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  1. Interestingly, the article fails to mention that Sydney (V) exists (hence how she holds the most namesakes); and Parramatta actually 2nd to Sydney, not Melbourne as is claimed. Small details but still....mildly frustrating.
  2. ADM_dude

    25% debuff for selected Ops thoughts

    Let me make this blatantly clear. The behaviour targeting the OP in this thread has for the most part been unacceptable. This stops now. You will not bring the attitudes and behaviours from outside the forum here. I accept some people have been reasonable in their discussion however, in fairness, it is borderline. I suggest the emotions that are clearly running high about this topic are brought back to reasonable levels from this point forward. You are permitted to debate, nobody will stop you from that in a reasonable and civil manner HOWEVER you are not to resort to harassment and insults. This is the only warning the thread will get.
  3. ADM_dude

    FIRST time broke my OWN record

    While I get that it's a joke, I think we can do without that last picture.
  4. When will version 0.11.4 cooperate with AL?

  5. ADM_dude

    SHARE your Tech Trees

    I highly recommend putting your pictures into a SPOILER (the eye button) so you do not create threads that have a crazy length.
  6. ADM_dude

    Twitch streams and sheduling

    Hi All, Just to clarify, we do have some Community Managers around in APAC and I've pointed them to this thread for you 🙂 Might see if we can organise a new introduction thread for everyone so you can see who's who in the zoo or something similar. As for the twitch streams, I believe that they are mostly coordinated out of the EU & RU offices. So my guess would be that they control the schedule.
  7. 什么时候出潜艇


  8. ADM_dude

    Christmas Screenshot Event

    Sailing through the middle of Two Brothers after the VFX Update is definitely up there as one of mine........it's so pretty
  9. ADM_dude


    I would have accepted a picture of a Citation such as this
  10. ADM_dude


    *citation needed
  11. ADM_dude

    Niceeee team, must SHOW OFF

    Be careful with your posts OP. If you wish to post results and talk about troublesome teams (even if it is sarcastically) I suggest you blur out any other IGNs apart from yours.
  12. ADM_dude

    Crossing the Line!

    Depends on the CO nowadays but they do still happen like Vhyktor said 🙂
  13. ADM_dude

    Fair winds, friends.

    All the best for the future Sail. Sounds like exciting things to come with new horizons! Fair winds and following seas
  14. ADM_dude

    How do i get a 50%+ WR ?

    Ah my apologies, this is what I get for trying to fix things before my morning coffee......title should be back now.