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  1. NinoX03

    way too much divisions

    I wanna copy the format of the reply above. Very good way to reply! My honest opinion: I am 50/50 with this topic. I do think that sometimes the divs can be too powerful. A good div can just control a damned game very well but thats because theyre very good and they should never get punished for that. Although I do like the idea of having to limit the amount of divs, or atleast let WG take into consideration the PR Rating / Player skill into MM. I do think wows's MM right now is a love and hate relationship. Sometimes its very good sometimes its very bad. If they could find a way to balance the teams, the experience would probably get better, but that's just me. High tier MM rn is super crap, as the ones who were super crap lowtier-midtier almost / even more than a year ago, are now spamming high tier. And with the influx of more tier 8 Prems, you would see more nubs/ newbies that would immediately buy tier 8 prems and just suck at them cuz well it takes experience to play high tier well especially now that wows has associated with steam, expect an influx of players, most probably noobs with money. haha My advice: same as the one above, try and find good players, even if you dont get a top clan, it's better to be in a small/ midtier clan with people helping each other out, than be in a top typhoon clan with people just going at it for themselves. The analogy here is like this "It's better to be in a not-so-good company with a very good boss (who teaches you and helps you improve), than to be in a good company with a bad boss (who just bosses you around). You'd prolly get the picture. If you have discord, join the reddit wows discord server or any other wows community server, most preferably from your nation of residence or people who speak the same language as you. But then again you have nearly twice as many games as me, so I dont think I'm even in a position to comment. But just in case! haha Good day!
  2. NinoX03

    Quesstion About Premium Ships

    man have you see na good kaga player? :D Kaga is good, but yea gets [content removed] against a saipan. But it doesnt matter, there are ways to circle around a saipan, cuz not all of em are good anyways. I played 013 Ranger back in the day against 301 saipans and still manage to win just by mind games. It's all on your strategy. He can buy Kaga if he wants to but he needs to get experienced first. kaga does not "ruin" teammates in a match, cuz Kaga can outright delete DDs easy. Profanity. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  3. NinoX03

    Quesstion About Premium Ships

    Hi my suggestion is to not buy Kaga yet. Grind lowtier CV and appreciate them first. Learn the basic strategies and all. Then get to tier 6 first, atleast. Ryujo has manual drop now and strafe. Learn how to do them correctly first before you buy a higher tier premium ship. Lastly, dont buy kaga, not worth getting punished for underpowered planes for her tier. If you manage to get better with CVs already, you can go buy say enterprise or saipan. Or play the USN CV ones first, and then appreciate the other Nation CV's difficulty too. Please for the love of God, dont buy prems you dont know how to use first. Or if you already did, practice in Coop first. Because youre just gonna get pwned by more experienced people. CV is by far one of the hardest roles in the game, especially because what you do affects the game a lot. If you suck (i mean not to insult) but if you sucked in a game, and get rekt by enemy CV, chances are he can steamroll and allow his team to win. You on the other hand would just garner reports for playing poorly and trashtalks. It's so sad seeing WG selling high tier premiums to those wh oare new to the game = people inexperienced playing a tier they havent adjusted to yet. THats how I did it, learned the game from bottom, bought my first premium only after i got tier 10 :D Atleast you should be able to get the necessary knowledge for you to not exactly just offer the game to the enemy team. Thanks!
  4. I think, what they really want to express in this thread, especially to the poster and the subsequent guys who reacted was: "Git gud before you make these statements" Because in my honest opinion, these threads which justify those low stats shouldn't even exist. We all underwent the same RNG, and you for example (to the author of this thread) have been playing since Alpha. You had so much time to improve on. I mean even if you play casually you can still improve. We were all noobs once, other just progressed further and better than other people, and that my friends is a fact. I suggest that the mod responsible for this post just deletes this before this escalates into something regrettable. I have been forum mods in multiple sites, most notably gaming websites as well, and from my experience, this is not part of your job. A moderator is the one who moderates, not starts these controversial threads. You are called moderator for a reason. Moderator (noun) syn. arbitrator, referee, umpire, judge, mediator, mitigator One who settles a dispute ant. One who starts a dispute A moderator is not who starts a <content removed> fight. You should be as neutral as possible as your job is just to maintain order, prune threads, lock subversive ones (like your own), transfer threads to the designated categories and all other stuff you should know. You can punish me for this reply but that would just become abuse of power as your emotions and opinions would have supplanted your job as a moderator. Then again, if by any case people get insulted by this reply, Im just stating fact. Ciao Profanity. Post Edited. User already warned. ~ADM_dude
  5. Here's my take on this fun thread. See I was a noob when I started the game, well who wasnt? But check my stats out, there was a time where my WR and my WTR skyrocketed sub 1000 games, then I <content removed> crashed as I transitioned into higher and higher tiers. In my honest opinion, stats mean a lot. Look, just by looking at my stats, you would say "oh this guy improved over the course of time he's playing the game". Most of my battles are solo battles cuz no one plays with me (sad), kidding aside you can see that i have been steadily improving. And that was way before I started minding about stats. See when I was a pleb around tier IV-V, I gained a friend ingame @Calderhunt, who introduced me to the /r worldofwarships discord. I reached tier 6 not knowing how to aim properly, I mean the moment I got into the wows reddit discord and asked a truckload of questions to the seemingly more experienced players, I was like "holy <content removed> I played nearly a thousand games without knowing this shit", I was batshit sub 50% wr back then. Check the stats. Then after gaining more and more knowledge on how the game works, the stats steadily increased. I didnt know about it, I discovered warships.today and statistic websites of the like only a few months back, and was surprised on how "decent" I was actually performing in the game. So yea my take here is, STATS ARE IMPORTANT, sure you can factor RNG and all the other X factors you can think of, but the game is more or less fair. We are all subject to the same RNG, not just at the same time. People complain of OP ships (myself included), but to be honest, these ships add flavour to the game. In the real world, say in world war II, you can safely say there were OP ships. CVs for example. This is the case with wows, no matter WG tries to balance shit ingame, there will always be imbalance. And that adds flavour. See, if you think Des Moines is OP cuz radar and DPM and shit, you are right. But Des Moines is only OP in the right hands, in the right situations. Furthermore, if youre in a DM, expect that people will shoot at you first, cuz you are a higher value target than say a Yamato 20km away potshotting people. I can give countless more examples of the like. One more thing I SUPER DISAGREE WITH though is @tc1259's statement on Hodgkins Lymphoma in Australia. Let me try and lecture you with fact and not opinion. I am a medical professional in my country, and I'm currently studying to be a doctor in the near future, so that in itself can be used atleast for some credibility. STATS IN GAME ARE SO MUCH DIFFERENT THAT MEDICAL STATS. Seriously do not make the comparison in the future. Stats ingame have RNG, Player skill and all that other shit, but the majority of the ingame stats can be controlled by people. Lymphoma on the other hand, you barely have control over. Sure there are many risk factors which and all, but say genetics? Thats genetics. Either way, no matter how you turn the tables around, you can never compare ingame stats and morbidity statistics. Furthermore, you can also check statistics in the NBA. Great players like hmmm, Kobe, MJ, you guys mention em, have seemingly BETTER STATS than the more average NBA players. And mind you, these players are <content removed> pros in basketball no matter how trashy they play as we watch them on TV or live. Im not a fan, but you can safely say that an NBA team which has more than a 70% WR is better than an NBA team that can barely hit 50%. I think it's already very obvious. Profanity. Post Edited. User Warned. ~ADM_dude
  6. NinoX03

    Saipan Poll

    Seriously? o.o
  7. As another CV player, I second this. Haha. Or yea sometimes you just lag and just get rekt.
  8. NinoX03

    Question :D

    I love BBs and Im currently at tier 8 (NoCal) for USN and Kongo for IJN, err nassau for germans (plan to grind them after I grinded up the IJN tree after US) Last time, I sold my new mex for credits, and bought the colorado. I loved the colorado, she is an awesome ship, but when I got the north carolina and gotten the hang of her, I loved her as well. That being said, my colo has been docked at port for about a week cuz I dont seem to have the drive to use her haha. And, today's rank season utilizes tier 6 8 and 10 only, should I sell my colorado for credits and re-buy my new mex for rank?, and get my gnevy and minekaze? or Should I keep her and let her rust hahaha and farm the credits I need for those ships:?