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  1. There really should be a rule against unconstructive posts.
  2. Thats a far cry from what your stats say you do. I'm very sure you can do far more with 112 than 202. Secondly, measuring how well you do in an AS loadout by damage dealt should already be a red flag.
  3. Can you please add punctuation? Its really hard to read your arguments. You sound like someone regurgitating something without any structure. Secondly... You finally got me curious, but I seriously doubt you actually "did well" using the AS loadouts.
  4. Sounds like someone doesn't know how to use fighters.
  5. If this is referring to T7-T8, fair enough but you cannot be serious that 112 isn't a better loadout than 013/202. If this is referring to any other tier.... you should really move to NA.
  6. Because USN AS at certain tiers was useless. Look at Bogue, Indy, and Midway. Those AS loadouts are only good for planefarming and almost nothing else.
  7. Update: Midway 3400 XP
  8. Independence 3009 XP:
  9. REKT
  10. Update: Midway 3169 XP
  11. On NA things are way more lenient tho. You can call people all sorts of things and not fear a single ban.
  12. This happens literally all the time. Its how it is in ASIA man
  13. Ha. Hahaha. Quite the backpedal eh? Where are the git guds now huh? Where are the "damage is not everything in a CV" remarks now? Going from this to this If you want to tell us to git gud at least tell us how to instead of doubling down and making yourself sound like arrogant people who are magically above the players in skill. Because Sub Oct himself said that the CV devs are not as good as the best CV players. You have already lost that argument from the get-go. Lets see what they do this time, because this reflects extremely poorly on them.
  14. The best part? its a bad T8 CV. You have the IJN DD equivalent of a CV now! (bad ship, bad player).
  15. Ryujo 3198 XP. Both teams were kind of bad. Had a 3251 XP game but did not record the 3rd screen -_-