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  1. I have to admit I'm bit 50/50 with the whole carrier changes. I will admit I do miss the other carriers and they should have been still kept in the game somehow, its good to see that the Enterprise and Saipan remained as tier VIII and premium vessel but after alot of experimenting with the carriers on the PTS and on the live servers, I've been finding that the old style was way better than the new one but the new one also had some good pro's behind it so that you could hit your targets for a change. Then again the AA cover fire has improved as well but I've been finding that the fighters and torp bombers are way more fun than the dive bombers. I'm not use to the dive bombers yet but I'm getting there.
  2. Satelerevan

    Just a quick suggestion

    As you all may have heard, the great Sir Roger Moore has passed away and I know he was a great actor to many of us for the James Bond films. I was going to throw this as a suggestion to the Wargaming community, would it be okay to have Roger Moore as one of the Commanders of the British fleet as part of a tribute for his farewell? I know that you have like Steven Seagull on the US side, but just thought to toss up the idea.
  3. Satelerevan

    Alpha tester need verification?

    I have to admit this is one of the first time I had to do something like this through this process, but either way its a procedure that we would have to go through, either that and wait till the game comes out.
  4. Satelerevan

    Alpha tester need verification?

    Hey there, thanks for the invite and I'm looking forward to playing with it however just thought to point out when I was trying to do the Passport Number as 'no' it refused to do it. Even though I thought it was odd, so I tried on other web browsers as well and failed. However what I did do is in the Passport Number I typed in my drivers license and uploaded the picture with it and worked fine. As a point of feedback perhaps have a dropped down option for that to make it easier on the end-user. Thanks heaps though.