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  1. Artisto81

    My own World of Warships youtube replay

    This is the first gameplay that I've ever play after 2 months absence. Watch me being carried by one of our senior moderator, and his friend WegotVodka. The ending is a bit dramatic, but no spoiler here...
  2. Artisto81

    My own World of Warships youtube replay

    After the introduction of German BBs, Amagi becomes an underrated battleship on tier 8. This video showcasing that it is not true. At the start of the game you can see my captain skills, and also the module upgrades that I've chosen for this ship.
  3. Artisto81

    Sick MM, bruh

    It's normal on ASIA server..... Need 3 men division with good players just to have a win.... And tier 8+ is <content removed> these days Inappropriate reference. Post edited. User Sanctioned ~ADM_dude_SG
  4. Artisto81

    New Updated Captain Skill Calc for

    Is WG would give Minotaur HE shells now...?
  5. Artisto81

    Please ban this team killer

    The game is already have automatic anti team killer system. If he do more team damages he will get permabanned eventually
  6. Artisto81

    This game deserves the name of 'World of Cowards'

    Don't worry, he will beat all of their torpedoes....
  7. Artisto81

    This game deserves the name of 'World of Cowards'

    I wonder when will WG match up the SEA VS EU or SEA VS NA community contributors........? And what the score would be.....?
  8. Artisto81

    ARP Ships

    Since we are from Asia, perhaps this is more appropriate?
  9. Artisto81

    this is for the sooks in the game

    If you get so many reports due to abusing chat, you can get chat banned though..... IDK about worse MM or RNG
  10. Bought a batch of 5 captain gifts, got a Gremyaschy, Blyskawicka, and an Anshan out of them. Bought another batch of 5 captain gits, only got a bunch of flags and camos..... Hmmmmm..... Anyway, +1 for your hard work composing this thread.
  11. Artisto81

    What? only 500000?

    Not if your team mates try to ruin your games continuously......
  12. Artisto81

    This game deserves the name of 'World of Cowards'

    Can you explain then, why the Mongols had very high Win Rate during 11th-12th century AD when compared to your average team mates.....?
  13. Artisto81

    Target specific player

    Nothing specific. I always targeted ships according to strategical or practicability. Low health enemy should be prioritize due to less gun shooting at your team when they die. Enemy DDs that are visible near cap also take priority, usually an overpen or two from my big guns are already sufficient to dissuade them. Enemy that broadsiding, not angling also take priority due to petential damaging hit that I can make to them. And also enemy CV that stray within range of my guns, due to huge amounts of score given to my team if I managed to kill them. And so forth.....
  14. Artisto81


    I don't think there are any ships on WoWS called Nikoaliiiiiii....
  15. Artisto81

    Stock Amagi- Abysmal

    I hear that WG will remove the A hull on Amagi next update. That should shorten up the grind. For me myself, I would never bring her to random battle in her stock configuration.