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  1. limjf04

    Advanced stupid

    Dang, I bet that half the playerbase does not utilise the full potential of their brains. If they're decent people in real life, it's fine. But if they do stuff in real life like they do ingame I really have nothing to say.
  2. limjf04

    Holy Cow

    Come on people, I get detonated by bot DD twice in a freaking row.
  3. Them USN CVs will rise again, they are supposed to have good bombs anyway Although Saipan will rekt everything
  4. limjf04

    T7 != T4

    Because even at tier 5 and above there are still campers
  5. limjf04

    T7 != T4

    Well that assumption is definitely wrong...
  6. limjf04

    CV should be given seperate game mode

    Langley is already hard enough for me, Kongo can kill a few planes
  7. limjf04

    So now scouting is even worse for CVs

    CV can be depressing
  8. limjf04

    Cruiser Line of Choice

    I don't friggin understand why my Langley with upgraded fighter skillz can lose without killing a single of its friggin fighters, if tier IV CV is balanced honestly I might as well play coop as it's much more enjoyable even though grinding takes forever, btw could some random unicum div up with me some time in the future becuase I can't carry
  9. limjf04

    British Battleships Honoring the Player Base

    I don't feel like playing the game anymore
  10. limjf04

    What is wrong with humans

    My stats just burrowed themselves into the ground lol
  11. limjf04

    Shiny new forums!

  12. limjf04

    What is wrong with humans

    If I'm not mistaken 3-4 in a row
  13. limjf04

    Saipan needs fighters to be of a lower tier

    I don't know how I'm going to grind bogue with Saipan and Kaga running around along with Atlanta and other op American AA
  14. limjf04

    Did somebody say "Royal Navy Battleships"?

    Ohh, my Langley is going to have a field day torping the crap out of them But my Nassau is getting wrecked by DD need some help here
  15. limjf04

    What is wrong with humans

    well unfortunately I'm playing tier 345, even if enter tier 7 games most of my team are hiding behind an island..