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  1. Wombat56

    What is this?!

    Yes I have it too.
  2. Wombat56

    I thought It was supposed to be "Light Cruiser"

    This is a game. Now its a fantasy game. If the Russian want to fantasize about their paper ships well good on them. Apart from DD's its the only nation with 60% ish of made up ships and whats worse so many of those real ships never were commissioned.
  3. I wonder if the British will get hedge hog and limbo launchers. That will give the subs a headache.
  4. Very long wait on battle loading, getting into battle 4 minutes late.
  5. Wombat56

    How is your British CA event going?

    Well finished all four directives no ship.
  6. Wombat56

    How is your British CA event going?

    Three directives finished not a thing. I refuse to gamble with Doubloons.
  7. Wombat56

    What can i say.....................

    Try selecting BATTLE if the queue is full of CV's bailout and try a different Tier or a ship with AA.
  8. Wombat56

    Submarine Submarine SUBMARINE

    the German Type XXI's were faster submerged but that's an exception to the rule til the very modern boats.
  9. Wombat56

    Submarine Submarine SUBMARINE

    So many things to consider. One sub or a wolf pack CV's ASW patrols Do ship launched fighters and spotting aircraft spot periscopes? Does using a snorkel increase your chances of being spotted? Spawn positions for subs Do subs spot for other team members are they going be like radar and ignore reality.....Oh ....what am I thinking? The list goes on
  10. Wombat56

    T4 Carriers

    The problem is three of them on a side. With a slow tier 4 BB with no real AA its just torpedo after torpedo. Not much damage for each hit but its hit after hit, with luck no flooding or only one. Hopefully its some other poor soul that they pick on first.
  11. Wombat56

    Server Problems

    Me too, now a nice pink colour
  12. Wombat56

    ST, icebergs.

    Grumble grumble!!!!!!! Have fun blowing up icebergs, so what if its not realistic, its a game.
  13. Wombat56

    NA Salt Thread

    They should have release her because it would have reduced the number of players playing CV's. With the player base divided between the two it would have perhaps made the patch easier to take and we might have reduced the teams to 1 CV a side. :)
  14. The trouble is everyone got used to having no CV's in a game. (one CV could keep all the DD's perm spotted in the old system so no real change there) Now we have 2 in most games with one squadron each. Wait til the CV's craze is over, then we can really assess the patch. Rockets on fighters is the big change for DD's, well time to change tactics, the games changed so must we.
  15. Wombat56

    Excess CV Captains what happens?

    That's what I already explained. I will have two captains trained for each even tiered ship.(4,6) We get compo for the CV's but not for the experience the captain has earned and now can't use without retraining. So if they start a new CV line do I get free training for those excess Captains that I have spent time and effort into developing that now have no job or costs 500 Dub to retrain for another ship.