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  1. ADM_dude

    NOOBS destroying ranked battles

    I think it goes without saying, please be civil in your responses.
  2. ADM_dude

    Bot report

    As blauflamme22 mentioned, please either send a ticket to support or post in the aforementioned thread. Thread Locked. ~ADM_dude
  3. ADM_dude


    Not sure why you're going after them for possibly a simple internet error, which is easily fixed mind you but lets not resort to insulting people because of it thanks.
  4. ADM_dude


    I'll fix this for you.
  5. ADM_dude

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    I will try and find out what I can Maybe @RalphTheTheatreCat and I will have to run it if they can't fly in
  6. ADM_dude

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    Didn't realise tickets were already on sale. Tickets booked for both dates
  7. ADM_dude

    [Asia Exclusive] Get Hololive Commanders for Free!

    Good Evening All, I have clarified the conditions of getting the commanders with staff. The hololive commanders are currently only available to new DMM accounts only. Existing players will not be able to link their accounts to DMM to claim the commanders, and as per the announcement page the commanders will be up for sale very soon to everybody. I hope this helps clear up any confusion people had.
  8. ADM_dude

    Mods Policy

    WG are taking action on the BOT problem and are keeping us updated in this thread.
  9. SHIKIKAN ! PLZ FIX THE ASIA SERVER ! ! ! so lag ... my ping is about 10000 


  10. Excuse me, have you recently recruited new ST personnel?
    Because I know some ST players, I haven't played WOWS for a long time.
    So I want to say whether I can recruit new active ST personnel.

    Sorry English is not very good

  11. It is clearly evident that a civil and reasonable discussion cannot be maintained without it degenerating. Thread has degenerated. Thread Locked. ~ADM_dude
  12. ADM_dude

    Starting to get a spate of bad teammates

    Keep it civil folks. This will be your only warning. ~ADM_dude
  13. ADM_dude

    Personality of the North Carolina

    Thread has derailed. Thread Locked. ~ADM_dude
  14. ADM_dude

    Why attain X G.KURFURST when all you do is lose credits ?

    Thread has degenerated. Thread Locked. I will be reviewing what has been posted and issuing appropriate warnings as necessary. ~ADM_dude
  15. ADM_dude

    Hood package content versus cost disparity across servers

    You were warned once to keep the thread civil. Thread has degenerated. Thread Locked.