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  1. legionary2099

    Fix your stupid servers wargaming.

    5 major sea network cables are knocked out guys. We are scrapping the barrel in terms of bandwidth availability. And IT WILL NOT be repaired until August/September at the earliest.
  2. legionary2099

    Which Doubloon ship is really worth it?

    Irian is good for what it is. Very comfortable kiting light cruiser. It also have DW torpedoes to deal with over eager pushers. The problem with Irian is that there is too many high caliber BB in the game that do not care for your angling or your armor scheme. Playing with this ship and it's other variants in the game is literally rolling the dice. You can be snapped in half and killed from across the map with 2 cits from some random camper on the other side.
  3. legionary2099

    Bug in Air Detection??

    TURN OFF AA !! . Default key is P
  4. So a little information for you guys : Distance is only part of the route latency. The routing itself is also a problem. Most ISP implement automatic routing based on bandwith availability and allocated through physical routes. And most physical routes through sea frequently broke down. That mean that there is traffic congestion as ISP scramble to allocate data through remaining route and those are likely land routes. That automatic routing i mentioned earlier will do loop through longer routes to prevent total collapse of traffic. That mean even if you are right next to server room, the ISP might smartarse and force you to go through china > india before returning to server. You can contact your ISP and ask for a direct routing of your specific address. Another fix is to try a VPN with a known route so that VPN can be your proxy and prevent long go around. These are all temporary measures, the only direct fix is the cable corp fix the broken line. As of now : Aussie and SEA are screwed, 2 out of 3 sea line connection got wacked hard. Honorary work of a certain shark.
  5. legionary2099

    Bourgogne or Mecklenburg

    Borg is stronger at range while mackie can fight in close range. Borg is much more flexible.
  6. legionary2099

    Malta is T12 ships... NERF is needed

    Malta is extremely dangerous to DD that don't heal. It's AP bomb dont bounce off dd often and can shake 4k off in 1 run. It is also accurate and almost impossible to dodge. It's rocket is kinda meh but it does spread out making it difficult to dodge.
  7. legionary2099

    Amazon Prime: Santa's Gift SuperDrop

    I got Vanguard. Weirdo ship but no complaints.
  8. legionary2099

    Congratulations WG For Being Honest...

    Now we just need a whale achievement unlocked .
  9. legionary2099

    Yahagi Redux

    It works in rank because we play in 7 man team. If this is random , BB need to be further back, but not that far back. And alas , the reason we have early dead CL usually come from overly passive BB. BB are extremely powerful at tier V and VI and only come close after DD. Cruisers are very weak at these tier. BB vs CL/CA is disproportional as BB will and can ignore cruiser armor from any angle at this tier. They only need to hit. BB can also slam DD for half their HP even when shooting AP. It's that loopsided.
  10. legionary2099

    Yahagi Redux

    Tier 7 and below cruisers should only stick to island camping and kiting. All of them with a single exception of Graf Spee lack protection against BB hit in any position. They are far too fragile. in Ranked, most CL need to play really passive and hide behind island so BB can tank upfront and draw fire. The only time they should pop up is to YOLO a BB at close distance. Some ppl even take an Omaha into rank and you know how that ends.
  11. legionary2099

    Narai warning!

    The problem with operation is that they don't favour DD which rely on alpha strike and scouting to do their work. Scouting is useless in ops as most remember spawn points and type of enemies. Also BUFFED enemies have too much health to alpha strike torpedo. Though operation being a challenge is welcome. It would be quite a feat if a team could beat an operation with 4 DD and no large ship.
  12. legionary2099

    My Final Impression about IJN CL Tech tree (Short)

    They could have made a Harugumo with a citadel, but they didn't. Changed my mind ...
  13. legionary2099

    Playing Superships = 20 Doubloons

    It's doing what's it intended to do : money sink. Like i give a damn about credit. A few rounds with Missouri net me millions.
  14. They would make the switch sooner or later. Though i see this move as a get cash quick since ukraine - russia war is costing WG too much money. Looks like they are having money flow problem and i would not be suprise if they double down on loot boxes.
  15. legionary2099


    My adrenaline pump faster when i got a ship from SC. Competition ? I even forgot i participate in them LOL.