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  1. Dread_Not

    Public Test 0.8.7 Feedback Thread

    Issues 1)I am not able to access armoury and clan page. 2)Tier 4 to 6 vehicles and commanders are unavailable. 3) CV auto pilot has major issues. Does not follow the plotted course even in open water. if i plot the course between two islands the dotted line go around the island but the ship still beaches.
  2. This is a recruitment link for new players . You can get free Premium ships , Premium time and lots of other stuff. Hit me up in game if u need a teammate. We have clan to help u with doubts and and other stuff related to the game. https://wows.asia/dread_not
  3. Nice post. Can you tell me which lines are outdated so I can pause going down the line until they get a buff. i have Yamato Hindenberg and audacious. At T9 I have Seattle and ibuki. DDs I’m interested in RN and Harugumo line.
  4. I’m nearly there . Just a few thousand exp more. Im have trouble with Bombers.im going bow to stern of BB.before my bombs hits they are turning away and half the bombs miss. And I don’t get why the bomb drop lag is so high I could start a second run before the first bombs hit.
  5. Dread_Not

    April Combat Missions

    What is the ironium for ?
  6. Dread_Not


    You already get this if you linked your WG account to twitch. Nothing exclusive .
  7. Dread_Not

    New Invite Link

    https://playtogether.worldofwarships.asia/invite/bK3OjDk Here you go mate .