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    Agreed! This is the biggest failure for this game. I’ve been playing for more than 3 years, loving it, and the new CV gameplay is killing me. Just as I unlocked the GK... The tankiest ship in the game gets deleted inside TWO MINUTES before I can fire a shot!!!! Now you have to endure flooding until all of their torpedo runs have finished. Damage con on first flooding and they then put more flooding on you plus fires. AA spec is an absolute joke! Wargaming, FIX THIS SHIT NOW or you will lose a big player base except CV fanboys. Even Notser and Flamu think this is the dumbest thing!
  2. bargie38

    Game freezing in port owing to Sub

    So, why have it there if you can't play it?? Surely not to just look at and train the commander (which means nothing anyway?). I must be missing something. If it's an April Fool's, it's a lot effort (and $$) to do it for no apparent gain.