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  1. This post deserves a "Well done!"
  2. Chappotato

    cant bring myself to play anymore

    Adding another comment in the 'take a break' column. Even a couple of days away from the game can be helpful. I took a week off recently and came back totally energised and enjoying why I play wows so much in the first place. Hope to see you out there soon 👍
  3. Chappotato

    The Corn Cartel, bring the noise

    Ahoy sailors, It's definitely been a while and here in my latest installment as an older replay from the previous season of Ranked Battles. The North Carolina is in my view the best Tier VIII battleship in the game and it can be absolutely devastating when given the chance. Enjoy this replay to see why! Also I have a bit of an update for you all, I'm taking a break from both the game and then obviously the channel. I'll be back in a few months and look forward to rebooting the channel then. Stay safe on the high seas!
  4. Chappotato

    Balancing CV's

    This. CV's won't change (refreshed captain skills in 0.6.0 aside) until WG update/improve/change/whatever the UI. WG are looking at balance and performance stats of CV's especially at higher tiers, but the main focus for developers will be improvements to the UI. As for manual drops, as far as i'm concerned it's a skill that executed properly should be rewarded...just like aiming correctly. Yes there is an element of RNG (amount of damage cause, flood or fire etc) but if you're constantly being targeted by CV's and paying the price, then as others here have suggested you need to change your tactics. Don't sail off alone, stick with other BBs or cruisers that have good AA, turn in when you spot strike planes. There are plenty of ways to minimise taking damage from even the best CV players.
  5. Chappotato

    Advantages that USN BB have over other nation ?

    Flamu's latest vid on the Montana i think best summarises the situation at high tiers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT3r2Ew_-mY IMHO he's the best YouTuber in terms of knowing his $hit technically, and he has the track record to back it up. And so a maneuverability buff to Montana makes total sense.
  6. Chappotato

    Advantages that USN BB have over other nation ?

    Whoops, forgot the Scharnhorst...how could I forget that! I don't rate the Gneisenau as highly as other t7 BBs due to the fact it only has 6 guns and only 15" at that. Colorado and Nagato get 16 and 16.1" guns respectively, and so in a gunnery dual they would generally win out. The KM BB's just offer something different and that I reckon is the great thing about the game. Different ships offer different things depending on what you as the player prefer. Not sure about NC = Amagi = Bismarck = Tirpitz, I think the NC offers a bit more than it's peers but I guess it's personal preference with this sort of thing
  7. Chappotato

    Advantages that USN BB have over other nation ?

    This. Zoup's vid was about as whiny as ichase's rants about the Alabama and 'interview' with WOWS developers. Cringe-worthy stuff. Zoup also attempted to make his point using overall server average stats which is just dumb. If you wanted to make a point about anything using stats, you really need to dig into the stats a lot deeper than just taking the mean of a particular data point across a whole server. My 2 cents FWIW; Tier 3 - meh, who cares, most people still learning Tier 4 - Wyoming is great, with 12 x 12" guns it can out blast anything in a brawling match. Probably not great for learning however you spend half the battle broadside, but it's fun at least Tier 5 - Kongo is still one of the best tier for tier BBs in the game. Texas is great if you bought for it's AA power, but yes the New York is probably one of the weaker BBs. Konig is great definitely but the USN BB's stack up pretty well Tier 6 - New Mexico is great fun in a brawl. Tier 6 is tough though atm because MM likes to put you in t8 games. Fuso is useful because of it's great range, Warspite goes well with 15" boom sticks and Bayern for same reason. All pretty even if you ask me... Tier 7 - Nagato definitely simply due to better range and dispersion. That said the Colorado gets the USN AP shells which hit harder than IJN and KM. Trouble is that it's slower... Tier 8 - North Carolina is hands down the best t8 BB in the game, USN AP shells hit harder than Mike Tyson, AA is out of this world and still useful at this tier because you do see CV's still on a regular basis. Bismarck is scary in up close brawling thanks to secondaries, but that's its thing - it also only has 15" guns and 8 of them at that. Tirpitz similarly but with torps. Amagi is a rail gun but you're turning in and out a lot to get a full broadside out. Yes NC can be citadelled easily, but if you know that you play accordingly and so you should by the time you reach tier 8. Tier 9 - Missouri for sure, same AP shells as North Carolina, radar, better amour than Iowa. Izumo is like a baby Yamato and handles like it. FDG is just awful apparently, haven't driven it and so i can't really comment. Tier 10 - Yamato, no explanation needed - although, I just bought Montana and am quite enjoying it. The extra 3 guns in some way makes up for smaller calibre but like NC, Iowa, Missouri it's easily citadelled broadside...but so is Yamato. GF does make a case to be extremely strong with great secondaries and carrying the hydro consumable. Zoup, like most Americans, just expect everything American in the game to dominate. Played correctly, USN BBs are solid in their own right. Other BBs are better in certain areas, but in high tiers the USN BBs have those epic 16" AP shells that show no mercy. And the USN BBs look the prettiest
  8. Chappotato

    USS Lexington population inflation?

    If all you're worried about is winning then that's a completely fair point and i do agree. Personally i'm more of a purist and play the game for enjoyments sake and it's historical relevance
  9. Chappotato

    USS Lexington population inflation?

    No that's not what i'm saying at all, players are free to choose to play what they want. My point is that the random nature of the games MM can either make or break an 013 Lexington. 202 Lexington is probably safer to the player irrespective of how the rest of their team performs in that battle. The way xp is awarded for AS actions means that that player should still have a good individual game (provided they're skillful, perform their AS role etc etc), but that doesn't often always help the team and that's the argument a team will often use when a CV player isn't able to help influence the battle. I like 013 Lex because it's more fun and when MM goes my way i'm able to do more to help contribute to a win, but like i've said high reward comes wtih high risk.
  10. Chappotato

    USS Lexington population inflation?

    This is the single biggest problem with CV's, it's pot luck what your team looks like when entering a game. 013 Lexington is, in my opinion, generally stronger in terms of the ability to help your team. There's no question it's strike capability outclasses a Shokaku, but if you end up only IJN cruisers or no North Carolina on your team then you have no AA support. The other variable is the battle map itself, the larger maps provide you the better opportunity to attempt a CV strike - and anyone that whinges about that tactic needs to rethink their chosen online game. Any ship on the red team is fair game, no other argument is valid. T8 and above CVs now have def AA (don't get me started on that...) and so there is some extra defence against a CV strike. So yeah, if your team ends up being low on AA power and you're spawned on a smaller map (think Estuary or Neighbours) then yes, an 013 Lexington v 202 Lexington or Shokaku will seriously struggle and you won't have a good time. Bigger map + AA cruisers + North Carolina on your team = win. All that said, 202 Lexington is usually the 'safer' option as no matter what your team looks like your primary role is AS. And that's the problem, AS is boring. There's very little skill involved and the satisfaction in wiping out squadrons of planes in a game called 'World of Warships' just isn't there. And even if you smash the enemy CV's strike planes, then what? Your ability to help your team and deal damage against the other 11 enemy ships just isn't there. 111 Lexington for what it's worth should be avoided ASAP, too few squadrons to be effective.
  11. Chappotato

    The Corn Cartel, bring the noise

    Ahoy sailors, The Corn Cartel here with the latest Tier X addition to my port, the mighty Zao! And holy sweet jesus is this thing good, like, mind-blowing good. In keeping with recent form I thought I'd record game #1 and hope it all worked out. It didn't, the bluetooth driver on my laptop decided it needed a short break and that ended my first outing in predictable fashion. So this is technically game #2, enjoy!
  12. Chappotato

    The Corn Cartel, bring the noise

    Ahoy sailors, I'm back with my favourite cage fighting weapon, the bad-ass that is the Scharnhorst. Here with a fairly comprehensive guide to ripping apart pretty much anything you'll come up against, some sibling rivalry and banter, and a bit of a rant about the current crop of Myoko skippers. Get around it, hope you like it!
  13. Chappotato

    The Corn Cartel, bring the noise

    Ahoy sailors! Here's my somewhat unorthodox guide to winning in this latest season of Ranked Battles. I say unorthodox because this particular replay is of me in a team that gets our arses handed to us thanks to some very clever yet simple team play from the enemy team. Hope you all find this helpful, enjoy!
  14. Chappotato

    The Corn Cartel, bring the noise

    Ahoy sailors! The Corn Cartel is back with a rather exciting episode for you all today, a full-on ship review of the soon-to-be-released Soviet Tier VII Destroyer, the Leningrad aka the greyhound. This thing flies. Seriously, this is my kinda boat. It has guns, decent torpedoes, and it's fast. No firm news yet on an official release date, so for now this is as close as you're going to get to it, enjoy! Keep the love coming sailors!
  15. Chappotato

    The Corn Cartel, bring the noise

    Ahoy sailors! The Corn Cartel is back for some more high seas hooliganism! This next instalment is my take on where Aircraft Carriers aka CV’s are currently at in the game. Now ordinarily watching a replay of a CV isn’t all that interesting or exciting for the average sailor, but I can assure you that this particular video will provide some A-grade entertainment courtesy of an A-grade ass-hole in my ‘team’. Here’s the WOWS forum topic I was referring to in my video: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/18850-the-dismal-drawn-out-decline-of-cvs/ And here’s the stats page I usually use if anyone is interested: http://asia.wows-numbers.com/ Thanks again for the love folks, enjoy!