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  1. "You can't please everyone" - poster in my workplace ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I am Noob

    1. Harpoon01


      you are still alive?

    2. ragster


      Yes.. barely..

  3. ragster

    How to be come a super tester

    Ohhh~ really now
  4. ragster

    Matchmaker still broken

    Fix what exactly??
  5. ragster

    The Eight Special Types of Players

    ohoho~ you haven't seen me dodge 2 CV strike force during my lag
  6. ragster

    The Eight Special Types of Players

    and then, there's me the hidden 9th type
  7. ragster

    Do you like the weekends

    Yes, because I can sleep and relax after a stressful week
  8. ragster

    Looking for friends

    I need frends too :'(
  9. ragster

    why don't we have Shinano in the game?

    my best bet she'll end up being the same as Missouri and at Tier 9 at that too