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  1. so do these things get soughted or is this just a bullshit bug report forum where WG don't actually look at it. You got my money but not my respect as a gaming brand.
  2. z67

    Noobs in premium ships

    I agree, it seems there is a bit of pay to win an WG is just after cash. Just have a look at the shit they want you to pay dubloons for. Getting tired of the game.
  3. Yes same as my 2nd post, all nations checked. I have one hidden somewhere that won't show up it looks like. Currently have 1 in reserves with 2 slots available not 3.
  4. It says 0/4 even though i only have 3 slots used. That's across all countries.
  5. Yes as stated in the details I have 1 in ijn and 2 usa. I read in another post that it's 4 per country! Is that correct? but either way I can only get 3 all up.
  6. Issue: Reserve commander slots only 3 out 4 can be used Screenshots: Not neededShip: allMap: allOccurrences: How often does this occur? always!Tested: no need to reproduce, it does it itself.Severity: How much impact does this have on your game play? Is it an annoyance? Yes Does it stop you playing? NODetails: I can not use the full 4 slots available, I have japan reserve and 2 american and that's all i can use. Very annoying.