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  1. malcum97

    When Alabama in stock in Asia server?

    thanks man, in ur opinion, which ship do u think is better? I know theres alot of play styles/parameters and diff pros n cons but i think german bb secondaries got a global nerf recently on the patch, german bb r brawlers but not really my play style.
  2. malcum97

    When Alabama in stock in Asia server?

    I already checked the premium shop and it isnt there, apparently its limited edition. I only see tirpitz remaining there for the longest of times. So im wondering if it was already even released on SEA. and also, in CBT my max tier was T6 going to T7 thats why i bought a scharn. Im looking to buy a tirpitz but wanna check the price for the alabama
  3. malcum97

    When Alabama in stock in Asia server?

    Is the ship out already? I just started back on WOWS
  4. Ahoy Captains! I'm looking for Singaporean CBT players to rule the seas! I feel as if I'm the only SG dude playing WOWS and it would be lovely to have some company. I have created a Channel named "Singapore Channel" so just search it and join it, there is no password! Looking forward to see you guys!
  5. malcum97

    Introduction thread

    Hi guys! I'm Malcolm, I can't hold my excitement to try out World of warship! Waiting for the beta confirmation email now.. Fingers crossed!
  6. malcum97

    Statement regarding recent leaks

    Yes definitely agree, WG should be more peculiar when selecting Alpha testers.