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  1. Ichibankan

    Basic Formations and Maneuvers

    >Rengo Kantai confirmed. You make valid points, of course. But the very fact that the game has limited space already breaks it, since any torpedo barrage can effectively render it useless. In fact, with how matches are made, you won't even get to do any formations. Only squadrons of destroyers and cruisers would work. Crossing the T is feasible, but you'll probably only get to see it in 1v1.
  2. Ichibankan

    Anti-torpedo secondary armament (gun)?

    Primary reason why there was never a torpedo gun. Anything that can come into contact with it probably won't destroy it or even redirect it.
  3. An Intel HD 4000 iGPU is working pretty well at 36FPS average... Lowest settings of course.

  4. Ichibankan

    Anti-torpedo secondary armament (gun)?

    I'm... pretty sure an anti-torpedo gun doesn't exist. Physics. You must mean anti-torpedo bomber.
  5. Just a little bit confused about forum regulations... ちょっと意味わからない

  6. Also, please do redirect this if it fell into the wrong forum. I'm not entirely sure about this even though I've read the rules.
  7. I've occasionally played a few matches in the other servers, and since I got into the CBT in the Asia server which is my native server, I decided to become more active. I've seen many players screw themselves up, or even, I have screwed myself up without even contributing any damage. And so I think that it would be a nice starting ground to actually write down a few pointers, so that you can at least help your teammates even if you're going to die. Of course, an amateur guide is still an amateur guide, so take this with a pinch of salt. Most of them should be quite obvious to you, but those who just started may find it in their favour to try it out. The points below are contributed by a few acquaintances and players I met through games. Originally posted on my blog, but I wouldn't link it here to avoid getting thrown out by Forum Rule 2.3. 1. Destroyers should preferably group and flank through the corners of the map at the start. Ultimate power is in your hands if your enemies are distracted, and you flank them. Destroyers being fast ships are the only ships able to flank. Not to mention, having multiple destroyers doing torpedo salvo can kill – there is nowhere to run. Always target the corner of the map, and drive slowly into opponent base killing all in your way. 2. Destroyers should always try to have a battleship/cruiser covering you. I think this is just to avoid being cannon fodder if your fast speed drives you into a gank. Unless on one-on-one combat, destroyers should generally be at 3/4 speed or less. While destroyers are fast enough to evade shots, it is much safer to have supporting fire from heavier teammates. 3. The best lair for a destroyer is an archipelago. This is no wonder, with how little space there is between islands. No ship other than a destroyer can evade torpedoes there, and let’s face it – if you have numbers, you should kill off at least a quarter of the enemy ships. 4. Never keep your torpedoes out of service. I see funny destroyers moving around with a full pocket of torpedoes. That shouldn’t be the case unless you’re looking for an opening, but destroyers shouldn’t take that long to find one. The moment your destroyer reloads, you should be shooting especially at the start. Many at times I have seen a torpedo I launched 3 minutes ago destroy a battleship, and I think you can do it too with decent luck. 5. Kamikaze when at a disadvantage – as a last effort. This can really make a difference, trust me. Of course, don’t just do it anywhere. Do it when the following conditions are met: Your opponent has T-crossed you (Check up on the term if you don’t know). Your ammo/torpedo is reloading You’re surrounded Generally, just as long as you know you’re about to hit the seabed. Kamikaze is good especially for destroyers, it can seriously prove a menace to your enemies. I did it with two cruisers in separate games; one destroyed it and one got damaged really badly. If you’re going to die, might as well help your teammates. 6. Be the Commander if nobody else is. Unorganized fleets, every time. Destroyers at the side going straight to the middle to get cover from battleships, but get shot down in transit. Wasted metal the Japanese and Americans made, you think? Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” See that the enemy has tons of heavy high-levelled ships? You can still win. It’s 100% possible, unless you have uncooperative teammates – then it’s their loss. 7. Never lose sight of base control. Sometimes you’ve killed every ship but one, and that one little destroyer is hiding and running within your base. Great. Even worse, the control bar is almost full. What can you do? Surrender and learn from this. And you will be able to do the same thing as that midget. When you know you’re going to lose (let’s say, 2v6), just head straight into enemy base unless it’s heavily protected. Hide behind islands, because other than torpedoes, anything that hits you is generally a scratch. Even better if the enemies are heavy ships, because if they’re rather far, they will never get to base in time. Your victory. 8. Go for the small fry when you’re almost dead. Let’s say you have a full HP cruiser at your right, a full HP battleship in front (but is currently engaged with another ally) and a destroyer with almost no HP at your left, who seems to have launched a torpedo at you. You can either be a smartass and shoot the cruiser, assist your ally like a true team player, or try your luck for EXP with the destroyer. Pick the last, it’s probably more strategic and helps your team by stopping torpedo rage. 9. Have some situational awareness. This is not a joke, this is something that can really help you. Every now and then (make it fifteen seconds?) right-click to see your surroundings. Especially useful in the beginning of each game when you’re driving to where you want to camp. Right-click OP. Even the game tips tell you that. This can honestly help you avoid torpedoes and ganks when you’re chasing down an enemy. 10. Moderate your speed. This is something that I’ve been trying to perfect. I wrote a few speeds that I use on my original blog post, but I felt that they were too rigid. Players should find the speed they like. But of course, I would advise you to slow down at the start to avoid getting ganked by heavier ships. 11. Evading tips. You can generally find these in the game tips, but ALWAYS move left and right without stop. When you’re fleeing, do that at full speed. You’ll feel victory when none of the battleship rounds hit you at all. Recall World of Tanks maneuvering. Other than that, always change your speed abruptly – throwing the rounds off is great. You can also hide behind islands, rounds that enemies fire seem to either hit the island or ricochet and give you less damage. 12. Shooting Types You can find these in the game tips, but not many people actually care about shooting control usage. It may not seem like it makes a lot of difference, but shooting controls can help you build good foundations to handle higher tier enemies. Also, don't mind those names I give to the different controls - I couldn't find better ones. Manual One-shot: Your typical one-click fire. Useful for accurate shots, but takes a longer time to shoot and run. A good choice for attracting attention or testing enemy movement. Full Salvo: This can be achieved by double-clicking. You can effectively hit a target multiple times, but if it is a moving target, misses may mean a long wait for reloads. Hold Volley: This is done by hold-clicking the left mouse button. It lets you fire your turrets one by one sequentially, and this is good for moving enemies as you have a higher chance of hitting them. Effectively, you can change your turret angle with this firing control. However, compared to a full salvo, this will take longer, and will deal a huge blow to your reload and situational awareness. 13. Ammo I think this needs not much explanation. Most people use HE rounds, and yes, I have to agree that HE rounds are the safest. But when you’re in close combat with a CV or BB and you want to kill fast, load AP and keep aiming for its engine or ammo box (you gotta guess where it is :v). It should help you a lot, especially when enemies are starting to support the enemy ship. A good idea when using AP shells is to aim for the citadel of the enemy ship. Because the game doesn't tell you, a good pointer would be to look up military history websites online, and find schematic drawings of warships which outline the location of the citadel. 14. Aircraft Interception As a general rule, you'll want to intercept and kill enemy aircraft as far as you can from any possible targets. If you're a heavy cruiser, that means interposing yourself at least 3-4km out from battleships/carriers. If you're a carrier, that means sending out your fighter squadrons between you/your team's battleships and when the enemy carrier is predicted to be. Aircraft interception should be prioritized as such: 1. Torpedo bombers coming in on attack runs. 2. Dive bombers coming in on attack runs. 3. Enemy fighters with ammunition. 4. The same 3 as above, but returning to their carrier. 5. Scouts By conducting a layered defence system and intercepting enemy planes away from your team, they'll be either destroyed before getting into attack range, or damaged to the point where their attacks can be easily avoided. Every bomber shot down is one less torpedo/bomb you have to deal with. If you're even letting planes get into attack range and shooting them down on the way back, your AA defence is inadequate. 15. Combing the Tracks A crapton of people tend to complain about torpedoes, but from what I've seen so far, a lot of people have no clue how to fight torpedo-armed ships. The easiest way to avoid a torpedo is to make sure torpedo tracks are parallel to your ship's course. This is called "combing the tracks", and is meant to either completely evade torpedoes, or take as few hits as possible. There's two ways of doing this. 1. Don't go broadside-to-broadside with something that has torpedoes. This goes double if you're a cruiser and triple if you're a battleship or carrier. Doing this is likely to get you killed. Try to point your bow towards enemy destroyers/torpedo bombers approaching you at all times, and keep an eye on the minimap so as not to be surprised by torpedo strikes. Break off attacking your current target if you have to. You can always circle around and reacquire your target if you stay alive. The exception to this are DDs, who are nimble enough to dodge torpedoes after they've been launched. 2. If in the event you get torpedoes launched at you, do a radical course change IMMEDIATELY, and kill your speed. Torpedoes, once launched, are aimed at the point your ship is predicted to be, and by changing your speed/heading, you'll minimize the chances of being hit by a full spread. If your enemy is inexperienced and launched their torpedoes from a far distance, turn as parallel as you can towards the torpedoes. It's better to turn *towards* torpedoes than to turn away from them, as turning away risks a torpedo hit on your stern, destroying your propulsion or rudder and leaving you helpless. Exception: If you're between an incoming torpedo swarm and a more valuable target on your team, your sacrifice will be remembered. Of course, there is but another thing to learn from this point: When launching torpedoes, aim widely: Don't aim everything at one point. ------ I hope the above pointers may help beginners and maybe even a couple of more experienced players. As this is a WIP guide, please do guide me on how I can improve it. Thanks for reading this and I hope to see constructive feedback from you guys. I actually intended to have a few strategy tips for each map, but I happen to be busier these days, so I apologize for being unable to do it now. Credits to ExudingFate, Syanda and benlisquare for offering their opinions and ideas.