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  1. CarvinMarvin

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    From the 2nd last stage of the Yamamoto campaign.
  2. CarvinMarvin

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Random SC again instead of a more resources container. I'm not overly short on Free XP but it will do.
  3. CarvinMarvin

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Containers for finishing the next Yamamoto stage.
  4. CarvinMarvin

    Italian BBs: What to know?

    Quite like the look of the camo. And it did one-shot a Lion.
  5. CarvinMarvin

    Mssing the Resolute and Rapid Collection

    The collection is a 4:1 duplicate. Not 5. There are a few collections that you can't subscribe to. Actually I think the number you can subscribe to is less than the ones you can't. I'm just down to 2 collections left to finish (American Cruisers and KotS) that I've had any chance to complete since I started playing. I think Motherland, American Cruisers, Yamamoto, Cap and the German one were the only ones I could subscribe. And yes, R&R is expensive, but I think it took me about 150k coal. Which is less than it costs to get any other legendary captain in the Armory.
  6. CarvinMarvin

    Commemorative Flags

    Well you could always buy the bundle with the flag and get the replacement doubloons. But I wouldn't really recommend that. I priced out the Georgia (because the Alaska B and Massachusetts B have a black version of the state flag that I use), so Georgia is the only one I don't have. But you are paying a premium. Ship becomes doubloons so the total doubloons you get is 19,700 doubloons. Which at 186.0811 doubloons to AUD converts to $105.87 You get 12,000,000 credits which is 460,812.5046 credits to the dollar. So that converts to $26.04 The 150 each of the economic signal flags is half of the big pack you can get in the shop so half of $47.90 = $23.95. Then if you value the port slot at 300 doubloons and the 10-point captain at 1,500 which is the usual price they are $9.67 Taking all those off the asking price in the premium shop you end up with a price of $32.51 for the flag, the camo and the mission. I might wait until there is a Georgia B.
  7. CarvinMarvin

    Battling 2 tiers higher

    I don't know. I like being bottom tier. They're games that offer a lot better rewards for a decent performance and the pressure isn't so much.
  8. CarvinMarvin

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    From the completion of the 2nd stage of the Yamamoto campaign. Free XP is not such a need, this has now put me to 889,710 but the flags are needed so no complaints.
  9. CarvinMarvin

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    It was supposed to be a more resources container, but went crazy.
  10. CarvinMarvin

    New Unexpected ships on the horizon

    I want Agincourt.
  11. CarvinMarvin

    Stop being such a snowflake...jk more snowflakes pls.

    73 out of 73 done. Do you still get new ones if you get a new ship? Almost up to the Fuso.
  12. CarvinMarvin

    T7 Premium for credits

    That and you would be amazed at how many BBs and CAs think any smoke screen you drop is actually there for them to take and shoot at things from so they get insta-spotted and you get shot at.
  13. CarvinMarvin

    T7 Premium for credits

    Honestly, if you only have 500k credits in the bank and are looking to play in Randoms then don't. As others have said Z-39 gets slot 5. That's it's thing. That's 2 million to equip, without it you are a lot easier to spot. And the cruisers you are still looking at over 1 million to get modules on to. Otherwise they are big juicy citadels just waiting to happen. If you are looking at spending those extra armoury coupons then by all means grab one, but for credits stack signal flags.
  14. CarvinMarvin

    What Mods are you Currently Using? - DobbyM8

    Only use, Session Stats (not that I check it very often) Female Commanders mod Score Timer HP with Nickname for the info markers on the ships and Secondary Armament so I can see the damage my AAA has taken.
  15. CarvinMarvin

    Today this noob had a good day

    Well all those armoury coupons are gone now. And of course with the discount on port slots I've taken the opportunity to grab a dozen port spots. She got one... And my second tier VII tech tree ship.