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  1. charcoal44


    I have tried to get onto the test server to try out the new subs but keep getting the message "Failed to connect to the server try again later" Error connecting Server I tried to report this but, wargaming net login wont accept my password, (I know my email addy is correct) so, I went to change it, and used the password I thought was correct, and got a message that I cant use the old password for the new one. So this tells me that I'm putting in the correct password, so, I'm stumped. Any ideas or suggestions gents? Thanks.
  2. charcoal44

    Premium Time Missing

    Cheers matey, I honestly never new that. 😲
  3. charcoal44

    Premium Time Missing

    Not sure, what's the difference?
  4. charcoal44

    Premium Time Missing

    Thanks, and wilco.
  5. charcoal44

    Premium Time Missing

    I have not played the game in about 2 months, and prior to that noticed that my premium time was the same as my world of tanks premium time in terms of days. I logged in today and noticed my premium time was listed as 208 days, I then checked my premium time in world of tanks, and it's 485 days. Can someone explain what has happened? Thanks awfully.
  6. charcoal44

    Focus Firing By Bots

    Not in that land battleship game they aint. There's not much adjustment to be done in this scenario, I'm going to get shot no matter which way I go. If not from the first wave then the second if I hang back, if I push through the gap, I eat a bunch of torpedoes, if I push round the island to the right, I'm on my own.
  7. charcoal44

    Focus Firing By Bots

    Had 4 games thus far in the new Operation Ageis, played the Normandie, and Dunkirk, twice each. Well, it appeared that the bots targeted me exclusively, from the start of the game. I haven't seen this type of behavior before from bots, they seemed to mostly ignore the CA's, and DD's in the team. Anyone know if this is part of their programming?
  8. charcoal44

    Angry Players

    Gee, that's something to be really proud of
  9. charcoal44

    Replays Folder _ Where?

    Worked a treat, thanks very much mate.
  10. charcoal44

    Replays Folder _ Where?

    Well, I've looked through the WoWs game file and am unable to see a file marked .exe, but the game starts fine. So, not sure whats going on here.
  11. charcoal44

    Replays Folder _ Where?

    Ok, so which file is the Wows .exe in? I don't see it by itself in the game file list.
  12. charcoal44

    Replays Folder _ Where?

    So, are you saying that you need to have the game running first, then jump out and run the replay?
  13. charcoal44

    Replays Folder _ Where?

    Ok, so now that it's visible, what's the best program to open it with?
  14. charcoal44

    Replays Folder _ Where?

    Oh, silly me, thought 7.11 was what DL'd today
  15. charcoal44

    Replays Folder _ Where?

    I noted that patch 0.7.11 will enable you to record replays of games, my question is, how and where is the replay folder stored? I have already trolled through my Wows folder in my computer drive, but no replay file seems to exist. Thanks chaps 😀