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  1. del2004751646

    What is the best WWII IJN Cruiser?

    In your opinion. What is the best WWII IJN Cruiser (Whether be Light or Heavy)? Explain why.
  2. Where is IJN Ishizuki in the Premium Shop? Is it gone already?
  3. del2004751646

    No Beta Tester title?

    Wondering why I don't have the Beta Tester title? I was only be able to participate in OBT, though. Is that why?
  4. del2004751646

    LF: WoW wallpapers

    I'm looking for World of Warships wallpapers. Wallpaper details: -Any Japanese ships(preferably Destroyers) -Size is 1920x1080 Thanks!
  5. del2004751646

    Manual Torpedo Aiming

    Anyone here aiming Torps manually and not following the grey line besides me? I personally think that manual aiming is manlier and you can feel the real battle. I mean, warships before don't even have calculations. They just guess where the enemy is and they fire.
  6. del2004751646

    Torpedo question

    Do you follow the grey torpedo guide when firing torpedoes or not?
  7. GigaGunMen's found bugs during Open Beta: -No tutorial when I started playing -0.5s game freezes -Choppy sound -Match-making giving me babies I will continuously update this list until the end of obt.