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  1. When I open the facebookpage its like this, and clearly my name is there.
  2. No, I searched world of warships asia and I saw my name! Can't see Viper or any names starting with V. Lol
  3. No. I doubt its a fake page it has 19,000 Likes to be a fake one. An admin or mod should clarify this.
  4. Clearly our names like Musashira is there. Can an admin please address our issues. Anyone there?
  5. This is the winners on our facebook page asia region
  6. Greetings, Like musashira I won on Facebook page too but my inbox is yet empty. My IGN Rushmond. Please clarify this issue so we can have a peace of mind wether we will be receiving it at a longer period than expected or we didn't win at all. Thanks so much!
  7. Rushmond

    Can anyone give me an invite code

    Me too please
  8. Pleassse beta key... username Rushmond and my email is [content removed] Thank you sooo much!!
  9. Me too, please give me your blessings to join the beta test.. my email [Removed] Long Live Wargaming!! Never publish your personal information in a public forum. Content removed. ~IJN_Nagato
  10. Rushmond

    What is the famous nation in WOW'S?

  11. Rushmond

    What is the famous nation in WOW'S?

    Me too, I'm not playing it yet.. says when become active in forum might be able to receive codesssssss Hear my prayers admin
  12. Rushmond

    Problem with log-in lottery

    My problem is the activation code.. hehe. Get your client working soon mate, contact cust support
  13. I'm waiting on activation code too. please give me one admin, I'm really a wargaming fannnboy!