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    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    No it wouldn't be better for anyone else because torpedoes squadron would become borderline useless and dive bombers effectiveness would be reduced greatly, both of this means that there are literally no reasons to go strike load out in a CV and the majority of CV games would revolve around CVs throwing fighters at each other until they all run out of fighters and disconnect as there isn't really a point to play once they have ran out of fighters. And the non CV fighter goes REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: CV player you are so trash, why aren't you helping the team attack enemy ships, why aren't you gbefjhejhsfe. The end results: no one play RTS CV anymore because of the constant abuse from team mates. The matter of fact is that most players are clueless as to how CV operate in WoWS and they act all knowledgeable about CV gameplay so that they can complain about how CV is ruining the game and that they should be removed before an actual CV comes in and shut them up. Ah Ryujo eh, the ship that completely outclasses the independence in every aspect and represents the biggest issue with RTS CV: How IJN CVs completely outclassed USN CVs until the end of the line.
  2. silenthunter19944

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    I love how players complain about CV and yet most of them have yet to touch a CV ever since they comes out, all they do is get killed by CVs and trash talk about CV to fulfil their ego, well this is nothing new really, us CV players are pretty used to it by now. So now lets talk about the actual issues and improvement with CV gameplay from a player who mained CV since CBT. Improvements 1) The rework was a HUGE step forward for inter-nation balance between CVs and ended the IJN CV supremacy that lasted for 3 years, now USN CV can strike target without an IJN CV player going hurr durr and simply M1 on all of the US CV squadron with the IJN fighter and simply crush a 3-4 squad attack wave with a single fighter squadron. This is something that the non-CV players will not complain about because they are too ignorant about it as it does not concern them, but for a CV player, this is something worth celebrating 2) DFAA nerf: This is a bit of a controversial thing to say but the CV rework directly nerfed DFAA and this is a major step forward, non CV player will whine about this until the end of time of course and claim that CVs are easy to play and requires minimum skill. First of all I want you to remember the effect of DFAA on the spread of aircraft squadrons in the RTS version of CV and how it made it basically impossible to strike any ships once DFAA was activated ? Well I would like to ask the non CV players a question. What is more skillful? maneuvering your plane is an optimal position to strike an enemy ship and predicting where they will be in the future if they are maneuvering OR pressing a single button on your keyboard which completely nullifies the attack run of 4-36 planes in air? Have a good think about that, the answer will come to you eventually. 3) Makes interaction between AA and planes more dynamic and less RNG based through AA dodging and less letting RNG roll the dice on the fate of your squadrons, nuff said 4) Makes nuking ships at the start of the game impossible, I love how non CV players are forgetting the fact that thanks to the rework if they make a mistake they don't lose their ships 2 minutes into the battle like before, I love how this is not mentioned by non CV players, hm. Issues 1) AA: As great as the nerf to DFAA is, the current AA is just weird with how medium and close range AA don't over-lapse which leads to hilarious situations where once planes approached the close range AA aura of a ship it basically stop receiving damage due to the pitiful damage of the close range AA aura. Though making all 3 AA auras over lapse would make AA overpowered and revert the situation back to the RTS version of CV, AA being too powerful. I would recommend that the close and medium range AA aura should be stacked to provide greater AA defense at close range and end the hilarious situation where planes can hover within a ship close range AA aura and be invulnerable 2) Lost of character of some ships: Ships like Atlanta, Minotaur and Neptune have somewhat lost their character as AA ship due to flak dodging which makes them lose their purpose as AA screening ships both in real life and in game. Overall, I think that the CV rework was a great step forward for the game and definitely broke the concealment meta which was becoming dull and definitely would prevent situations like how Belfast completely broke tier 7 when it came out and how high tier became infested with radar. Players have to realised that the previous versions of carriers were overnerfed which made them ineffective, they are complaining because carriers are now performing as they should be and the non cv players have not adapted to the new meta yet, give it a few week and they'll probably have adapted and will probably complain less.
  3. silenthunter19944

    Helena the massive clubber

    Honestly I don't know even know why this ship isn't at tier 8.
  4. silenthunter19944

    Best NC build ?

    Hi all, just wondering what's the best NC build for SEA. I used to have a full AA build but with the death of CVs in SEA I decided to respec my beloved NC captain. (rip fly swatter, you will be missed). So hit me up with good all rounders/ survivability build lads!
  5. silenthunter19944

    God bless America! Guide for the tier 8 freedom dispenser

    Updated guide for the ranked season
  6. silenthunter19944

    Preferred T10 ship - clan battles

    For BBs it is hands down Conqueror, there is absolutely no contest. CVs is going to be Hakuryu, for very obvious reasons. Cruisers and DDs are balanced for the most part though. Most cruisers and CAs/Minotaur should be fine
  7. silenthunter19944

    Insert moments when you tried your best but don't succeed here

    Naw... *whisper* Git gud
  8. silenthunter19944

    Asians, what ships do you really want to see?

    *insert CV and DD tears here*
  9. silenthunter19944

    Asians, what ships do you really want to see?

    This thing and the US CL line. Imagine it as Minotaur guns+ Des Moines AA on a Baltimore hull
  10. silenthunter19944

    CV Secondaries

    You seriously expect low tier players to help CVs? That is not even to say that this is SEA, the most selfish server, by far
  11. How to prove that you have no skills 1. Get conqueror 2. Load HE 3. Abuse detection 4. Profit
  12. silenthunter19944

    Bad news from IJN CVs (Again?)

    IJN CVs was better in the day? Hurr Durr USN CV cannot have 12TB but IJN CV can have 12 TB