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  1. legionary2099

    [rant] Seriously WG, NERF ROCKET.... NOT AP BOMB!

    The sad part is that nowadays the new and oh i know better think that this is blatantly an attack on their well being and health.
  2. legionary2099

    What is difference of KITAKAZE and HARUGUMO

    The real sting when you compare Haru to Kita is not their marginal difference in 1 stat in favour of the other. The real pain not is not listed in game stat sheet : The acceleration. Turning a bit worse or having a worse radii can be remedied by skill , but not acceleration. You really need the acceleration mod on this thing if you don't want to get wrecked by HE looking your way. It's the most noticeable change from 9 to 10. You go from a snappy responding control sportcar to a sluggish unresponsive engine of a tow truck.
  3. legionary2099


    She's thic , not thick. Grammar police is roaming around.
  4. legionary2099

    I refuse to play any ranked with CV presence

    Anyway, this thread should be tilted :" Sitting is bad for my health but i'm too lazy and tired to move". Typical.
  5. legionary2099

    I refuse to play any ranked with CV presence

    I'm quite sure CV would be sad and frustrated losing half squadron with every connecting strike.
  6. legionary2099

    I refuse to play any ranked with CV presence

    AFK and be gone for violating EULA. CV is strong ? When ? CV do not do that much damage in a winning game, they can farm when losing just like a camping BB.
  7. legionary2099

    WG on bots

    The burden of proof lies entirely on WG. Without sufficient claims on a per case basis, one can sue WG for denial of service and demand compensation. This differ greatly from place to place. Many legal case is very costly to pursue as the loser will have to pay the winner legal fees. Should the botter prove that there is infact a man on the screen ( for argument sake) and in reality is playing (when infact is botting) it is a losing battle. Many bot studio will actually have 1 - 2 players behind to deter just that. Laws are in many case sophistries. That's why he say you need a proper lawyer. None of us here is a lawyer.
  8. legionary2099

    What is the Historical Reasons behind Gimmicks?

    Radars indeed have finite duration. I'm on ATC duty and even today , primary surveillance radar are not reliable. Especially since they have a low rotation rate. At 12 -15 rotation a minute, the radar will only update the information per 5 or 3 seconds after analysis. Pre analysis they look like a god damn mess. Radar is dumb, it cannot tell apart objects it detect. And you can ponder how objects moved between 5 to 3 seconds slip to tell what it is. High powered radar is unsustainable for long period. It is especially dangerous to it's own operators and equipment durability. Most radars will operate on a set basis in a day, they RARELY stay on operational for a whole day and will switch to another one. Many stations today operate 2 out of 3 in any given day to allow rotation and maintenance work. IF you don't and operate full power, it won't last very long. Second, powerful radar signal disrupt other wave communication. A ship sending out a powerful sweep will also temporarily shit it's own communication and other aircraft comm in close proximity. And a sweep will sometimes fail to detect objects it should depending on the weather conditions. In thunderstorms, they are near useless. TL;DR : they have a duration. If they went on full power , it won't last more than a few hours or it will screw it's own crews.
  9. What's with that deal ? Like it or not, you will still see 50% er like me around.
  10. The more you know, the less you forgive. As you grow older , you will criticize kids for failing something as simple as 1+1 is 2. I've played the game since the beginning, when everything is a mish mash and less intuitive than it is now. There was a time when Shimakaze 20km torps dominate and the whole team cower behind islands because balanced torp tm. Older, more experienced players will be less lenient towards newer players because although they lack experience, they had it easier. It WAS VERY ROUGH when the game is in the 1 - 2 years old stage. That time when CV can break entire game by systematically remove ship 1 by 1 every 1 - 2 minutes (that's how strong they are). Now, being strict means that you either succeed, or fail and stand up till you succeed. That's what's harshness is all about. Ofc i'm against mindless keyboard fights. Refusal to learn can be seen as refusal to change mindset. Knows what's crazy ? Keep doing the same thing expecting a different results. That what's most of us are, even myself in some situations. Remember to learn and adapt, you will be fine.
  11. legionary2099

    Removal of CV

    I want Midway 2x6 and Haku 3x4 back. Then i can demolish ships from full health in 1 strike and type : noob to the recipient.
  12. legionary2099

    Tips for Tier X Gameplay?

    It means you are focused and maybe rushing too much. Try to slow down and learn at tier 8,9. Tier X is quite a different beast as ships become extremely specialized in what they do.
  13. legionary2099

    Tips for Tier X Gameplay?

    Monty is middle of the pack as far as BB go. However, she is unique on that she has the highest alpha strike potentials of all BB and an armor scheme that is immune to AP bomb. This allow her to spearhead in CV matches and actually protect other ships by going positions other BB will not normally go or dare to go. Try helping weaker ship by shielding them from CV beelining strikes. Keep in mind that she can lob 12 shells, that's 3 more than most. And 6 more if you do the butt angling techniques. With decent aim numbers will make up for the lesser damage per shot she has. This ship punish bad plays of specialized ships really hard. Exploit their mistakes knowing that you are good enough in most scenarios.
  14. legionary2099

    Just a CV rant, don't read if you hate CV

    Hovering around a dd for long is a very bad idea currently. Sharing your vision if there is a 6 s delay means there will be awkward situation where dd is blinking for your teammates. It will also kill your productivity , because you can't be sure if your team will shoot dd or not. Also, for the sneakier dd, readying a rocket attack will take you out of the dd air detection range briefly further confusing your team. This will make them favour more visible targets. It takes awhile to align gun barrel if your team is looking the wrong way. Currently , WG envision CV to be anti capital ship and most rewards are toward shitting on BB and lone CA/CL. But they screwed DB now, so even in trashing BB and CA/CL CV is kinda mediocre right now. Especially against super cruiser mini class. CV right now is farm damage, there is no incentive to help your allies, who hate you as much as your opposition. Fighters are not as useless now, but they are still not worthwhile nevertheless.
  15. legionary2099

    Just a CV rant, don't read if you hate CV

    It would make DD effectively uncounterable and CV will not be able to strike it. 6s is enough to pull smokes and some DD have small enough air detect that it only take 3-5s of flight to be out of viewing distance. I'm talking about rewarding skills , not noobing. All CV attack except rockets require substantial aiming and motor skill to fine tune attack. Except divebomb do not reward good aiming skill since RNG can screw perfect line up. The way dispersion works favor surface ships, not CV since 50% will be outside the aiming reticule. I could spend 1 - 3 minutes setting up good strike and get nothing in return. Pew pewing your gun do not take that much preparation.