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  1. JimP66

    the USS Lexington (CC-1)

    If Wargaming get around to introducing her, they could give her the name of one of the projected sister ships like Constellation or Constitution. Would be great to see.
  2. JimP66


    Great, thanks for the info, I was one of the few who actually liked the Albany
  3. JimP66

    Ships in Premium Shop

    And hopefully get the Albany back, I know she wasn't popular but I like her
  4. JimP66

    Make it possible to use the anchor

    Make it a Level 5 Skill, just say in the description "for people wanting to try to do hand brake turns in a warship" But don't add that the result will be either a snapped chain with no effect, or it rips your bow off.
  5. JimP66

    Why does WG love nonexistent things?

    There was "talk" of a Soviet 74,000 ton Battleship mounting four triple 16" turrets, could that be the Tier X and the Soyuz at Tier IX.
  6. JimP66

    Amazing what you learn from games

    If you can get it, try a move called "The Tanks are Coming" made not long after WWII and obviously with a lot of help from the US Army. Not only are the M4's real M4's (and called M4's) but a M26 comes into it near the end (even mentioned the correct calibre "it's got a 90, that's even bigger than an 88"), but the Germans get a lot of real equipment (IIRC there's a Panther, Pz IV and a 88 amongst other items). Hmmm might have to watch it again now.
  7. JimP66

    Tier X US CV?

    Sort of a pity they didn't include the original lay out of the Lexington class, nasty surprise for destroyers trying to sneak up on her when eight 8"guns open up on them
  8. JimP66

    JMSDF DDH Izumo

    It wouldn't have to be a permanent full load out of F-35Bs, even a handful would be useful, especially given Japan is developing a Marine Corps at the moment. It would also provide great experience for a more dedicated type of carrier (if, or more likely when it becomes available). With this Marine Corps being built mainly for recapturing certain Islands, have some B's available in the area at all times would be of benefit.
  9. JimP66

    JMSDF DDH Izumo

    Impressive ship, certainly capable of operating the F-35B. Would be surprised if she didn't end up with some as Japan has already ordered the F-35A (maybe some of the Royal Navy's new AEW copters in the future as well.
  10. JimP66

    WWII naval movies

    Not WWII but I finally managed to get hold of "The Battle of the Japan Sea" on DVD. http://www.tohokingdom.com/reviews/alex_smith/battle_of_the_japan_sea.html Remembered seeing it maybe 30 years ago at the local cinema and had been trying to get a copy for years. Aside from the first episode of "Reilly: Ace of Spies", it's the only movie/tv I've seen on the Russo/Japanese war and is pretty good.
  11. Hi all, Would it make sense for HMS Hood (as she was at the time of the Denmark Strait) be a Premium, while in game, the Admiral Class Battlecruisers (Maybe Tier V) could be fitted up to the standard that was planned for the Hood (improved armour, fire control, AA etc).