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  1. ADM_dude


    I would have accepted a picture of a Citation such as this
  2. ADM_dude


    *citation needed
  3. ADM_dude

    Niceeee team, must SHOW OFF

    Be careful with your posts OP. If you wish to post results and talk about troublesome teams (even if it is sarcastically) I suggest you blur out any other IGNs apart from yours.
  4. ADM_dude

    Crossing the Line!

    Depends on the CO nowadays but they do still happen like Vhyktor said 🙂
  5. ADM_dude

    Fair winds, friends.

    All the best for the future Sail. Sounds like exciting things to come with new horizons! Fair winds and following seas
  6. ADM_dude

    How do i get a 50%+ WR ?

    Ah my apologies, this is what I get for trying to fix things before my morning coffee......title should be back now.
  7. ADM_dude

    How do i get a 50%+ WR ?

    That might be my error, I was cleaning up the spam posts from this morning. Can you please let me know which thread you wanted that in?
  8. ADM_dude

    Australian Navy inspired by Wargaming

    If I may, I'd like to rebutt some points that were made. I'm not looking to start a fight or anything but this is a topic where I think there needs to be some clarity on. Also I would like to point out I'm not against renewables or even nuclear, they are and should be our goals for the future but not right now, not at the current level of technology they are at. Green tech with battery is NOT cheaper for an electricity grid. The issue as suggested previously is the weather. Countries/continents experience something called “wind-droughts”, when the wind goes quiet across the whole state over 3-9 days. When you try calculating how many of the “cheapest” batteries you will need to bridge these events, you'll probably find it is eye-wateringly expensive – much more than the cost of nuclear. There is good research in Australia for this. You can also try it for yourself on the Australian system: Electricity System Model (modelling.energy) . 80% of Australian energy comes from coal fired power and our life expectancy is about 84yrs old – one of the highest in the world. How come coal is not killing us off early? Incidentally, the latest coal fired power stations in China are even cleaner than ours. So, no, people are not falling dead because of coal or oil or gas or petrol. Mortality of humans is very complex and has many many variables – one of the largest is poverty and socio-economic status. By locking it down and storing it over geological time – equally clever scientists have figured out how to do that. Carbon capture is one of the many tools to transition us to a clean energy world. We should focus on not putting CO2 into the atmosphere. The focus should be on reducing emissions – not on the “fuel”. If we can reduce emissions who cares what fuel energy comes from. I will also raise the point that it's actually all about the cost of clean energy. If we destroy our economy to fulfill some “false virtue” - you can end up killing more people due to unemployment, mental health, underfunded hospitals etc etc. (Its called an externality cost). Life is not uni-dimensional. Ending coal and gas is a “false virtue” of, as some would say, activist slogans. Reducing emissions is the “right virtue”. We should try to do it at lowest cost, using many ways including with coal and gas and wind and solar and nuclear and batteries. Im sorry but thats just a blatant lie. The Sleipner project in Norway has been storing over 1 million tons CO2 per year for well over 10 years. CO2 has been captured, injected and locked away in the subsurface through, enhanced oil recovery, for over 40 years. Millions of tons. The Gorgon gas project is currently the largest in the world, this is an Australian Commercial Project that has stored over 1 million tons and is on track to store 3+ million tons per year for over 25 years of its lifetime. There are over 12 large projects in USA/Canada who have all injected at least over a million tons each. Go look at the reports of the GCCSI: Home - Global CCS Institute. It is becoming so popular in Canada, the govt is starting bidding processes because too many companies are interested to do CCS. Let be honest here, clean energy costs money. Any Clean energy is Big $$$, greentech+Batteries, Hydro, Nuclear, fossil+CCS. There is no one silver bullet. We need ALL of them. Lets stop demonising any one fuel and focus on emissions reduction instead. Don’t swallow everything you hear from the activism channels, I highly recommend fpr everyone to do your own independent reading to make up your own mind. Just my thoughts for you to condiser 🙂
  9. ADM_dude

    Australian Navy inspired by Wargaming

    While I appreciate the attempt to link this to the game, it is naturally deviating from it based on the topic. I am moving this to the off-topic section. Thread moved to Off-Topic.
  10. ADM_dude

    Gun Sounds

    Shikishima. Nothing like hearing those guns firing from half way across the map.
  11. ADM_dude

    Where is Launch Day Calendar for September?

    🙂 https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/community/launch_day_september_2021/
  12. When it comes to looks and design, Neptune sits in the top spot for me. She's absolutely beautiful with a modern and yet classic design.
  13. For me, I think its the fact that the New Orleans class didnt have much length in its bow or stern so it makes the superstructure seem larger and the ship more shorter and stockier, rather than the long and smooth lines of the post-NO cruisers. Indianapolis is a good example of this as well, the longer bow helps her look less portly, compared to the Pensacola.
  14. Might I suggest, you use the spoiler function (the funky looking eye option in the formatting area) as a whole or per operation if you intend to post long lists like this. Makes it look a bit tidier and saves space 🙂 If you would like a hand with that, let me know. For example: Newport - https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Defense_of_Naval_Station_Newport Defense of Naval Station Newport is a PVE Scenario which has the friendly task force defending a base against enemy attack waves. Players are tasked with preventing the destruction of essential onshore installations and support ships. Players may take any Tier VI ship. The allied force consists of 7 human players and bots. Rewards:
  15. ADM_dude

    Commonwealth tech tree?

    Solid list, but I feel like the T10 line ship wouldn't be an Australian ship. No particular reasoning behind saying that other than just a guess, but what you did post does stand to reason that something like the Centaur's, maybe even Hermes, or a slightly improved design would sit at T10. Other than that I think we would probably see Melbourne as a Premium ship at T8 (with crawling smoke generator of course), with a Canadian one as the tech tree ship. That being said, the in-house Australian design I could see being either a coal/steel/RB ship at T10 maybe? I'd be curious to their loadout though.....what about HE rockets, AP rockets, and SAP rockets?