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  1. Wombat56

    Exp in CV

    found this on the NA forum https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/179325-the-full-faq-of-the-cv-rework/
  2. Wombat56

    [Colonization Intensifies] RN CVs teased!

    Commonwealth so many tricks are there to use. Skip bombing bouncing bombs
  3. Wombat56

    Soviet BBs (and Gangut + Kremlin)

    At least they could get to t8 with real battleships, built and launched.
  4. Wombat56

    Soviet BBs (and Gangut + Kremlin)

    So many paper ships, how about lines with real ones OR even half lines that are real
  5. Wombat56

    WW2 ships with a partially submerged design?

    The only one I can think of was in the Australian navy in WW1, decommissioned before WW2. HMAS Cerberus. A monitor with two turrets (2x2 10") and capable of taking on water to lower the already low free board so that only the turrets were above water.
  6. Wombat56

    HMS Nelson coming Thursday this week

    Most early Battleships have/had submerged torpedo tubes, (i.e. HMS Warspite had 2 per side) these were pretty much useless as the beam tubes could not be fired at high speed as the torpedo could be bent and caught in the tube. So WG leaving them out I think is the best option.
  7. Wombat56

    USS Alaska great article

  8. Wombat56

    CV rework phase 3...

    With WG looking at two CV lines for each nation. They could divide CV's into two classes and keep the old system RTS for one line and the new for the other. OK MM might have a fit at CV(1), CV(2), BB, CA, DD mix but it would mix the games and give more variety. (only have one type of CV in a game to remove that conflict between the two systems)
  9. Wombat56

    Hoping this means free Captain Skill reset!

    Hopefully they will do the same as when the new commander skills were released. Cheap skill resets for the first two weeks.
  10. Wombat56

    RN and Halloween Event Stuff up

    Getting tier 3 stars is easy as you all say but you all have missed the point. YOU NEED T5 STARS TO COUNT FOR THE RN MISSIONS. There is no T5 stars to be earned.
  11. Wombat56

    RN and Halloween Event Stuff up

    Getting 5 stars at tier 3 doesn't count for tier 5 requirements
  12. I see that they still haven't fixed the missions so that they are achievable. Need seven tier 5 plus stars when the event is tier 3. Very bad quality control.
  13. Wombat56

    Hall of Fame Points

    Done But no help at all from the support desk on my ticket.
  14. Wombat56

    Hall of Fame Points

    I had a player do the same thing in two games straight. Sailed west away from Dunkirk and then into the minefield. It was a very easy 180 Fame Points for that account. Ticket submitted.
  15. Wombat56

    Royal Navy Containers

    Using the money to buy Gold would give you enough free exp conversion to get you close to the Tier 8 DD anyway.