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  1. Is there anyway to run the old replay files before the current patch,
  2. RoqueRed7

    Clash of Elements Event Announcement

    Dunno if this has been brought up b4... if a player has already owned a Kamikaze R previously, would he/she acquire the new camo skin of the ship in this event when he/she buy Kamikaze R again? Meaning that there would be 2 permanent camo scheme for that plyr to choose from. Thx.
  3. RoqueRed7

    3000 Ribbons Pay Off

    Many thx.
  4. RoqueRed7

    3000 Ribbons Pay Off

    Does main gunfire hits count as ribbons? And if they do, would each hit count as one ribbon? Thx.
  5. RoqueRed7

    Premium Shop FAQ

    Atago and Atlanta are only the forerunner of many more premium ships to come, in game purchasing or in premium shops. Much as the World of Tanks. I wouldn't be worrying about when to be able to use purchased gold/doubloons. Rather, how to use it wisely.
  6. RoqueRed7

    Premium Shop FAQ

    Mirroring my albeit sad thought, too.
  7. RoqueRed7

    Game crashed on launching

    In short, get a stand alone version of Direct X, install direct X (latest version), Un-install and re-install the game. Reboot Windows and problem solved, my case, that is. Hope this helps and good luck.
  8. RoqueRed7

    Game crashed on launching

    Please follow this thread. I post the same issue on the other forum after I have discovered that this forum is not the right one to ask for help. http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/5038-launcher-wont-load-warships/unread/
  9. RoqueRed7

    Game crashed on launching

    Games plays normaliy until I have to re-install. After re-installation of the game, it crashes on launching the game Have checked the direct X of the windows 7, my OS. Everything seems to be in order. Can anybody help?