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  1. Kaiser819

    Pre-Jutland Admiral Class

    Hello everyone I want to know what were design specifications for the Admiral Class battlecruisers prior to their post-jutland redesigns. I would really like to know how exactly they were originally meant to be.
  2. Kaiser819

    British Battleship Lines suggestion

    I really wanted to see the N3 and the G3 designs asI think they are really cool looking designs
  3. Possible British Battleship lines Introduction Greetings and salutations everyone, with the anticipation of the upcoming release of the British Royal Navy cruisers has gotten many people excited. With this excitement I have decided make this discussion about possible ideas for when the future release of Royal Navy battleships, because I really don't want Wargamming to go down the lazy route and mess up in a disastrous catastrophe. The Royal Navy deserves better respect especially towards its long history of once being the premier naval power for more than a century and the greatest symbols of their history were the battleships. The Royal had the greatest variety of capital warship designs of any major naval power of the first half of the 20th century and its would a massive disservice to not to properly represent this variety in World of Warships by being limited by a single line on the technology tree. To balance the difficulties of the workflow Wargamming programmers and designers would have to experience and the variety of British Royal Navy battleships I think there should be a minimum of two lines each representing the naval doctrines of First Sea Lord John "Jackie" Fisher which influenced the designs of capital warships for the 20th century. The advantage of this 2 line system is that Wargamming can focus on a single line for initial release and still have room for future release for the other line, without the hassle of having to reorganise the entire ship lines. The two lines would be Slow Battleships and Battlecruisers. The following ships below are what I have proposed as these represent the evolution of British battleships over the course of the first half the 20th century I will not be able to have the time to properly provide all the information. I would like others to see comment on their opinions and how they think what ships should wargamming should use in game. Start of the tree Tier 3: HMS Dreadnought Slow Battleships These vessels emphasize both extremely heavy weight of fire and very thick armour allowing them to be able to withstand heavy firepower and being able to respond back in kind making them ideal for engaging enemy battleships. Unfortunately these vessels suffer from relatively slow speeds meaning these ships are vulnerable to being overwhelmed by large numbers of destroyers and cruisers as they will not be able to escape easily leaving the only favorable option is to fight it out and stay afloat long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Tier 4: HMS Orion Tier 5: HMS Iron Duke Tier 6: HMS Queen Elizabeth Tier 7: King George V Tier 8: HMS Nelson Tier 9: HMS Lion (Lion class battleship) Tier 10: HMS St Andrews (N3 Class) Battlecruisers These ships emphasize the combination of the heavy firepower of the battleship with the speed and maneuverability of cruiser. However this comes with the price of having considerably less armour than of the true battleships meaning you will not be able to withstand same level of abuse as the battleship and therefore any attempt to fight a slogging match with any ship that have the same level of firepower as you will result in you suffering the same fates as the HMS Invincible, HMS Queen Mary, HMS Indefatigable and HMS Hood. Instead your main role is to chase down cruisers and using your firepower to send them to the bottom. If your are unfortunate to encounter a battleship, remember speed is your armour, use it to avoid getting hit and get hell out of there Tier 4: HMS Invincible Tier 5: HMS Royal Princess (Lion class battlecruiser 1912) Tier 6: HMS Renown Tier 7: HMS Hood Tier 8: HMS Vanguard Tier 9: HMS Inflexible (G3 Class Battlecruiser) Tier 10: K3 class
  4. Kaiser819

    Graphic trouble

    I have been having problems with world of warships as the rigging for the ships are breaking up and striping rather being single lines. Is there any way to fix this.
  5. I think there should two lines of battleships for the Royal Navy one representing the slow battleships which has heavier armour and firepower. The other line will represent the battlecruisers and fast battleships. The slow battleship line would have the N3 as the tier 10 while the battlecruiser line would have the 1944 variant of the Lion class battleship