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  1. Bring on the storm, night and fog battles!!!

    Ping's of 134295432

    Okay thank you

    Ping's of 134295432

    Hi guys, I left World of Torpedoes cause of the OP well torpedoes to come back after the update hoping for some fun, no change in torpedoes unless they even more powerful now but that wasn't my issue, the issue now is PING of ridiculous numbers, the title isn't even an exaggeration. Now I thought running optic cable it seriously can't be on my end. So anyone else having issues? Cause in the 2 games I managed to sort of see the inside of complaints were the chat box systems topic of discussion :/

    World of Torpedoes!

    Guys, Thank you for those that agree something should be done! I do think the damage of torpedoes is fair yes they do large damage but the torpedo spam in this game is just ridiculous, maybe just a simple extra long reload time dodging 2-4 is doable yes sort of not in a large ship BUT 20 or 30+ are you kidding? and yes I have seen plenty of times the bombers dropping torpedoes from 100 METERS not 10 kilometers!

    World of Torpedoes!

    Hi, Just really curious to know are you guys developing a World of Ships game or World of Torpedoes??? Like effing seriously WTF? You all need to either patch the damage they do or make their reload time ALOT longer that what it is, at one stage we were getting hit with I shit you not from 2 ships 19 torpedoes! Are you serious? Really? Not to mention torpedo bombers, why do they drop torpedoes from 10 meters from your ship?? Also your matchmaking needs some serious work, there are so many matches it is not even worth playing it isn't even a game its a cannon fodder match! I have been put with players wayyyyyy out ranking me and my team buy a country mile! I can understand this is an alpha or beta! But come on like have you guys even played this game? Classes like the battleship is useless! It's AA guns shoot like retarded AI from games in the 90's... Anyway that's my two cents now to get back to World of Torpedoes!