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  1. No surprise here tbh, if anything I was surprised to see that the Yamato was not prem. In my mind if they know there will be a massive "I want" for a ship they will make it prem, they are a company that needs to make money after all/
  2. DarkAngelus01

    Keeping aircraft.

    this idea sounds very familiar, I am actually thinking that the commander gets more crew, such as gunnery propulsion etc (bit like wot) your aircrews could have survival which would come from experience which makes them more resistant to AA. Considering the extreme amount of AA at end game it would be hard. But this would stop the send and forget mentality and help balance CV's and make them worthwhile playing, you would have to choice between getting better planes over time to just going out for the derp run
  3. DarkAngelus01

    invisible dd

    tbh if they were not invisible they would be sunk before doing anything. Although it only seems to be a few for me most of the time they appear very easily with a big target that my gunnery crew look for
  4. DarkAngelus01

    Improve Collision warnings?

    I have to say I pay not attention to the warning signals what so ever, and I have only been beached twice since I started playing. Knowing what is around you and checking your mini map during battle is a very important skill. I am always looking around during reloads and I check my mini-map, if I see my arrow heading towards an island I check it, if i can make it past no problems back to the enemy if not start turning. They warning alarm is just excess noise, would prefer collision warning when you are about to be rammed by your own team -_-
  5. DarkAngelus01

    player base is going bad really quick

    No point in whinging about players skills or lack of skills, and to be honest I am not sure why you started another thread like this it is an MMO that is based on PvP so you are going to have to just deal with it. If you do not like it just stop playing wait for the full release to come out than just play team battles that is the only way you are going to dodge this type of behavior and even then it is not 100% proof.
  6. DarkAngelus01

    they need to boot some people out of closed beta

    not if i run away if I see your name
  7. DarkAngelus01

    they need to boot some people out of closed beta

    moving can also be certain death, quite a few times when I realize I am about to sail into hell I will stop behind an island and wait. Moving at all times in the open is not always the best idea, you are no better than the campers if you are dead and all you did was light up a few ships
  8. DarkAngelus01

    they need to boot some people out of closed beta

    lol give it time you will get in too. Still not sure how i got in but yeah ....
  9. DarkAngelus01

    they need to boot some people out of closed beta

    Seen BB's camping, and I can contribute more than 1 loss to those corner/blue line loving BB's, but I have also seen a BB go in and disappear a few minutes later - _- it is one of those things where you move according to situation, if the enemy is long range broadside firing at you than no I would not recommend moving in, maybe move away to try and draw them in. sadly this has been a constant issue on wot as well and has gotten to the point where I play any WG game by a simple motto "red blips enemies, green blips enemy spies" simply put it is a team environment where no one plays with the a team. Although a few times now I have either gone off with another CA or supported the other CV and they have noticed and started working with me without any chat input from me so maybe there is hope..... nah bring on the BB lemming trains We are going to have to just accept it, it will always be a part of a game and the cause of 100's of locked flame threads on the forums although I do wish they could do something about it but there is no sure fire way to guarantee that someone is actually camping, they might have lsot connection or suffering massive lag. The only way to know for sure is to sit there and watch in which case you would be camping the camper....
  10. pretty much, imo giving full control will turn the 4-5 BB's a team (lets face it every new kid and their dog is going to want to drive the big guns of I-WIN despite the rest of us knowing that BB's are not) into mobile do not go nears or instadeath will be your reward. As it stands there are too many secondaries on BB's to warrant giving them to the player without making it completely unbalanced. I have also noticed that they are fairly accurate had a BB shave nearly 8k hp of my cruiser in about 10 seconds today in a match and that was with my stern facing those guns as I quite heroically got the hell out of there, so giving control of those guns to the player so they are even more accurate would just be OP. The way the maps are designed does not allow for it, you can turn an island with nothing on your map only to run into a BB up close and personal (this has happened to me a few times now) my only advantage was the fact once they have fired the guns I have at least 30 seconds assuming I survive to try and get around them or get the hell out of there. As for the IJN vs US cruiser debate, I was fairly accurate with my cleveland and routinely taking out Aobas in one on one situations, the same goes for my pepsicola, one on one I can take out the T7 IJN cruiser (forgot its name, I am at work lol) usually 7 times out of 10, they have the easiest citadel to hit and I am routinely hitting them. as for torps, even if you speed them up because of the extended range it will be the same result, they may go faster but we will have more warning hence will still dance around them.
  11. it is at the top of the 3rd page of posts, both myself and Syanda raised concerns about it.
  12. I have read the post, start to finish and risen a couple of points to counter your idea. You have yet to actually reply to those or anyone's concerns instead you seem to be stuck on the "no one has read the whole thread" and "go play another game". It is not hard to be civil, instead of focusing on nonsense actually reply to what has been said. The whole idea of voicing an opinion like this is to debate it with others to come out with the best suggestion which would actually help the game
  13. DarkAngelus01

    Battleship Guide

    very nice guide, don't play my BB line much, but when I do will certainly be listening to the advice here +1
  14. How about instead of being nasty you actually raise valid counter-arguments, considering you are the OP it really does not help your case when you act this way. Just saying...
  15. the ability to decide if it was on or off would if they had the ability to decide whether it was auto or not would solve that, you do not want to multi-task than you do not have to. However the "I don't want it" argument really does not help the discussion.