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  1. Mark65

    White Ensign on Australian Ships

    It was the flag Perth and Vampire served under.
  2. I would like to see sonar and depth charges fitted to destroyers and to hunt bot submarines in special games.
  3. Mark65

    White Ensign on Australian Ships

    I thank the messages on this topic. I didn't know there was a choice.
  4. I don't like WOW taking the White Ensign off Australian ships and replacing it with the Commonwealth flag which is not a naval flag. Return the White Ensign to Australian ships.
  5. Mark65

    DELET this thread.

    I usually fire one turret as a ranging shot and watching the fall of shot I adjust my aim and fire the remaining turrets. But there is hacking in the game. Several times I have lost control of my keyboard.
  6. Mark65

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback

    I noticed World of Warships introduced a new system to buy premium and gold at the same time a new battleship line is introduced and typically it doesn't work. I tried to unlock my stored experience and I get a sorry unavailable message.
  7. Mark65

    German battleship accuracy!

    Totally wrong
  8. Mediocre? I seem to remember HMS Rodney making a mess of the Bismarck with one shot that disabled A and B turrets.
  9. Mark65


    Once again I have to say CRUISERS WERE NOT DESIGNED TO FIGHT BATTLESHIPS!! No use saying you shots can pen a BB's armour
  10. Mark65


    Its not the ship but the user.
  11. Mark65

    disappearing ships

    I find as soon as I launch a spotter plane the target just vanishes. I find when my ship passes behind an island the target disappears despite having a spotter plane in the air who can see the ship.
  12. Destroyers are meant to protect the battle fleet from other destroyers (and in the real world) submarines).
  13. I like playing for fun and I do try to win but I switch to co-op battles when I find too many obsessed idiots vomiting abuse to team members when the team isn't winning.
  14. Mark65

    Night Action

    Some people would be intelligent enough to fight a battle at night. But I do know there are some who wouldn't be able. There are some who can only fight by hiding behind islands.
  15. Mark65

    Night Action

    Lets have some night actions with searchlights and star shells.