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  1. UndeadForce

    Offline download

    its sad that i m stuck and cant play
  2. UndeadForce

    Offline download

  3. UndeadForce

    Offline download

    Problem is it downloads some 70% and then throws an error. When i retry the installer starts download again from 0% I have already wasted some 3.5GB bandwidth download on my pc just for this update. By offline install i meant if they could give us the torrent to download it would help a ton, because their launcher torrent system seems broke since its failing to resume from where it stopped.
  4. UndeadForce

    Offline download

    I have downloaded the latest update on the client almost 3 times with about 800-900 mb downloaded and the game client froze. I do not know what is the reason but i had to force quit the exe. When i started it began with 0% What am i supposed to do now since i cant find an offline install