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  1. 1. Description: Manfred researchable dive bombs normally deal 26400 if all 3 bombs citadel the target, but in 1 instance, it dealt 31185 (on the receiving end). 2. Reproduction steps: - Play kremlin - Get AP bombed by a Manfred von Richthofen 3. Result: - Enemy squad (in attached replay at ~15:00 mark) deals 31185 damage with 3 citadels 4. Expected Result: - Enemy squad should only deal 26400 damage if all 3 bombs citadel. 5. Technical Details: -Replay attached, Kremlin was bombed for that damage at around the 15:00 mark (5 min after gamestart), and another squad immediately did 26400 damage (which was correct behaviour). -Bug occured at approx. 2pm UTC, October 7 2020 (ASIA clan battles primetime). 20201008_010229_PRSB110-Sovetskaya-Rossiya_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay
  2. Preface: I believe in NOT being prejudiced against certain groups when it comes to rule enforcement. To me, justice should be served solely based on the circumstances and be blind to everything else. Just in case people want to accuse me of being “racist”. You know who you are. I’ll say it right here: I don’t think WG is taking clan battles violations seriously enough. Why? Read below. Recently, WG have posted threads detailing actions they took against clans that violated EULA in clan battles, like on ASIA, EU, and NA. Now, obviously, I am happy that they’re actually doing something considering the under-the-table manner of these dealings, but at the same time, I am also unhappy that they weren’t hit harder considering they were basically RMTing (these kinds of services are NOT free). These people just moved on to their subclans or made new clans, and kept playing as usual. Nothing changed. Now, to be absolutely fair, this is not the first time WG have acted on this sort of thing; In seasons 1 and 2, the exact same thing happened on RU as you can see here and here. Heck, UMR-R got the same treatment last season. So, by that logic, you would think that the same violations have been dealt with the same punishments. Indeed, they have. At least they are consistent, but too lenient in my opinion. However, 2 of the clans in question (PWP on NA and VOR on EU) decided to take it 1 step further; VOR EU changed their clantag to [_TWA_] ([TWA] is a top EU clan) before it got disbanded, and PWP made an entirely new clan after disbandment… with the tag [WGCNM] and the name "WG Never Mind the Slander and Liber" . Before anyone asks, its to do with intimate relations with one’s mother…. and her death. Clearly, both of these clans are upset that they got caught breaking EULA… While the _TWA_ rename was in bad taste, they didn’t break any rules (that I am aware of), so of course nothing else happened to them. However, the PWP members that founded the [WGCNM] clan only had to contend with the clan being disbanded, with no further sanctions on their accounts. Again, consistent with previous clan names that violated rules, but too lenient in this circumstance since they expressed discontent at being caught breaking EULA… *by breaking EULA*. Imagine if you trashtalked a mod that just issued you a gameban. That’s what they have done…. And by the looks of it, they have gotten away with it without any significant consequences (2500 doubloons is nothing to these people) So, we now have a situation where repeated, large scale clan battles violations have occurred, and with no apparent escalation in enforcement. Even worse, some who were caught decided to violate EULA by trashtaking WG using their new clantag/name and they also didn’t get any escalated account sanctions. This, to me, is inconsistent with literally every other rule violation in this game. Let me give some examples: You trashtalk in chat, you get chatbanned (restricted from chat) You rig/grief others mechanically, you get gamebanned (restricted from games, may apply to entire account or just randoms/ranked if you TK/AFK) You break forum rules, you get forum restrictions. And now, when you break clan battle rules…. You don’t even get banned from clan battles or joining clans. They only got their steel refunded. No account bans, nothing else. And as of a few days ago, WG announced the mercenaries system which allows clanless/different-clanned people to play in clan battles for another clan. This is, from a player perspective, the perfect breeding ground for RMT services and exactly the kinds of violations that these clans were caught for in the past. So, what is WG going to do when this sort of thing happens again? Just disband their clan and take away their steel, letting these kinds of players just play clan battles like nothing happened? I sure hope not and that WG will at least ban them from at least 1 future season of clan battles if they're caught doing this sort of shenanigans. In closing, I am disappointed with how WG has handled the clan battles violations (especially with the PWP -> WGCNM rename) as it shows that they are unwilling to escalate sanctions related to repeated clan (battle) violations. I know you are capable of doing more WG, you said it yourselves in the very posts! Show us you mean business when it comes to these players. Otherwise, the enforcement doesn’t seem very convincing at all and is merely a slap on the wrist.
  3. stratmania

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    Yeah, given that they have commited the same offense 2 seasons in a row, surely this warrants a heavier penalty.... WG, this is your chance to draw the line...
  4. stratmania

    CV experts

    With that ping nothing will save you I'm afraid. Rework CVs require low ping specifically because of how time-sensitive the drops are (its basically near impossible to perform good drops on moving targets with high ping).
  5. Description: It is consistently reproduceable to lose control of the entire CV system as a CV player when setting waypoints on yourself mid-flight. Reproduction steps: Enter battle in a CV Move CV forward by pressing W Take off a squad of your choice While mid-flight, try to stop CV by setting waypoint on yourself Result: Game becomes unresponsive, both CV hull and squad cannot be controlled, mouse cursor permanently on "observation mode". Expected Result: Waypoint is set and no issues arise at all, being able to control CV/squad again. Technical details: Occured around 5:55 pm UTC +8, and around 6:05 UTC (training room reproduction which required force quit, no replay on that). Replays attached. 20191010_175957_PJSA106-Ryujo_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay python.log
  6. 1. Description: Aircraft in a CV strike squad suddenly explodes and loses all HP when in range of AA guns/flak 2. Reproduction steps: Not known, does not happen consistently. But aircraft are typically subject to this bug within long range AA. 3. Result Aircraft within the squad explode suddenly and lose all their HP without ever coming into contact with flak as intended. 4. Expected Result: Aircraft only takes damage from continuous DPS or flak puffs that they fly through. 5. Technical details: Replay provided for review purposes, python log not available as its not my own game. 20190528_201250_PJSA110-Hakuryu_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay Twitch clip of bug:
  7. 1. Description Aircraft squad taking off may receive fighter damage meant for previously called back squads that were under fighter interception 2. Reproduction steps A sequence of the player's actions which triggered the bug. Example: Attack a ship that has a fighter Wait until fighter locks on, then retreat (might need a few attempts, maybe with last attack run only Take off another squad, this new squad may suddenly take the fighter damage meant for previous squad 3. Result New aircraft squad takes severe damage, causing game to be compromised. 4. Expected result Fighter damage should only be applied to the squad that is being intercepted, not to a new squad taking off some 15 km away. 5. Technical details Replay file and python log attached; bug occurs at last minute of replay (its a 20 min game, it cost me the game) 20190521_214412_PASA518-Enterprise_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay python.log
  8. 1. Description: Sometimes when overflying a DD that has DFAA and has ambushed you with its AA, turning around within its AA range results in flak ticks being applied to your planes without any flak appearing on the screen, causing massive losses without any visual indication. 2. Reproduction Steps: Approach an AA build DD that has DFAA DD gets spotted and pops DFAA, ambushing the squad Squad overflies the DD, trying to turn around to line up an attack Then, it may take unreasonably large damage ticks quickly, much quicker than continuous DPS under DFAA. 3. Result: Squad gets killed several times as quickly as intended without visual indications. AA DD sees flak the whole time so they can see it but not the CV. 4. Expected result: Squad takes damage from visible flak and continuous DPS only. 5. Technical details: Attached are 9 replays: 4 from CV PoV and 4 from AA DD PoV, training room session. One replay from a random battle from an AA Nicholas' perspective. 20190511_232408_PASA528-Saipan_34_OC_islands.wowsreplay 20190511_231016_PBSA204-Hermes_34_OC_islands.wowsreplay 20190511_232407_PASA106-Ranger_34_OC_islands.wowsreplay 20190511_231019_PASA108-Lexington_34_OC_islands.wowsreplay 20190511_231022_PASD021-Fletcher-1943_34_OC_islands.wowsreplay 20190511_232410_PASD508-Kidd_34_OC_islands.wowsreplay 20190511_231015_PASD014-Leader-1919_34_OC_islands.wowsreplay 20190511_232408_PASD029-Sims-1941_34_OC_islands.wowsreplay 20190511_202438_PASD014-Leader-1919_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay python.log Additional information: It seems that the phenomenon happens in long range AA; sims is observed to have this issue.
  9. I managed to get to the "Superior" level of the final Hall of Fame yesterday and thus should have gotten 3 containers, but did not get any RN containers today (normally I would find them in the port waiting for me when the next directive starts). Anyone else having this issue?
  10. Uh, please keep it civil; I don't want this thread locked. However, I will also say that the bots can indeed be smart, but more importantly this also covers account farmers. What this means is the intentional suicide of ships in battles to quickly grind HoF points or just to inflate number of battles. I just want these bots/riggers to be made into examples.
  11. stratmania

    Hall of Fame Points

    This is one of the reasons I made my thread yesterday. Report every single last one of them. PM a mod/WG staff/send a ticket. The more evidence they have... the more justification they will have to whack them.
  12. @tc1259 I have used the relevant report thread. Trust me. To the rest, name and shame IMO should only be reserved for proven cases (of which there are quite a few, at least 2 in recent times). Suspects deserve the benefit of the doubt as much as the next guy. Nobody wants false positives. Its less of knowing WHO got caught and more of if anyone got caught at all. That is the reason I made this thread.
  13. Hello. I have not posted here for ages, but as far as getting WG's attention this seems to be the best place to go about it. So without further ado... Can we get more updates on WG's efforts in clamping down undesirable behaviour? I'm talking things like people botting, AFKing, CV rigging, and even those that suicide in scenario to get quick 5-stars. I'm sure many of us have seen it for ourselves and quite a few of us have reported them, but what happens to them? I have reported a LOT of those guys above (won't name which ones exactly) but have heard nothing about them. I understand its WG's policy to not share outcomes, but unless I find out from somewhere else that the offender has been banned or not, its quite disheartening. So... can we have that "Bot/AFK" thread back? The one where WG used to say how many BOT/AFKs were flushed out each time? That would go a long way in making players know that their reports actually matter and not seem like they have ended in limbo. That's all, frankly. Discussions are welcome but keep it civil. I don't want this thread locked and sent down the drain. Edit: This is the aforementioned Bot/AFK thread.
  14. stratmania

    I've done it.

    You oughta make that pic your pfp.
  15. stratmania

    CV Squadron voices not working

    1. Description CV squadron voices not activating upon various actions being completed (idling, taking off, being attacked, dropping enemies, etc) 2. Reproduction Steps 1. Take any CV into battle 2. Perform various actions such as taking off, idling, and commencing attacks with the squads. 3. Result Utter silence apart from the faint hum of aircraft flying. 4. Expected Result Squads should respond/chatter based on what actions were taken with the corresponding squad (e.g. squad 2 ready for takeoff on deck would say "Group 2, ready!", etc) 5. Technical Details Time of occurence: around 23:30-00:20 UTC + 8 Attachments: python.log DxDiag.txt 20180701_222845_PASA507-Saipan-1946_41_Conquest.wowsreplay (replay 1) 20180701_230534_PASA508-Enterprise_37_Ridge.wowsreplay (replay 2)