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    WOWS Low FPS

    If you reckon it is a driver issue roll back to a previous version of Windows
  2. Issue: This is where you should explain the problem that you're having. Game crashes when aircraft are told to move to a specific location then return to CV after dropping payload Expected Result: Tell us what should be happening. The game should not crash after hitting F How to Replicate: Give us examples on how to reproduce this bug. 1. Play Carrier 2. Tell aircraft to drop payload 3. Tell aircraft to move to location and return (Hold shift, click on map then hit F) 4. Game goes black after releasing F Note I am using the Steam Launcher, not the War Gaming launcher WorldOfWarships-2018-01-08_16-09-00.txt WorldOfWarships-2018-01-08_15-50-58.txt WorldOfWarships-2018-01-07_09-13-46.txt