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  1. Letung11

    Scharnhorst AA missing on SEA?

    But the AA stat are the same right ?
  2. Letung11

    RN and Halloween Event Stuff up

    Find some clan mate or a bud to help ?
  3. Letung11

    Cant log in

    I cant log into the Game center or download the additional game instance, anyone know how to fix pls ?
  4. Letung11

    2 Tier VIII CVs should be allowed in a Tier X battle

    So 2 Tier 9 maybe ?, they must have enough AA power to scare off some planes right?
  5. Letung11

    2 Tier VIII CVs should be allowed in a Tier X battle

    How about 2 tier X CV on each side ?
  6. Letung11

    Free code

    Nice, tks m8
  7. Letung11

    Haida Will Always Find A Way To Kill You

    What about Gremyaschy ?
  8. Letung11

    Recommend an anime/manga/LN/VN

    Forgot to mention the story, kinda like a isekai ( go to another world ) story line, tell about a samurai teleport with a bunch of other from many other timeline to another world to fight jesus himself( maybe ?)
  9. Letung11

    Recommend an anime/manga/LN/VN

    Manga : Drifters
  10. Letung11


    Yeah, good luck
  11. Letung11


    Oh yeah, the nvidia shadowplay
  12. Letung11


    Nvidia software maybe ?
  13. Letung11

    Launcher Update problem

    Try to use the base launcher when you down load the game ?