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  1. ที่ว่าตามรูปนี่ ขอดูได้ไหมครับ เพื่อจะตอบข้อสงสัยคุณได้ และฟอรั่มนี้งดการโพสหรือพูดคุยที่ไม่เกียวกับกิจกรรม WG Gathering - Thailand นะครับ
  2. แนะนำให้แจ้งปัญหาที่ฟอรั่มนี้ดีกว่าครับ หรือไม่ก็PMเอา ครับ http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/forum/27-bug-reports/
  3. NuT_BlueSteel

    Something's Fishy

    I will wait and see what is to come.
  4. NuT_BlueSteel

    Buffalo, USN Tier 10 CA

  5. NuT_BlueSteel

    Talking about the Tirpitz

  6. NuT_BlueSteel

    So I hear you liek Tirpitz?

    Additional note: Until told otherwise, no one is allowed to post screenshots or videos of the ship anywhere public. Information regarding the ship is still under NDA. There should be no opinions, discussions, videos, streams, screenshots etc regarding the ship coming from any of our testers. People will be able to see that you have it, and will take their own screenshots and videos, but our group here should not yet be discussing or posting about it except in this section. The ship still has the possibility to change before it is released, so any information given out now is premature. Any testers who cannot abide by this may receive sanctions, and can be potentially removed from supertest entirely. have you got a permission to post a picture of Tirpitz ???
  7. NuT_BlueSteel

    Unofficial upcoming stuff in 0.3.1

    http://blog.worldofwarships.ru/0-3-1-byulleten-razrabotki/ Thread merged with existing thread on the topic. Please use the search function before making threads, to see if there allready is a thread on the topic you want to post about. /AALG Moderation team, WoWS Asia
  8. NuT_BlueSteel

    Alpha tester need verification?

    People who do not receive any reply I did not test it.
  9. NuT_BlueSteel

    Alpha tester need verification?

    Why not get the reply that was tested or not.