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  1. So fishy , WG is that you ?

    I will freaking send them an "ah ah ah" image till they atleast tell me what the hell's wrong.
  2. So fishy , WG is that you ?

    Funny how i receive the email and theres still no response from their support team. What the heck is going on ?
  3. Premium ship summer sale

    If they give a 50% off for any CV then im all in .
  4. What Am i Doing Wrong ? IOWA IX

    You are feasting on BB which is whats wrong. 40-80k damage on cruisers and dds are much more worth than on BB. Im not saying not to shoot BB, but try to prioritize smaller ships, they are more important. Reward is based on %hp portion, not number so your damage done is quite small compare to the health percentage of such ships.
  5. The past few days did see improvement , but there are still weird hang up where ships stop then move all of a sudden + weird teleporting - no tracers on shells that hit me even though im looking in the general direction.
  6. Interesting fact for Azur Lane Commander

    My freaking eye hurt. Delete this heresy at once
  7. Invisible ship glitch

    You need to have some kind of proofs to back it up , pictures , replays ,.. etc. It could be because your comp is missing the file and therefore cant render it or the GPU is too weak to render the ship details in time.
  8. You need to complete the campaign , which is very long and challenging. At the final stage , you will be able to unlock Halsey - the US bossy commander. The collection get you a permanent camo for Cleveland along with the ability to switch camo colors and second flags on all US ships.
  9. Can Fujin / Kamikaze shoot down a plane?

    Yes. Did it once 2 years ago. AA mechanic is all about RNG. Theres a tiny tiny slim chance in the million of results that can cause a garbage AA ship to actually down a squadron. It happened to me once when i was in an Independence with 6 planes and the mine or whatever IJN lolis shoot it down in quick succession to my amazement ( no external factor ).
  10. you are not gonna hit anything meaningful at 15.2 with that goddawful arc and beautiful curved shell speed that match a turtlee upside down. I advise you to forget about IFHE or AFT , instead go demolition so you can actually set fires where it matters or invest in BFT so your constrained gun arc doesnt hurt that much.
  11. So fishy , WG is that you ?

    still no news , and here i am rolling around on the floor like an idiot.\ roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll stop rolling roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll stop rolling and roll some more
  12. Me too , i have fluctuating ping , with ships teleporting out of nowhere and my shell go into another world and exit to hit nonexistant ship. Deleted a poor cruiser without even seeing the ship "blinking" around. Probably a server thingee. Hope @HuginnKR or @tc1259 can answer for us what is the problem.
  13. i dont understand why WG nerf OP ship....

    Hes shark bait alternate account
  14. i dont understand why WG nerf OP ship....

    Milennium vermillion. What you are seeing is strictly confidential , and require top secret clearance.