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    What's wrong to Montana?

    Just Update the PT client to 0.6.6 and found Montana's Deck was just cut down to 29 mm ? You know even 8 inch guns' HE shell could easily penetrate a 29 mm deck and it could be compulsory penetrate by Yamato's 460 mm and G.K's 420 mm guns. That makes the ship totally a piece of shit. If that is a balance of reduce the height of the critical.I beg you don't make the change at all. Besides,According both books by Norman Friedman and William Garzke & Robert Dulin the design of battleship Montana will have a bomb deck of 60# + 30# which is stand for 38 mm + 19 mm. As we all know that the thickness of the STS on US warships was usually multiple of 10#.A 29 mm deck means some like 46#.And that doesn't make sense. Anther problem is that.Both of these books thought that the main armor belt of Montana at amidships will be sloped at 19° just like it was on Iowa or South Dakota. But reading the model files of WOWS.the Armor slop was reduced to 13° to 16°. And if that is a mistake.I wish you guys would fix it some days.
  2. 5.12版本刚开了排位赛,居然开始卖起了7级船……这波我服,好歹你把6级8级拿出来卖一卖,受众肯定要多的多啊。 不知道亚服这策划是跟钱有仇还是没学过市场营销……
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    这次还有别的bug 你像航母的鱼雷机现在不吃2~2技能加成了,反而是轰炸机吃加成
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    montana deck armor bug?

    It seems that WG drunk toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much vodka.
  7. 说好的38甲板呢? 说好的38甲板呢? 说好的38甲板呢? 重要的事情说三遍
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    现行的跳弹机制为 60°以上强制跳弹,14.3倍口径碾压强制击穿。 下面有几份关于穿甲的官方报告,可以大致看出游戏现行跳弹机制与实际情况大相径庭。 先是USNMTJ O-19中关于 91式彻甲弹的部分: 炮弹测试条件为:贯穿靶板后必须适合起爆。 可以看到,46cm炮弹需要经过125mm MCNV装甲在70°入射角的考验。 另一份关于德国38cm SK/C 34 舰炮的官方穿深表中 炮弹应该可以在67度(90-23)以320mps的速度贯穿80mm表面硬化装甲板,并且适合起爆。 关于美国的官方穿深数据可以参照下图(来自NormanFriedman的Naval Weapons): 12英寸主炮发射在2500英尺每秒1140磅穿甲弹应该可以在14000码击穿2英寸装甲板,此时落角只有10度35分 入射角接近80°。 14英寸主炮发射在2700英尺每秒1400磅穿甲弹应该可以在10000码击穿2英寸装甲板,此时落角只有5度53分,入射角接近85度。 16英寸主炮发射在2500英尺每秒2700磅穿甲弹应该可以在20500码击穿4英寸装甲板,此时落角大概在15-16°之间,入射角远远大于60度。 如果以2300英尺每秒发射,则可以在18800码完成击穿,落角在15-17°之间,入射角也远远大于60°。 所以现行游戏穿甲机制其实跟实际情况相差很大,可以考虑增大跳弹角度 或者减小口径碾压倍径来修改。
  9. Now in the game the shell shall bounced at an angle over 60 degree.and if the shell's diameter is over 14.3 times of the armor it will penetrate. but,why it's 60 degrees? seeing these official reports.you'll found it totally unhistorical. First is USNTMJ O-19 is about Japanese Navy Projectile. when the Projectile is been tested.the standard will be:Shell pass though completely,and is able to burst. we can clearly see that:the 46 cm shell will be tested by a 125mm MCNV armor at angle of 70 degree. another is from Germany.Official penetration table of SK C34 38cm. It show that the 38cm projectile can penetrate 80mm armor at the angle of 67(90-23) degree with a speed of 320mps. at the end we can see the USA official penetration of Naval guns: we see 12in guns fired 1140lb projectile at a MV of 2500fps can penetrate 2in Deck armor at 14,000 yards which fall angle is only 10°35' which means the penetrate angle shoud be around 80 degree. 14in guns fired 1400lb projectile at a MV of 2700fps can penetrate 1.5in Deck armor at 10,000 yards which fall angle is 5°53' 16 in guns fired 2700 projectile at a MV of 2500fps can penetrate 4in deck armor at 20,500 yards whitch fall angle is about 15-16 degrees. and if the MV is 2300fps projectile can do so at 18,800 yards whitch fall angle is about 16-17 degrees. So I suggest to rebuilt the bounce law of this game.
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    Super Testers Recruitment Round 2

    hope to join super test