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  1. AkihoSenpai

    Santa Claus boxes. Random giveaway. Today only.

    gib santa box plox to this Hanagiku Never hurts to try. I wonder how many people in this thread already...
  2. Agreed, but even if you planned everything perfectly, things can still go wrong. I don't think you can stay invisible in RN CL the whole battle with tactical planning every time. Well, my point is, it sounds kinda a little bit unfair to see the "fix" as a result that people want to smoke kemping better. Oh and thanks for telling us the 3 rules behind RN smoke. Now at least I can try to make the 2nd puff works when needed
  3. The 2nd smoke puff doesn't really matter when you smoke kemping since you already made your moves ( picking spot to pop smoke, slowing down to below 10 knots etc). The 2nd smoke puff becomes essentially important when you are in the deep shit as in you need to pop the smoke right there right at that moment or else you'll get deleted. RN CL does not decelerate as quick as it can accelerate. And waiting like 6-8 seconds for the speed to drop to the optimum speed to pop smoke while a battleship is pointing guns at you usually stamps your ticket back to port. It is not all about making smoke kemping easier, at the very least.
  4. AkihoSenpai

    A much needed conversation about IJN DDs

    I still bring out my shimakaze to random battle once in a while, cuz you know, seeing some scrubs got devastated by the torp is always a darn good feeling. For example, a Gearing caught you 4km of him, shot you till you are down 5k hp while you launched 2 spread of torps towards him and popped smoke, turned 120 degree to avoid possible inc torp and a few seconds later, you got a devastating strike out of the Gearing plus a direct path to their kemping BBs. God knows why the Gearing did not see the torp coming. Of course, it only happens once in while, but yeah clinging to that tiny hope is what makes me still using the shimakaze. But yeah, playing IJN DDs nowadays is tough and not exactly fun like it used to be. I even find the shiratsuyu hard to play ( or maybe it is just me). The torp isn't that great or at least decent. Any cruisers and most BBs will still dodge them easily. The turret traverse is godly awful. I think it's even worse than the gremy. Yes, you got 5.8 km surface detection but that's it. You can spot other DDs but you are likely to depend on your teammates to shoot em for you. Long story short, IJN DDs are bad and heavily countered by radars, sonar and people who learnt not to sail in a straight line the hard way but it is still funny as hell seeing someone (who still don't learn) got deleted by the torps. Especially, a Gearing
  5. AkihoSenpai

    I want to say something as DD captain.....

    My DD moments this week : 1. >Me in Shimakaze heading to cap A >Got spotted by radar >Nearby enemy Minotaur started to rain leads on me >hit speed booster and quickly ran to the nearest cover My Minoaur : Shima why no cap? Me : I got radar'ed and being shooted at and you still want me to stay and cap? 2. >Me in gremy holding the D on Two Brothers map within a friendly mutsuki only the two of us >all friendly cruisers originally supporting us were either dead or switched side >Mutsuki made a silly mistake and enemy Anshan spotted him >I popped smoke and started shooting Anshan to help him but mutsuki sunk anyway (they were also 2 enemy cruisers nearby so I don't wanna take the risk) >Friendly Budyonny that switched side suddenly said in all chat : congratz Hanagiku you just sold your comrade. >the whole team left us completely and now this genius was mad at me I let that mutsuki died. Lesson learnt : Some (if not most) cruiser drivers are special people.
  6. Not all of my premium ships but I do have dedicated captains for my Sims, Gremy and Atago if that'd make you feel better
  7. This is pretty much everything. You see, the thing is when an IJN DD tries to cap, they need the fire support that the enemy team could see in order to be able to contest for the cap. They pretty much are depending on the team's intimidation power to successfully cap. They can't shoot, let's say a Farragut that they spot and extend their surface detection for 20 sec while trying to cap. And I personally don't like to use smoke in cap circle. If you are in an IJN DD, currently capping while the enemy fleet is slowing advancing towards the cap following their DD, you pretty much have to abandon the cap when your teammates are quite far away to actually be able to make the enemy ships think twice before advancing. So yeah, now you know why some IJN DDs hate to cap. ​
  8. AkihoSenpai

    shimakaze torp.

    Well, Shimakaze isn't entirely useless just because the 20km torpedo is practically unusable. But yeah, if that was your brilliant plan on using the Shimakaze, you'd better off not getting on her.
  9. AkihoSenpai

    shimakaze torp.

    Meh WG indirectly force the players to use the 12km or even the 8km ones just so the BB population could be happy. And this isn't the first time WG nerf something without compensating. Well one could say WG give the F3 type torp as a compensation, yeah like good luck getting close to a target within 8km when the enemy DDs (no matter which nation DD) will definitely screening the front sea for them.
  10. AkihoSenpai

    shimakaze torp.

    That's what I'm saying. No one uses the 20km torp at that distance even if it could go on 20km. Even a Fubuki doesn't sail 15km of a target.
  11. AkihoSenpai

    shimakaze torp.

    To be frank, I doubt anyone torps from a distance of 20km. I literally get close to like 8km if I could for the best chance of torpedo hit and that was before the torp nerf and still do now.
  12. AkihoSenpai

    shimakaze torp.

    Shimakaze is still playable with the 12 km torpedo ones. It was nerfed looong time ago ( in 0.5.4 I think ) to counter the great wall of torpedoes suddenly appearing broadside of battleships who apparently don't know how to WASD
  13. AkihoSenpai

    This DD only MM tho

    There was a Mogami though.