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  1. GodOfBattle

    0.9.10 版本更新公開測試:第 2 回合

    no more PTS crate missions? it doesnt appear in the last PTS too...
  2. GodOfBattle

    [活動] 亞服:五週年活動

    The first time i just skip a tier with full free XP, it takes long time to grind
  3. GodOfBattle

    0.8.11, 0.8.10, 0.8.9 PT fall mission

    After i finished 0.8.11 PT fall mission, the one of 0.8.9 pops up. But as i remember, i finished the mission before and get the Italian Cruiser Crate too. But just to be very sure, can any admins or developers help me to check whether did i finish PT fall mission of 0.8.10 and 0.8.9? I want a T6 premium ship so much, thank you. PS. My PT account name is "God_Of_Battle", in "MIA" clan
  4. Im having trouble logging into my game it says game to old for server

  5. GodOfBattle

    Update 0.8.2 radio location skill on CVs

    thank you~
  6. I can understand that radio location skill on CV brings them advantage in hunting DDs. But my question is, will we get free reset of captain skills in update 0.8.2? Having 4 points wasted in useless skill is painful. :'(
  7. GodOfBattle

    ASIA Q&A, round 1

    a small question: How do you see the statement of "Asia server, the worst server"?
  8. GodOfBattle

    糟糕的平衡性-驅逐 航母 魚雷和防空

    輪型陣, 好像也不錯!
  9. GodOfBattle

    Balance in game

    In BB buffed a lot and CV nerfed a lot. This is not fair for CV players and DD players. BBs can turn fast like DDs. This is impossible. They can easily avoid hitting with torpedoes. Moreover, CVs are too weak. US CVs don't have enough torpedo bombers and dive bombers to attack other ships, while Japan CVs don't have strong planes to deal with US fighters and other AA guns. At this time, CVs can only destroy both each other and other ships are not able to destroy. CVs should attack other types of warships but not each other. This is not fun. This is my suggestions: -reduce BBs turning speed to same or slower than CVs -nerf BBs AA guns -buff CVs AA guns -buff Japan CVs' planes' survivability -buff US CV's planes' damage power -nerf US DDs AA guns -CV's special skills : within a short time, planes ignore all AA guns, no AA guns can damage planes, if CLs/CAs use their AA skills, then CLs/CAs can use AA guns to attack planes like without using skills. (both skills offseted)