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  1. silenthunter19944

    Best NC build ?

    Hi all, just wondering what's the best NC build for SEA. I used to have a full AA build but with the death of CVs in SEA I decided to respec my beloved NC captain. (rip fly swatter, you will be missed). So hit me up with good all rounders/ survivability build lads!
  2. silenthunter19944

    God bless America! Guide for the tier 8 freedom dispenser

    Updated guide for the ranked season
  3. silenthunter19944

    Preferred T10 ship - clan battles

    For BBs it is hands down Conqueror, there is absolutely no contest. CVs is going to be Hakuryu, for very obvious reasons. Cruisers and DDs are balanced for the most part though. Most cruisers and CAs/Minotaur should be fine
  4. silenthunter19944

    Insert moments when you tried your best but don't succeed here

    Naw... *whisper* Git gud
  5. silenthunter19944

    Asians, what ships do you really want to see?

    *insert CV and DD tears here*
  6. silenthunter19944

    Asians, what ships do you really want to see?

    This thing and the US CL line. Imagine it as Minotaur guns+ Des Moines AA on a Baltimore hull
  7. silenthunter19944

    CV Secondaries

    You seriously expect low tier players to help CVs? That is not even to say that this is SEA, the most selfish server, by far
  8. How to prove that you have no skills 1. Get conqueror 2. Load HE 3. Abuse detection 4. Profit
  9. silenthunter19944

    Bad news from IJN CVs (Again?)

    IJN CVs was better in the day? Hurr Durr USN CV cannot have 12TB but IJN CV can have 12 TB
  10. silenthunter19944

    Personality of the North Carolina

    Everyone else is entitled to their own opinion yes. However, when you says something that is incorrect such as 'the AA is poor, often letting me get hit by planes even when they are targeted' then you should expect to be corrected.
  11. silenthunter19944

    Montana is simply fantastic

    What more can I say. The Montana is such a fantastic BB. 12 hard hitting and accurate guns. Best AA suit in the game. Armour scheme is quite good as well. Good concealment. Overall, an amazing BB. I think that this ship is the perfect reward for grinding through the entire USN BB line which can be summarized as 'ugly duckling'. Attached is the battle result screen after my very first battle in the ship. Completely stock, untrained captain and no upgrades at all. If you are hesistant about getting this ship, don't be, it shit on absolutely everything, BBs, DDs, CAs, CVs, doesn't matter what it is, the Montana shits on it. Not even the Yamato is that scary, if you see a bow on Yamato, feel free to load skillful HE rounds and start BBQing the Yamato
  12. silenthunter19944

    Personality of the North Carolina

    NC is crap? ...Okay. If you think NC is crap but actually want to improve then visit my guide here Pictures are broken because of Photobucket but I'll try to sort that out