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  1. Monty, we all love Clevebro, just as much as you do. Seriously tho, GIVE US CLEVEBRO!
  2. Shojinn

    I don't think 6.3.0 will make CVs any better

    Disengage option is a huge buff for USN CV, really. IJN players often use one FT squad as bait, another FT squad goes strafing. Now the USN players can counter-strafe by use ALT to disengage the first squad AND AT THE SAME TIME strafe a second incoming squad. This option makes "balanced" USN mod like 1-1-1 effectively a gamebreaker. No need for AA mod, as A SINGLE USN FT squad can, and will shoot down 3 IJN squads that way. And the damage output with 1-1-1, don't even need to tell lol. WG, implement disengage option is a good thing, but combine it with counter strafing, you guys make CV unplayable Lol
  3. Please remember that Fubuki and Hatsu can boost their torp speed to 64knts (wow :v) by choosing Torp Accelerator skill. 8km torpedoes is good enough, not to mentioned the torp wall at t6 To sum up, IJN DD players need: *Better RoF. 5 to 6 sec of reloading is enough *Swap the concealment between two branches. Gimme my torp boat back *Optionally, buff the fire chance :v (quite OP actually)
  4. Shojinn

    Captain Skill bug

    I have spent all 10 points but they are still there. I can even open the confirmation box when click on the 5th stage skill. Luckily it's just a graphical one. No changes has been made ie. I don't get any more points :v Anyway hope this will be fixed soon
  5. Shojinn

    Important: April 1 Account Reset

    Oh what? He pulled my neck? Awh.....
  6. Shojinn

    Important: April 1 Account Reset

    When I press Alt F4 it always ask me to exit game. What should I do?
  7. Shojinn

    How to change your commander picture

    How to change things in (where you place WoWS)/res/gui/overlay?