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  1. pancakeofdoom

    use Planes to for maxium effect.

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  2. Iv keep seeing people do this and it quite vexing. The CV's are the most important asset for the team. yet time and time again I keep seeing people doing the wrong thing you don't really have a lot of room for wasted opportunity's, You have to use every torpedo every bomb has to be used to maximum effect. But what I keep seeing is CV choosing to go after targets that are low value or are heavily damaged. worst case iv seen is today was a BB 1/4 heath on fire and suffering from flooding. yet a CV decided it was a good idea to send 3 squadrons of torpedo planes to sink him..... I under stand people want kills.. winning must take precedence over every thing it does not matter if you do really well and you lose your get very little benefit. Help your team. It does not mater if you don't sink every ship. focus more on damaging as many ships as possible you want to create opportunity's for you team undermine the other teams ability to fight the best way to do that.
  3. pancakeofdoom

    Accuracy mods

    I wounding how much difference they make. on my Aoba. max desperation is 136m with the accuracy mod enabled. what is it with out it?.
  4. pancakeofdoom


    you have to ask nicely if you can use there's http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/coast-guard-busts-homemade-submarine-seizes-181m-worth-cocaine-n405571 I can't believe how much subs cost now days. 2 Billon each no wounder America is in debt for trillions of dollars.
  5. My experience is 90% of the planets population are barely intelligent enough to be above throwing there own faeces. though by the map seems the enemy team was pretty much just as stupid so at least it was a fair fight.
  6. pancakeofdoom

    Damage question

    I think they have to change how they make game to do that. if they had all 3 games combined yes it would be awesome but I doubt it would work with 24 players per game.
  7. pancakeofdoom

    Some thoughts and ideas about WOWs.

    Problem I keep seeing is peoples in ability to think CV are the most dangerous class yet they keep going off on there own and making them self's defenceless victims. And it also about the numbers. I sore a group of battle ships today had the right idea they where a Fuso Negato and a Colorado. but all those ships have bad AA so they got destroyed. if you see a Cleveland stay with them. only Idiots go within 5km of a Cleveland.
  8. pancakeofdoom


    It just that no one know's what that trait is......
  9. pancakeofdoom


    Iv played the furutaka and i hated it i see why it scores so poorly. though the Omaha is terrible as well they just have no chance.
  10. pancakeofdoom


    Yep by these stats it tells me. Don't go past the Cleveland. And skip the Fututukaasafafgd im not even going to bother that name is a tongue twister. the tier 5 JPN cruiser Is definitely a down grade from the kuma which is not really that good ether. the Aoba is actually OK it not as good as a Cleveland and myoko at tier 7 is really good.
  11. pancakeofdoom


    Has any one found statistics from the server im just wondering what preforming really well.
  12. pancakeofdoom

    need tips for a Furutaka

    It seems like this ship needs a buff. when upgraded it only 13 KM same as the kuma which has a smaller calibre gun
  13. pancakeofdoom

    need tips for a Furutaka

    just got this ship and it seems difficult. got a 45 second traverse rate but what really hurts is it nearly 20 second to load each gun. im thinking it really needs mods but what. is it better to go get the mod that speeds up the traverse speed or get the mod that ups the accuracy.
  14. pancakeofdoom


    http://postimg.org/how to take a screen shotimage/igax79zml/ Seems I kill one ship in a Kuma and I get 2500 Xp I slaughter the whole team in a Cleveland and I get 2500 Xp Don't I get a bonus?
  15. pancakeofdoom

    Pensacola, New Orleans and Baltimore are all under powered

    the Cleveland is good If you can sort of work out the ballistics It can rain merry hell. I skipped the Omaha got horrible citadels and no amour. Worst of all it pretty much screwed when a CV finds it. JPN DD after the minekaze go to the dogs. so there is a awful lot of balancing the devs need to do.