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  1. I studied in Oz last year, the Internet in the house I rented sucked so I used mobile hotspot from my phone all the time I played WOWS, I had 6Gb of mobile data every month and it was more than enough, unless, as I mentioned above, you download the game and updates.
  2. i mostly play the game with my laptop and mobile internet device, not sure about the data i use every month but it not much, gaming in general doesnt consume much date, except for when you download the game.
  3. theredsteel

    Moving to Russia

    lol 100ms is a luxury I can rarely afford )
  4. theredsteel

    [Poll] Best premium Ship

    It depends on your play style, however I find it less painful in tier 10 matchs when i play the Miku than Tirpitz and Atago.
  5. theredsteel

    [Poll] Best premium Ship

    Atago with CE+equipment+camo paint ====>9.1km concealment mate, technically it can do Ninja-torping
  6. theredsteel

    Dmitri Donskoi invisible fire :)

    My avg dmg with Donskoi is 57k, actually its lower than Chapaev and Schors, but considering it often meet tier X, I think it's understandable. Its ballistic characteristic is very nice, fast shell speed, very flat trajectory, that made me missed a lot since I was familiar with the 152mm gun from previous tier, i often gave too much lead the AP penetration is great, I can hit citadel tier 8 BB from 13km, i'm just a bit disappointed since the 180mm shell only has 1% higher fire chance but the reload is slower than the Miku and Chapaev, which makes it not really a flame thrower like those ship.
  7. theredsteel

    Dmitri Donskoi invisible fire :)

    well, although my stats on this ship is very bad, i kind of like it. Concealment and turning circle may be horrible but the gun is very nice indeed
  8. theredsteel

    Texas Review - No Fly Zone

    o7 iChase, IMO your channel and Flamu's are the best two WOWS channels on youtube.
  9. theredsteel

    Yamato's penetration needs to be reduced

    well, I did it once to a Montana, bam! 40k HP gone
  10. theredsteel

    Yamato's penetration needs to be reduced

    I think the best solution is nerfing Yamato, if Montana is buffed, it may cause other problems for other ship.
  11. theredsteel

    Yamato's penetration needs to be reduced

    Just got the Yamato last weekend and I changed my mind, the ship is okay, it doesnt need any nerf
  12. theredsteel

    Nagato Guide Please?

    Actually that is my case, I heard many ppl say Amagi is a very strong ship, I do agree with them but somehow my performance in Nagato is way better than Amagi, I got nearly 74k avg dmg with Amagi and 79k with Nagato
  13. theredsteel

    Yamato's penetration needs to be reduced

    Thanks for the explanation, but i dont think 13km is a short range, and if Yamato shell's penetration so powerful like that, what the point of angling your armor? What can I do to avoid that world of hurt? Literally nothing, and why other ship cant do that to my ship but Yamato can? That's why I suggest there should be a reduction in its penetration.
  14. theredsteel

    Yamato's penetration needs to be reduced

    scoring a citadel hit from 20+ km is understandable as the shell drop into your ship's deck, it is plunging fire, but penetrating through a well angled BB hull is a very different story mate