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  1. Lol, you cant play with 1 FT like seriously. Deploy it more sensibly , stop yoloing. He need 2 FT to beat your single squad. Keep him busy , use DB to waste his ammo. IJN FT has bad endurance , learn that fact. Ranger is indeed in a bad position so your buff is justified. But Lexi ? No , not needed. If you cant win a fight alone , bring friends. Bring AA , bring every AK 47 you can find to the table. Seriously , find 2x Atlanta or any AA monster and fish waste him dry. Midway right now is extremely powerful , it will lay waste to any ship that is unfortunate enough to be caught alone or without DFAA. The only thing stopping it is the stupidly long rearm time and the fact that it has to sit far away from action which increase down time between strike.
  2. DD in smoke is blind just like you. He need some one else to spot for him which can be a plane or a consumable or a friendly ship. If you cant deal with dd in smoke, learn that radar and hydro acoustic search can help you locate them in smoke if you are close enough. The best way to deal with dd camping in smoke is firing torps at them or fail that force them to run out of smoke by running away or rush them. Experience will teach you how to deal with smoke. It depend alot on the situation at hand. There is no textbook answer to every situation
  3. Is the HSF collab still going on ? When will it end ? I bet that the collab is about the only chance i get to taste HSF Musashi camo , but still no news about Musashi and the collab .... Btw , Eurobeat just released a new video : So i am sitting here wondering if he would like to make a collaboration between him and Sharkbait. Looking forward to the comedy of these masterminds
  4. Upvoted , he give warm to this cold forum
  5. You know , baited or not , his posts are amusing and offer some unique thinking pattern. I like that uniqueness. There is a time and place for everyone and everything ,so dont leave him out. His comments are fun if you dont take him seriously
  6. CV is next to useless in a tier 9+ match if your team has a crapload of AA , which is usually the case. Think , adapt and survive, If CV is giving you PTSD , bring your friends with AA to the fight and give him PTSD instead
  7. Megazao ?
  8. Dont worry m8, idiots dont catch a cold. Beside, im sure 007 will love a ride on Gadja
  9. We are likely missing the context here which is what ship is firing at the french. US cruiser ? Highly unlikely. French ? Maybe , but chances are slim pass 17. German & Soviet ? Good job leading a 12s salvo travel time against a target with less than 10s rudder. But i do say that i was talking about long range shots that are from 16k+ , which is BB territory. Man you are missing my point
  10. oh boy dont admit to using that feature , it will get you banned man. Delete that sentence b4 the mods arrive
  11. No , the problem isnt about landing citadel , it is about a player nailing you salvos after salvos at range where it isnt likely to happen. When a cruiser is actively dodging shots and not slowing down at something like 16km+ , landing shots consistantly is difficult. 1 or 2 stray shots per salvo that hit you is normal , but when it is 4-5 every damn salvo and you are widen the gap to like 18km by running and shaking , there is something very wrong.
  12. There are those that use aim bot ( or shell lead assistance ). When you are in a french cruiser popping speed boost at 16km or higher and maneuvering, chances of salvo hitting you are slim. I believed during one of the play together @drakon233 meet 1 such ships when he was in his Charles Martel. There is also the type of leading shell to hit target in smoke based on last known trajectory. I personally has been under such attacks. Mind you i do not fire during the time and was disengaging , when i got out of smoke safely undetected , the cruisers was still LEADING shots based on my reversing for about 5-6 salvos. And i was in a Harekaze no less , which is very small for a tempting target in smoke. The one that can pull that kind of stunt consistantly is not many. Chances are in favor of aimbot is higher
  13. Like scharnhorst is better , both fall under the YOLO german science is the best type. But any way , this server really need to man up and fight instead of playing hide and seek. braindead can be fun , im in this game because it is fun , not because of a number. No thinking = zen = achieve higher state of the mind = ascension. See you in heaven m8
  14. You are not having fun because from tier 5-10 you play exactly the same style , barely different reload , nearly the same arc and the same fricken shells. All ship in the line behave more or less the same with Zao being the weird one out. Did you notice that the IJN ship have exactly the same design style ? You probably got bored because of playing the same thing over and over again even when moving up a tier. Just go drop in a different line to refresh yourself and come back every now and then , thats what i do
  15. An overloaded memory issue. Before resetting the PC , try to increase virtual memory allocated to your OS by fixed amount. Also reduce background program running to prevent memory being full. Reset should fix it otherwise there is WG support