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  1. _layfonAlseif_

    ST guys, really?

    Oh it's PANTS, no wonder
  2. _layfonAlseif_

    In-Battle Display keeps hanging

    What pauses? Haven't experienced it yet..
  3. _layfonAlseif_


    When can we have a Eiffel tower on richelieu?
  4. _layfonAlseif_

    WoWs turning 0.10 or 1.0?

    Want graphics update like WoT 1.0
  5. At least he's got a camo......
  6. Probably u should take a break from this game?
  7. _layfonAlseif_

    random battle imbalance?

    time to team up with ur clan mates.
  8. _layfonAlseif_

    6 years, man

    Happened on WoT before, I believe it's the problem with the use of Autodesk Scaleform....
  9. _layfonAlseif_

    don't buy AL Yukikaze unless they fix it

    And people who purchased it bec of 10km radar got refund....but still sad that WG took it away :((
  10. _layfonAlseif_


    I miss a lot back in 0.8.0 when there was no limitation on the number of flak burst displayed on the screen at the same time.
  11. _layfonAlseif_


  12. _layfonAlseif_

    no thank you

    HAHA is that part of ur signature or sth? cause it didn't pop up on my screen.
  13. _layfonAlseif_

    no thank you

    oh ok I just thought maybe he had some issue with this ship and want some help...hope he has a nice day then.
  14. _layfonAlseif_

    no thank you

    I don't see the purpose of ur posting.....
  15. _layfonAlseif_

    4 DD against to 6 BB. Stupid matchmaking system

    You played over 800 matches in the past month, you should be able to at least gain some experiences in this game.... From what I can see, you just don't want to learn and always complain about the mechanics in this game. All ur tier X ships only have average dmg of around 40000... sometimes bots even play better than u.