The Graf Zeppelin had a sister ship the Peter Strasser which was scrapped on the stocks.
  14. Wombat56

    German Carrier Line

    I know that the Germans cant field a full line of CV's. But will we get a part line from 4 to 8. With three liners planned for conversion, the CA Seydliz and the Graf Zeppelin that will give the German fleet a chance to try out those proposed carriers. I know that those players with a historical following would love to try out those ships.