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  1. Ich Dien, I Serve

  2. Marisp17

    [CONTEST] A Shipping New Year! (31st Dec 15 - 17th Jan 16)

    My Entry into this contest: "100+ Years of sunken Titanic" In commemoration and tribute to my personal favorite ship (since my childhood). I know she isn't a warship but she is a beauty and is unique amongst other warship drawings. I know it's too late for any kinds of New Years wishes now but "There's Hoping the Year 2016, Brings a Few More Brighter Days!" Sorry for my late submission, was drawing in my final edits. Auld Lang Syne: Should old acquaintance be forgot,and never brought to mind?Should old acquaintance be forgot,and old lang syne?
  3. Marisp17

    Question about 3 letter of german ship

    DKM for the Third Reich's Navy which stands for Deutsches Kriegsmarine, SMS is for the ships of the Kaiser's navy.
  4. Marisp17

    mother Russia! ura!

    Message from Murican cowboys to y'all!
  5. Marisp17

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 2

    Hello Conan, I want to become a SuperTester, please sign me up and I agree with the terms and conditions of the NDA to be an internal tester for World of Warships and not disclose anything with the public. I however don't have 400 battles under my belt yet but I already have TeamSpeak installed along with a Skype account for communication and I am ready since the first round of recruitment in June to take on this duty for Wargaming.net! Always active at night until 12:00 AM and always wanted to serve the developers in testing this game together to further improve it! You have my Oath and I Solemnly Swear to Serve World of Warships Asia and the Community! I am NOT JUST ONLY saying that I want to be but this is like my part time job and I am willing to sacrifice my time for this hobby I love! FOR THE SHIPS! #BeTheSuperTester Sorry for the late reply, Sincere Regards Conana Oniichan!, Yours truly Marisp17
  6. Please give credit to your source from The Armored Patrol Blog. http://thearmoredpatrol.com/2015/09/09/pictures-of-unreleased-wows-premiums-other-ships-tachibana-kamikaze-marblehead-buffalo-diana-hermelin-dresden-bismarck/#more-4682
  7. Marisp17

    Anschluss! A guide on how to Tirptiz

    Umm... I think you meant the Third Reich's Deutsches Kriegsmarine (DKM) Tirpitz not SMS Tirpitz because this is not a ship of the Kaiser's Navy. Great guide overall, I find your opinion very useful.
  8. Marisp17

    Go grab a Tirpitz

    Thanks for the reminder, it's cheaper than the one that went on sale on EU server!
  9. Marisp17

    Tier 20 German Superdreadnought Götterdämmerung

    Yeah the creators of Iron Sky all based this on Conspiracy Theories.
  10. Hello everyone, As you can see Zhe Tirpitz is coming and this thread is just a hype for the rest of the German Navy Ships, this by no means is to be considered serious. This is meant to showcase extreme German engineering at it's finest! So the Gotterdammerung which means Twilight of the Gods and signals an end of a regime or Ragnorak in German from Richard Vagner's last cycle of the four operas titled Der Ring des Nibelungen. This space battleship is a product of the fictional Fourth Reich from the political satire movie Iron Sky. A brief history is that in an alternate time line the Nazis used their advanced wonder weapons to escape defeat by entirely escaping the Earth to the dark side of the moon. The Nazis then found a way to make use of the resources found such as Helium 3 and used it to generate their ultimate warship, The Gotterdammerung was meant to be the last hope of revenge upon the victors of World War II and was a last attempt to invade Earth. The Clip below shows the climax of the movie, Spoilers! The Gotterdammerung was undefeated by International forces but was defeated from the inside! World of SpaceShips: The World Shall Feel it's wrath! "Let the Meteorblitzkrieg Begin!" More info on the specs of this ultimate warship here: http://ironsky.wikia.com/wiki/G%C3%B6tterd%C3%A4mmerung A sequel of this movie is Iron Sky: The Coming Race set to be released in 2016 which features the Reptilians in the hollow earth which lead the world politics to World War III.
  11. Marisp17

    IJN Mikasa Now on Sale In EU ;(

    Even on EU Portal, there does not seem to be an official announcement yet! It may probably be a weekly special there because of Gamescom.
  12. Hello everyone, The long awaited tier II premium famous pre dreadnought battleship is now on sale but for the EU server only and it comes in a huge bundle, which brings up the price. Hope the other servers get this soon! Note! Asia WoWS gift shop is also missing the Ishizuchi for about a week now! Check this out for yourselves: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/?item=1383
  13. Warspite is worth it compared to Arizona and I would like to see a quite historical battle between the Tirpitz vs. Warspite.
  14. Yes possibly though not sure about how WG will balance the ship for the game yet as not much info about it is present at this moment.
  15. Hello everyone, Happy 17th Anniversary Day Wargaming! As you all heard from the new patch notes from the portal. The first ships of the german nation was implemented for Supertesting purposes, this included the famous Bismarck class battleships at tier 8 and one of which will be a tier 8 premium (Assuming Tirpitz) on the tech tree in the upcoming future. For now we shall see how they appear in game, special thanks to SideStrafe from NA Server for spotting these beautiful ships when a Dev was testing it on the NA server! According to Ichasegaming, the USS Arizona will be an upcoming premium ship as well!