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  1. InRaGeD

    USN DD's "Bad"?

    DDs are fine ships if you know how to utalise it.
  2. InRaGeD

    Cheatland: CHEAT CONFIRMED!(jk) HE Citadel hit VS BB

    I have always used HE and somehow i got to know where to hit a CV's citadel consistently. Still trying out other type of ships though.
  3. InRaGeD

    1572 BattleShips

    If im not wrong, the Vaisseau was one of the most feared olden age battle ship model in the past.
  4. InRaGeD

    this is so sad =(

    Erm how do we personally track on our past battles / ship's records? Anyone? Thanks and Cheers!
  5. InRaGeD

    Ship teleport after spotted

    Saw that too especially from DDs.... appearing and disappearing even when distance is 4-5km away
  6. InRaGeD

    Ship lost in time and space

    LOL @ Bermuda Triangle! Thats a good one hAHaha!
  7. InRaGeD

    Getting lag and disconnected after patch.

    Tried WOW again and still getting between 3k to 300k ping... 3 games now without sinking enemy..how to lol? I'm going back to Dota2... Hope WOW is gonna fix this soon. Till then, annyeong haseyo!
  8. InRaGeD

    After Patch A while ago

    Yeah i reckon u gotta update your graphic card bro.
  9. InRaGeD


    Same problem here. So i now know its not an issue with my net because prior to the latest patch, i was on 30-40 ping. Now..between 3-5k ping and sometimes it got ridiculously high to over 1million? Stopped playing after 2 games..cant do nothing.. tried with Tenryu and Kuma, both same.. lol
  10. InRaGeD

    1000MS LAG

    From Singapore here, usually i get normal ping of between 30-40, but after the latest patch maintenance... i was shocked to get between 2000 to over 1000,000,000 ping... after 2 games, i stopped playing. There is no way i can play this. Everything was unplayable. From super delayed shooting to steering of ship directions... what happened? I hope WG can fix this as soon as possibe
  11. InRaGeD

    KOR ping There is a problem

    Not only Korea pings, even Singapore pings too...what happen?? i got between 4-5k pings and sometimes 10ver 1million ping..cant play? What happened? I thought WG just did maintenance? :S
  12. InRaGeD

    Where Is the rest of the world?

    The Great Britain shud have as much ship types as Japanese and American Navy in this game. Great Britain was the leading Navy force during that era. I was surprised there's none. Btw i noticed that during 1am++ - 3am++, there were still lots of players in the Asian server but the problem is that, it's very difficult to start a game for Random Battles... Most prefer Co-Ops in this server??? But there was no problem at all if u clicked on Co-Ops battle... Hope this server have more players that savours player vs player in random or mission battles. Fighting against AIs has become a boring routine. Need more unpredictablity. .On NA or EU servers, no problem at all finding or getting a PVP random battle.
  13. InRaGeD


    I maybe mistaken but why is it that the exps i earned from battles doesnt tally with what i should get on records? eg: I am looking forward to get Aoba and i have 46k more exps before i can get it. So i fought and accumulated say... 10k of exps.. by right i shud have 36k more to go... but when i checked... its like i still have 40k to go.... weird. Please advice. Thank you.