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  1. j4ylam

    any aussies playing?

    Hi, I am from Australia sydney, add me
  2. j4ylam

    Wargaming Unifed account wot/wows

    Yea i notice the premium account can be Unifed, but there also a bug to it .when i started playing Wows it has a 22days on it .. than wows offer 1day package on dounloons and premium days. So i have bought it. NOW [ my wot has 20 days premium but my Wows bas 27 days ]why isnt it unifed ? and also both games under the same company and same account.the gold and doubloon cost exactly the same for both wow and wows. I dont see why i cant transfered them across or unifed them. I am happy that wargaming is making money, and i support it . But they services sometime is extremely slow/baf, i know wargaming are busy and got many thing to take care, but really ?? 2weeks and still no reply on my tickets?? You guya cant be that busy, the place i worked are busy as hell, but never over a centain days. I starting to get very angry now, mynfirst ticket was more than week ago or more. There is not a single reply from wargaming which is very rude.
  3. Need help with my account. I am playing wot and wows under the same account, i have gold that i bought before on wot , now i want to use it in wows, Wargaming site say the account are all unified account everything is shared between the 2 games, besides the premium accunt is link , the gold isnt linked together. i have raised 2 tickets already regarding to this issue , there is not even a reply . can some one help me out ?