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  1. charcoal44

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty

    It's all good mate, not mad at you, just frustrated at the way things panned out, and, I have no idea how this sort of situation can be mitigated, I'm just a player.
  2. charcoal44

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty

    I got a first up warning and my name went pink, was told in the message to play games to get back to normal. That wasn't the point though, it's the fact that it's beyond my control, and if my internet plays up for whatever reason and disconnects, then i risk a ban from the game.
  3. charcoal44

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty

    So, I should get a crystal ball, sit it next to the computer and consult it before playing? will there be a power outage, will the internet go down, will my house catch fire, will i need a poo. I'm not a tech expert with games and programming, but the the people who design and run this game are, and when they implement a penalty system to mitigate a certain behavior then they should be looking at what other reasons might cause that behavior, and find a workaround to ensure that people are not unfairly penalized for something that is beyond their control.
  4. Got one of these today for quitting a battle early, except it was thanks to a internet outage. Not my fault, why should I be penalized for internet outages? And, why doesn't the game recognize the difference between a internet outage vs a manual escape?
  5. charcoal44

    Tier II Detected Q

    I have the V-25 and whilst in battle I never once got the detected warning even though I had been detected (the other ships were shooting at me) I transferred and re skilled my Konigsberb captain for this. I thought this came with all ships captains, or an I wrong?
  6. charcoal44

    Early April Fools Day ?

    If this isn't a joke then, I got nuthin
  7. charcoal44

    Sound Problem

    Worked perfectly, thank you so much
  8. charcoal44

    Sound Problem

    Got the sound problem fixed, I needed to uncheck a box. Yes I have the bandwidth, it's just that it took over 12 hours for my WOT's to finish updating. I can run the game fine from the launcher in the game files, just wanted the desktop launcher for ease of starting.
  9. charcoal44

    Sound Problem

    My son in law built me a new system as the game struggled on my laptop (bought 2013) this new system is just lovely with 16Gb of Ram. To make the install to the new system easier, I copied the game folder on to a external HD, and pasted it into my system (DL WOT's took all night) The install went ok, except for two glitches, I have no sound through my headphones, and no desk top launcher. Anyone out there know what the issue with the sound might be? WOT's has sound through the headphones. WRT the second glitch, I tried copying and pasting the launcher to my desk top, but it wouldn't work so iv'e been launcing it from the game file location. Anyway thanks in advance for any help
  10. charcoal44

    Replays Folder

    Thanks guys
  11. charcoal44

    Replays Folder

    When will WG release a patch to enable replays in the same way as WOT's? I am aware of the alternate wayto enable this feature, though, not confidant enough to attempt it.
  12. charcoal44

    What line do we want to see next?

    Italian line for gods sake, why a stupid Pan Asia line of never were's? It's no different with WOT either, no Italian line of vehicles, wake up to yourselves will ya WG .
  13. charcoal44

    Shell Mechanics Q

    When shells splash close to the waterline are they able to penetrate the hull?
  14. charcoal44

    Normandy Campaign Q

    That was also on my mind, I got two captains with 8 points already, and another 11 making two 19 pointers
  15. charcoal44

    Normandy Campaign Q

    Noting that the TVI Gallent is up for sale, will we get to keep our respective captains when the current campaign finishes?