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  1. tanker_marksman_2014 Update Patch Notes

    So thats why there is a 200mb patch to download when i woke up
  2. tanker_marksman_2014

    US Battleship Thoughts and Comparisons

    Is it just me or that the US BBs are very hard to crack with the IJN BBs and the rounds are very prone to bouncing off the armor
  3. tanker_marksman_2014

    Going over 0.3.1

    The Boge(is that the name? im not sure) looks so fat but so short and does the izumo just have two turrets?,exesgo what do you think about the montana and the yamato is the montana to good for the yamato(like everyone thinks) or vice versa or are they are equal?,anyway here have a medal
  4. tanker_marksman_2014

    Dodging Cv torpedo tips for BB players.

    Whew but how does that work do they add more planes to the squadron or make it the same and where do you get this news?
  5. tanker_marksman_2014

    Dodging Cv torpedo tips for BB players.

    Although going to the direction of the torpedoes is the best bet in dodging them its not very effective when the cv has multiple torpedoe bombers or is using manual aim(i can't count the times i got hit by torpedoes launched at least three kilometers away from my side) they should really change how manual aim works or at least limit the range on how close a torpedoe bomber can launch hell
  6. tanker_marksman_2014

    Explain shooting/smoke in regards to detection

    Whats the situation in tier 6? because im getting increasingly worried in fighting clevelands(aka the MG42) with my fuso
  7. tanker_marksman_2014

    Islands of magic (invisible wall make my cv dive)

    I love wows rendition of titanic
  8. tanker_marksman_2014

    Wow Forum becoming like WOT forum?

    But what if the you are making an argument but the one your talking to ignore everything that you say and just wants to the only one right?
  9. tanker_marksman_2014

    Wow Forum becoming like WOT forum?

    After CBT im imagining most players answer as follows "L2P" and also constant complaining of OP ships while the only respond they get is L2P Don't worry about those BB players but i still don't get it why complain even though they are the ones how are stupid i play BB the most and im on the fuso the only things that makes me angry are manual torpedoe bomber CV players and scared BB players that go to the edge of the map
  10. hmm how about limit the range of the guns but really i notice the best range for my kongo and fuso is 14km while the standard range of the campers are their guns maximum range(i'll be happy if atleast hit 1 shot on a ship 19-176km away
  11. OP the is one word that will answer almost all of your questions the game is arcade ARCADE the questions you are asking are too realistic for WG standards if your questions were answered as yes there is like that in WoWs there is no need for team balancing or the current matchmaker all you need is to judge ships by their timeline and forget fleets the game already has little teamwork left on it(in my perspective) and yes there is a health bar for the ships although i still don't know if there are are individual health bars for the modules also no subs at the moment. And you say you play naval action i watch a few gameplay videos and wow the battles are long and the open world is not implemented yet just PVP but i gotta say nice game but i rather play WoWs(i'll wait for the open world) battlestations anyone?
  12. tanker_marksman_2014

    British Royal Navy and Battlecruisers

    The only ship i really new from the british was the hood and sank but yeah im excited
  13. tanker_marksman_2014

    New Orleans and Baltimore class cruisers under powered

    im confused at the moment there was a thread saying that ijn cruisers were underpowered but now there is now this im confused to which nation is underpowered
  14. tanker_marksman_2014

    Minimum requirements too high?

    atleast you have a quad Could be because of the game engine and i have those problems too my setup: R7 240 Core duo E7500 2gb of ddr2(facepalm)ram managing to play it at medium but with fps drops(summer heat maybe?)
  15. tanker_marksman_2014

    patch notes (from the russians)

    Im excited with the new maps and modes and about the new premium shop do that mean that we can buy piasters already?