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  1. Admiral_Revan

    Quick intro about myself

    Hey guys next week I'll be streaming on and off to keep people cheered up throughout this rough times, you guys take it easy in the meantime. Hope to see you around.
  2. Admiral_Revan

    working from home

    Well for the moment I'm glad to be working from home but I know the feeling about what's going on lately out there, lots of things going on but in some ways its good to be out of the commotion that's happening out there. Its a real shame that we are getting close to full lockdown though but as long as we have the Internet operating at the best performance it can do, that's great for now.
  3. Admiral_Revan

    Quick intro about myself

    Hey everyone, Just a quick introduction to myself here. I'm Admiral Revan from the Asia server, but I'm also on NA and EU servers under a similar callsign. I just wanted to say that I've been an Alpha Tester for the team and have been appreciating World of Warships and the Wargaming team for awhile now and decided to spend some time streaming. I am doing this for fun and enjoyment, however I don't have a problem if you guys wish to follow me on any of the following channels I have available below. Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/admiral_revanYoutube - https://www.youtube.com/user/KakashirevanFacebook group https://www.facebook.com/AdmiralRevan/ Anyhow its good to catchup with you all, hope to see you on the battlefield and have fun together.
  4. Admiral_Revan

    Major Streams

    Well at the moment I'm not sure if there is any non-English ones, even though there are many other English speakers wanting to become a CC If you're interested in becoming one yourself Wa_Teitoku I'll support you. I'm hoping to hear from them soon.
  5. Admiral_Revan

    Major Streams

    Keep up the good work mate, I'm in the middle of applying for it as well too however I am hoping for the best at this point of time.
  6. Admiral_Revan

    ST, armor-piercing rockets

    Hmmm I'm hoping that these rockets aren't too overpowered though. But I am looking forward to checking it out in the near future.
  7. Admiral_Revan

    Supertest FAQ

    I have no problem volunteering or be part of the Super Test program. I wouldn't mind providing any feedback and doing thorough testing for it. In the past I have applied before and didn't seem to get anywhere sadly but I still continue to try and be patient though, hoping that chance will come someday.
  8. Admiral_Revan

    New Premiums coming out soon?

    Hey guys, I heard some rumours about the new T8 French Battleship "Champagne" and T10 US Carrier "Franklin D Roosevaelt" is under testing stages at the moment. T8 French Battleship "Champagne", Based upon the Gascogne, re-armed to 2x3-406mm guns. Accuracy is improved to match that of the super heavy cruisers, but the armor plating has been reduced to 25mm. T10 American Carrier "Franklin D. Roosevelt" Based upon the Midway, this carrier is the 1st special T10 carrier to be introduced to the game. The Roosevelt features slower attack aircraft that have high HP and a long lasting, but less restorative Both of these warships looks pretty decent to me however I'm curious to know more about the specifications for it, I heard there was something mentioned about rocket ships or planes as well for this? What's the story behind that?
  9. Admiral_Revan

    How to become a CC in the Asian Server

    Yeah we need more of them, I'm in the middle of trying to become one myself but the fun part is getting some people interested and getting to know you better before representing on behalf of Wargaming.
  10. Admiral_Revan

    General feedback and suggestions

    Thanks for that. Yeah some of my friends are really hating Wargaming's changes and the launcher is no longer playable for whenever logging onto EU or ASIA. But I think its more of a user error than the actually game client itself but sounds like whenever they try to login the server, it mentions the credentials for it is wrong but doesn't sound right. Funny thing is though they go off and blame people like myself or others and then have a rant, and you sitting there wanting to facepalm...
  11. Hey guys I did my own review about the latest game updates but this is something I had been feeling for awhile now and something needs to change. You're welcome to watch the video and what not.
  12. Admiral_Revan

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    True, I'd be curious to see or know how the process works though. Not that i would like to leave the SEA server anytime soon.
  13. Admiral_Revan

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    Well I have to admit that I did see that lastnight and was openly discussing that Riddyck about it and was unsure on what to make of it. I mean, I know I do have three accounts covering NA/EU and SEA servers but the general concerns i would have is that if I'm merging across to NA server from SEA for example. What would happen to my existing NA account because that's tide with World of Tank etc. Would we be entitled for duplicating our accounts for all the warships we have gained or would they be refunded as well? I dunno at this point I remain skeptical about it.
  14. Admiral_Revan

    General suggestion

    Ah thanks for that Ralph, I need to find out out what I'm doing wrong though for the Coal side of it. Steel wise I'm doing okay atm.
  15. Admiral_Revan

    General suggestion

    There's something been bothering me a little and I thought about this idea about a "Transaction" history of where your doubloons and resources had been spent on in the past. Is there a possibility to have a Transaction history included on all the wargaming games either through the website under Account Management or ingame under say in World of Warships, perhaps, under your profile . The other suggestion is that the coal, steel rewards seems to be quick low on the resources given back to us. Is there a way to increase it a little? Just like a couple hundred extra for example? or increase the amount of rewards you get for them. I know why Steel has been restricted to Clan Battles and Ranked so I'm up for that but Coal has been a tough one actually. Especially when people like me keep on drooling over the new warships on there lol...