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  1. It's funny how narrow minded they are in assuming CV will screw their life. CV nowaday is more of a vulture than a hawk. If CV have a hard on for you, usually it is you who make the mistake.
  2. legionary2099

    How should I resolve with abyssal Monarch guns?

    Monarch have the worst AP pen of all tier 8 BB period. You should not even consider using them. They will likely fail to citadel the belt of most if not all tier 8 BB and some tier 7. They are only good against cruisers, since the low pen means lower chance to overpen. Stick to HE, it play like an oversized IJN cruiser and should be treated as much, angle and stack fires. It is stealthy, you can go black and try to stick fire to multiple or single targets with the nice RoF for a BB.
  3. legionary2099

    Overall Thoughts on Rework after 1 Month?

    It is a worthwhile skill if you are doing the hunting though. Since it save you the trouble when peaking corner or doing corner rambo. They know you are coming for them , but they don't know your orientation, but you do.
  4. legionary2099

    Overall Thoughts on Rework after 1 Month?

    The problem with the rework is : there is still 1 build to rule them all. In trying to carter to a variety of ships it basically make most ships build 1 way only. Some skill are still mandatory while other can be forgotten and you will still do fine. Vigilance is still crap and why the Hentai do cruisers need faster torp reload ? 95% use them as deterrence, if you want torp stick it on a loli. There is almost no variety. Concealment expert is still the go to pick for a majority of ships.
  5. legionary2099

    4 CV vs 1 CV in Tier X

    At least we know the perp , now let's get some sauce.
  6. legionary2099

    Stolen Steel

    You could wait for an upscaled SSS Slava ....
  7. They could have just make vigilance give a pointer for a shortwhile to the nearest torpedo in your estimated path while not revealing the torpedo. Or alternatively reveal the nearest torpedo every half a minute or a minute. Now that would make dd pull their hairs out.
  8. legionary2099

    PTS New Water reflections

    Better reflection mean your poor gunner won't get flashed by a girl no more.
  9. WR is not representative, because how of how that winrate was achieved ? He could get onto a unicum division and get carried every single game to get that WR. Or he could engineer a whole grinding studio to get that WR (meaning every match he played is rigged). It had happened before in other games and this game as well. Chinese really take the cake in the sheer absurdness of how large and how ruthless botting/grinding studios can get.
  10. Forgive me, but this proposal is not acceptable by any means. If anything i would say it is rubbish if harsh words are allowed. Many of the things listed actively encourage camping much like the 1 star saving mechanic in rank. This is a personal attack on player choices. Yes many times rushing up is dumb, but sometimes it is a necessity. There is a saying "high risk high reward". On some of the map, rushing into key positions can win a flank. The paying price for YOLO is already there. And what is this about low winrate ? Did you know that WoT , another WG entity got extremely toxic because of the so called WTR or skill brandishing ? I don't really give a damn about winrate or any stats, i observe if the player is doing the right thing in the match or not. Stats are irrelevant. They are representative of the past, not the future. Even the best players can make mistakes and everybody was a srub once. OP premiums are usually paid customers. Tell me : between someone who paid you and someone go along freely for fun, who do you own your obligation to ? You have no idea how bots work. Bots don't yolo up all the way, the reverse to the back of the map or stay near the end and fire away. In this case, they are usually the one who die last. Penalty in first 5 minutes hurt players, not bots. If it was up to me, i would keep the current MM, but i would reward actions preferable to the class more. For example , dd gain more exp from capturing, providing sight damage,... etc BB gain extra exp from tanking potential and heavy hits,... While cruiser gain exp from all source equally due to their nature. CV gain extra on killing BB and provide sight time ,... etc Now, providing rewards will not till the game into a positive direction anytime soon, but it provide incentives for those who want to play the game in more preferable ways.
  11. legionary2099

    But PvE just isn't popular... ...

    They already did that with past events. Scenarios was fun, but the rewards don't drag most players around long enough. The PvE community is very small compare to PvP wolves running around. They could have made scenarios give weekly reward to encourage more into them.
  12. legionary2099

    Journey to the West containers

    I bought a Massa instead of these and now i have all 5 of the soon removed ships. Now that's cheeky
  13. legionary2099

    is Agir viable for a Secondary build now

    Most CB have rather bad concealment even with CE. The problem with them is not 60 second burn time but with how easy they are to double stack fire. In most of my game, biting my time with one or two burn is possible. But with the number of Thunderer around, they will just blap you again for sure fire if they see you DCP it. Being stuck with 5s immunity time is the real kicker. Most shells reach you after ~10s flight time. Unless you happen to dodge it, it will be a fire.
  14. legionary2099

    is Agir viable for a Secondary build now

    Super cruiser are gutted in this patch. The complete lack of endurance/ secondary skills make much more vulnerable to fire spam. The only shining point is the improvements to consumable usage + AP damage (which some super cruiser use alot).
  15. legionary2099

    Thoughts on Dazzle?

    It is always a good skill to have. +20 is like having kunetsov built in for 15s. it allow agressive juking when you are spotted. Very very useful.