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  1. I've done it.

    You oughta make that pic your pfp.
  2. CV Squadron voices not working

    1. Description CV squadron voices not activating upon various actions being completed (idling, taking off, being attacked, dropping enemies, etc) 2. Reproduction Steps 1. Take any CV into battle 2. Perform various actions such as taking off, idling, and commencing attacks with the squads. 3. Result Utter silence apart from the faint hum of aircraft flying. 4. Expected Result Squads should respond/chatter based on what actions were taken with the corresponding squad (e.g. squad 2 ready for takeoff on deck would say "Group 2, ready!", etc) 5. Technical Details Time of occurence: around 23:30-00:20 UTC + 8 Attachments: python.log DxDiag.txt 20180701_222845_PASA507-Saipan-1946_41_Conquest.wowsreplay (replay 1) 20180701_230534_PASA508-Enterprise_37_Ridge.wowsreplay (replay 2)
  3. Winrate is Meaningless

    Well... its meaningless if taken out of context, but you gotta remember that stats measure past performance. Like it or not, a 60% player has have won 6/10 games instead of the 5/10 that a 50%er would have. There ARE really cases where you just can't win, but that threshold is determined by a few factors... some of which are entirely within your control. For example, Driving a good/OP ship in a really OP/good div will usually net you way more wins than the average joe grinding his ship.
  4. birthday giveaway

    Something something feeding the masses
  5. People Giving giving advice

    So you're saying that asking how to beat potentially gimmicky and unfun premiums as a new player is considered "drivel"?
  6. Reminder that WoT got all chat removed. Just don't be a douche.
  7. Please Dont do this in Ranked

    As it is, ranked is 7v7 randoms with some segregation. I'd say, grind away (especially if its lower ranks).
  8. Personally I dont go after people stats right off the bat. Its pointless. However, if he acts in a dumb way and then proceeds to flame everyone and be a douche, I prefer to stick it to him. Also, regarding divs: Theyre great for winning. The only times ive seen divving be actually bad are in faildivs and in triple potato divs. However, thats the issue: theyre great for winning. If you div a lot, you are going to perform as a divved player and not as a solo player. You are simply going to win more due to teamwork, ship composition, and guarantee of at least 2 good players on your flank per game compared to a solo game where the only constant is you. I am not trying to say youre a bad player, but if the majority (say, 75-80%) of your games are divved and then you claim to be a good solo player, then I'm not going to take it as seriously as someone with the same WR but mostly solo. An example that I have much experience with: CV divs. You bring a CV + 2 AA ships that also carry lots of damage and/or utility (Kidd, Kutuzov, DM, mino, BBs). Any flank the divmates are on is almost always an instant win on air control with little to no input from the divved CV. The only way for a solo opposing CV player to win (the air) would be to find a flank with lower AA and then decisively outplay the enemy CV, all the while the flank (s) with the divmates is a no-fly zone with smoke, radar, or both, causing the enemy CV to have minimal impact. This creates a situation where while the CV div wins a lot, the requirements for doing so is lower than doing the same in a solo CV. Its quite depressing to be able to win a 1v1 vs the enemy CV and then lose because they guarantee 2 AA ships to stop you cold. For this reason, I usually don't rate CV players unless I have had the chance to 1v1 them in battle. Unfortunately, a lot of the divved CVs I meet lose their bite once they leave the comfort of their divmates AA bubble... And honestly, I don't blame them. You get complacent when playing with divs IMO and it kind of gets in the way of being a better player (I usually play for the win and to get better). MM also encourages this since ship stats are not factored in and div rules are too lax. Just my two cents.
  9. Saipan is unstoppable....

    There really should be a rule against unconstructive posts.
  10. Reason Why I Hate the US CV Changes

    Thats a far cry from what your stats say you do. I'm very sure you can do far more with 112 than 202. Secondly, measuring how well you do in an AS loadout by damage dealt should already be a red flag.
  11. Reason Why I Hate the US CV Changes

    Can you please add punctuation? Its really hard to read your arguments. You sound like someone regurgitating something without any structure. Secondly... You finally got me curious, but I seriously doubt you actually "did well" using the AS loadouts.
  12. Remove CV fighters

    Sounds like someone doesn't know how to use fighters.
  13. US CV Changes Suck

    If this is referring to T7-T8, fair enough but you cannot be serious that 112 isn't a better loadout than 013/202. If this is referring to any other tier.... you should really move to NA.
  14. I want to know why they remove USN AS

    Because USN AS at certain tiers was useless. Look at Bogue, Indy, and Midway. Those AS loadouts are only good for planefarming and almost nothing else.
  15. Hall of Fame 2017 Q3!

    Update: Midway 3400 XP https://imgur.com/a/ik3ux