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  1. 100 November Foxtrot: -5% reload time on all consumables.
  2. According to the announcement, no. Completing the collection will get you nothing for you main account. The only rewards for your main account are for: For completing one battle in the Public Test, you receive a bundle of ordinary signal flags for your main account. For completing three battles in the Public Test, you receive 10 "Type 6" camouflage for your main account. For completing the "American Cruisers" campaign in the Public Test, you receive a day of Premium time for your main account. For completing the "Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often!" campaign in the Public Test, you receive 5 special flags for your main account.
  3. ShirouRabbit

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    And it's already been edited. Instead of his special skills being Expert Marksman and Expert Loader like in your screenshot, it's now Vigilance and Jack of All Trades.
  4. ShirouRabbit

    An intimate engagement

    Hi All, I'm new here, starting on all the IJN lines, currently up to Tier 6 on Cruisers, 5 on DD, 4 on BB and CV. I had time for one game this morning, so grabbed my Hosho and jumped into the queue for a Random battle. 8 minutes later, still in the queue. Eventually the Matchmaker must have given up and set up a game with exactly one ship on each side. My Hosho vs a Langley. Carriers at dawn, 30km turn and shoot! Anyone else had the Matchmaker hand them a 1v1 duel? Engines full speed ahead for one of the domination points, and to give me some headway to dodge the expected torpedoes. I scrambled my fighters to scout out the enemy carrier, and sent my two strike groups after them. The fighters found the enemy's planes first of course and the American fighters gleefully pounced on my outnumbered IJN fighters. I sent the strike fighters around the dogfight and found the enemy carrier. The fighters finished off the last of my fighters and got to the strike groups in time to panic one of them meaning only 3 of the 8 torpedoes landed, stripping most of the carrier's health, but not putting it down. I focused back on my carrier in time to see the American TBs laying 6 torpedoes on my port side, oops. I turn to port, but later than I should have, and still take two torpedoes for half my health, but no flooding. The dive bombers scream in once they are sure there was no flooding and start a fire which I quickly put out. Only one TB squadron makes it back to the carrier, so I'm down two groups. I've got my second flight of fighters airborne now to distract the enemy fighters from my torpedo bombers, and they foolishly engage my fighters above my carrier, it's enough that even though I lose the last of my fighters, the enemy fighter squadron is also wiped out. I get a strike squadron airborne, and send them off to attack the enemy carrier. While they are on the way, the enemy TBs return for another attempt, but I'm paying attention this time and turn into them before they drop and only take one torpedo hit. My second strike squadron gets airborne, but it's not needed, another two torpedo hits on the Langley and it's game over. As part of larger engagement, losing all of my fighters would be a pre-cursor to losing all my strike aircraft and no longer being able to influence the battle, but in this case, engaging my fighters left my strike craft free to attack the carrier. I think the biggest reason I won this one was the better manoeuvrability of the Hosho, I could dodge torpedoes, the Langley couldn't, if I hadn't been distracted making my first attack on the enemy carrier I would have only taken one hit in the first torpedo strike as well. It was an interesting exercise, a solo duel, completely different to a normal Random battle, with different priorities and choices.
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    Optimising graphics for low end pc.

    And the budget is the issue... Money spent on a new graphics card is not money spent on Premium ships. So, what's the minimum graphics card I can run the CBT on? I've currently got an nVidia 8600GT 256MB.
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    Minimum requirements too high?

    As my current systems aren't going to be up to this, what should I sink my money into? CPU or Graphics? Current Systems: Dual-core 2.26GHz, 8GB RAM, nVidia 9400M (256MB shared) and Dual-core 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM, nVidia 8600GT (256MB dedicated) I'm thinking my limiting factor here is going to be graphics, so would installing a $35 nVidia GT210 (1GB) into my Dual-core 2.5GHz get me over the line? Or is it entirely new machine time? Edit: Hmm, seems the GT210 wasn't a good example, apparently it's slower than my 8 year old 8600GT! Oh, because it's a 7 year old card, that is still on the shelves. More research to do. The question is still: Is WoWS graphics limited, and what's a good minimum level I should be looking at?