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  1. 120k damage in my Omaha once, and I lost the match with about 1.4k exp... I was stock as well
  2. Shatter12

    What if World of Warships was realistic?

    1) I'd take a lot longer to reload guns (probably). 2) Just about everything would have better range (Yamato had a 50km maximum firing range...) 3) As you said, AA and secondaries would work hopefully better. 4) Everything would get there final reft (i.e. USS IOWA wih Tomahawk missiles, Cleveland wih missiles of some description and the Furutaka wih her 1941-1942 refit).
  3. Shatter12

    The Russian DDs (pic heavy no spoilers because nope)

    Tier 7: 4km torps. Tell me why these things aren't CLs?
  4. Shatter12

    100% hate Carrier and torpedo

    Poop. Hopefully the CAs (KM) get a special AA cooldown ability; times all of the AA ranges (i.e. the 3 AA zones (if they even have that lol) by 6, and the same widen the torpedo/bomber spread like other AA cooldowns (for the other nations). P.S. Haven't watched the video now (no time atm), but I am just going by what you have said. Will watch it in about an hour, and will post a new post/edit this post when I do. Thanks
  5. Shatter12

    100% hate Carrier and torpedo

    Cleveland has a 40 AA rating... You're saying the T6 KM CA has the same AA rating as a Wyoming? Hopefull you were only looking at the stock hull Steel; otherwise they will be fresh meat for CVs.
  6. Shatter12

    You know you spent too much time in WoWs than WoT when....

    27. You realise that you can not shoot over obstacles like you can in WoWS. 28. You put to much lead for your targets; only to realise you have a higher velocity shell, and are shooting at MUCH shorter ranges after you have shot 10 rounds from your FV215b 183. 28. After playing to many CV matches in WoWS, you play arty in WoT to have a sense of the OPness of it.
  7. Shatter12

    On the New Russian DDs...

    No nerfbat, only buffball for USN DDs Also, has the new client come out yet? Can't check at the moment.
  8. Shatter12


    You can tell that they are modern because of their AA: No other low tiers have good AA. Also if you hover over any ship in the game, it tells you when it was made/designed and a little bit about it. The tier ones (most if them) are made in the 1930s, not tjr beginning of the 20th century.
  9. Shatter12


    I wanna play da Admiral Hipper! WG, don't do dis to me!!!6
  10. Shatter12

    Just asking: What is Poi?

    Poi means ioP. /End of discussion.
  11. Shatter12


    @Evyl, there is 3 or 4 Soviet DD Threads on the first page alone; I just felt that the KM could get some love @Vyviel: I really need to add that to my OP
  12. Shatter12


    This is the official German Cruiser Hype thread because... well, there's more threads about the killer (literally - Almost no point of grind USN DDs) Soviet DDs then German Cruisers. All hype, facts/info, speculation and of course argiung goes below! Yes, I am well aware of the Soviet DDs and German CA/CL thread, but that's dedicated to both of them. This is mostly dedicated to German CAs, not Soviet DDs (unless it gets derailed... lol). And let's face it, we don't need anymore Soviet DDs thread, and we need moar German CA threads.
  13. Shatter12

    Des Moines

    Yes. Yes you do (this is well, an arguer's thread) .
  14. Shatter12

    ramming problem

    So if a full health St. Louis hit a hit a full health South Carolina, the SC would die, and the St. Louis wouos have 500 health remaining?