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  1. You are a lot more trusting than I.
  2. Actually it says you can change it once every 365 days not once a year. So seeing as the last change was after 30 September (which is when the birthday article came out). I mean to be honest, if I was WG I would be telling you that you should feel lucky to get the reward because if I was them I would be putting some sort of tag on your account to make sure you don't get another.
  3. CarvinMarvin

    People you've encountered in-game

    Sorry I missed seeing you until the scores @RalphTheTheatreCat
  4. CarvinMarvin

    Opening 25 (+5) Premium Black Friday Containers

    It's only roughly 1 in every 300 containers. And they are free in the missions. For that matter even if you go the Dunkerque chain it is 5,000 doubloons odd for a ship that goes for 5.5k in the armory for the default version, so the ones you do pay 100 odd doubloons for are still effectively free. And once you perceive it as a free container then a 1 in 300 is actually a pretty good chance.
  5. CarvinMarvin


    There never has been a HMNZS New Zealand. Until 1941 there were no HMNZ ships. The New Zealand at Jutland was a HMS. She was commissioned into the Royal Navy.
  6. CarvinMarvin

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Been busy saving up SCs for a monthly opening party. Random drop from earlier in the month. From picking up the Salem to grab an anniversary crate From finishing the Anniversary collection. From finishing up the 3rd stage of the Halsey campaign This months SC from the dailies. And a random drop magically appearing today.
  7. CarvinMarvin

    People you've encountered in-game

    Ran into @Skarhabek who was kind enough to carry my underperforming ass.
  8. I think the fact that nobody has commented on them probably should give you some idea about peoples thoughts about those ideas.
  9. And I would argue that blowouts would be at least as common with highly skilled teams. Because the higher the skill the more skilled they are at taking an advantage and pressing it until the other team breaks. While lower skilled players will either miss opportunities, or not be able to press a small advantage. As @Puggsley is saying. Blow outs are an expected outcome of the game. At times MM might throw up a mismatch, but odds are you will get much the same in a high skill environment at least as frequently.
  10. CarvinMarvin

    People you've encountered in-game

    Ahh, sorry I didn't notice you there. I try to keep my eye out, now I have to watch the game again to enjoy your work.
  11. CarvinMarvin

    Upcoming Changes to TECH TREE

    Your location isn't there in your profile. I know we have plenty of players here who have their profile as saying they are from China, or Vietnam or Indonesia. I had assumed. But sure, be a dick about it.
  12. CarvinMarvin

    Upcoming Changes to TECH TREE

    I know English isn't everybody's first language. But there is nothing in that that says anything of the sort.
  13. CarvinMarvin

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Last month's SC just opened this morning. I enjoy saving up 20 or so containers and then opening them.
  14. CarvinMarvin

    ​🚢 Update 0.10.9, Submarines, Next Steps

    Curse those fools who didn't realise that those rental captains were just free reserve slots so you would never need to buy more again. Now I might not reach 100.