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  1. legionary2099

    New CV mechanics

    It doesn't show in game. And it's one of the more important stats. This is a hidden crap that greatly affect how rockets perform. To me they should be replaced by rocket fly time instead of this machine gun PoS. I couldn't care less knowing where rockets will land when i can't change it. IF a delay must be implemented , i would rather it be 1 - 3 seconds top. To me DD was already in a good place before this PoS drop in. DD don't need help if it know what a CV is capable of. Back when CV reign supreme, it was rare to see a dd in the match, but just before this patch they already frequently fill up 2 - 3 - 4 slots in a team. Which is ALREADY OPTIMUM.
  2. legionary2099

    New CV mechanics

    The new mechanic is quite BS imho. Since attack run must be done atleast 6km away due to 2 part delay, dd get atleast 15s to screw around. And guess what ? Dd rudder shift usually is around 5s flat. Rockets are now completely ineffective against low conceal dd or even dimwits who turn late. Only oblivious dd get blasted. Since that being the case, ill cut the chase : remove effective against dd in game description for rocket. That is a lie. And i do not stand for this practice. Seeing where rocket will land is also crap. Cv can't adjust his lottery bet while dd who see machine gun fire can barely make out the white splashes. So WG , who think this was a bright idea ? If dd had lower air conceal it would make sense, but now HE bomb are better than the stupid 4km range guess game you put in place. So dd now must be proxi spotted, then turn away 6km to start an attack. How many second would that make ? 30s atleast. 30s against a small nimble target and then a lottery tick in. Screw it. Is the one balancing this game even play it ? Guess not. And one more thing : where is this delay time explained or listed per aircraft ? None. Zero.
  3. legionary2099

    Grand Battle is great with a few buts

    Thunderer melt under pressure, and they are quite tamed in grand battle due to super BB overmatch most of their armor. The super BB is tanky. Most of this server just lemning and kite away making them rather difficult to kill. It can tank 5 shima torps and still kicking while other BB is near or already dead.
  4. It's a great game mode. Except it has a few problems : Far too many people who have no idea what they are doing are jumping on this battle mode. Lemnings are real , as well as poor if not stupid decision making. IDK if this mode is available for ppl who don't have high tier or just purchase a tier IX premium to try it. Ofc i can't fix their decision but i can't fathom how does a tier IX-X mode is infested with so many people who can't look at mini map. But the far greater problem are bots. Since this mode does not reflect on your stats, botting is way too common in this. You know , the kind that only move a bit to the side to get all guns out and shoot. I am quite sour at the number of bots that pop up in this mode since day 1. If i'm not wrong, game stats are not tracked for this mode, people are so much more eager to bot and get away with it. WG need to do something about this botting insanity. I have had games where 50% of all team are bots (not the official ones !!). About Hannover and Satsuma : They are improved Yamato and GK basically. In normal battle they will melt fast, but in competitive they are way too tanky. I think that they should stay in this game mode or other extra activities. WG should not consider putting them in normal MM. Their maneuverability is not that bad compare to normal BB. Only a deficient of around 10% while other important stats are 15% better atleast.
  5. legionary2099

    Auction - Value/Worth/Cost

    Wait until they auction a Musashi and see how much this server is willing to pay. I bet someone would think 100k Doubloon is reasonable. It did happen in WoT where people pay obscene amount for a rare tank. WG would do it again here. FYI : Yes the type 59 gold was auctioned in WoT for 100k gold aka 100k doubloon equipvalent here.
  6. Bourgone being worthwhile should really be seen with a BUT. It is extremely strong in punishing mistakes, but get wrecked by mistakes equally as well. It only has 15 inches main guns and way too much penetration. This mean bounces and over penetrations are super common. Not on my recommended list. It require a very specific playstyle to work since it can't bypass most cruiser noses. Shikishima although rather mediocre is not punishing to play. 6 accurate guns mean it can play sniper and forget about the team. Also those meme 100mm secondaries. Stalin is an old time favourite and is strong in match up that don't have CV. I have killed so many Stalins with CV that it's getting boring. The place a Stalin should be are nearly always the place CV can get a good shot in. Plymouth is a low skill cap support ship with all necessary options to contest cap. But it lack lustre firepower force it to rely on allies to actually kill things it spot. 16 guns may sound awesome but with that ROF and size, it's a Neptune with a twist. Austin is a tier 10 Atlanta, equally awesome when pee peeing on someone as running for your life when out in the open. It is by far the most fun, but also the most punishing to play since it don't get any armour whatsoever. So if you are not confident on your skills i would take that table with a grain of salt. FDR is old school CV in new CV format. It can ruin people day in a single strike, but with long interval in between. It can only strike once when every other CV can dump 2 on their target. Exceptional at mauling down lone/low health/idiot ships. But it can be deplaned quite easily if striking hot zones.
  7. legionary2099

    IJN CA

    They COULD use a little more traverse arc for all of their armanents. The problem with IJN CAs are that their otherwise impressive weapons are hindered by very awkward placement and fire angle, forcing the platform to risk the extra mile to bring to bear. Also complicating the matter is that their armour don't really hold up well even with optimal angle. Getting punctured in the arse is very common.
  8. Laughing my arse off this thread. It could get worse. 21.5km is plenty for a ship as stealthy as Thunderer. It can dictate combat at long range with the concealment so idk why should you moan. It balance the ship out by forcing it to pick the right time to shoot. I honestly think OP need a lot more practice to appreciate it for what it is.
  9. legionary2099

    Really HATE the IOWA

    Iowa does not have NC vaunted 2.0 sigma. But still respectable.
  10. legionary2099

    New Underwater environments !

    So a stupid question : Where is ma fishes ?
  11. legionary2099

    Really HATE the IOWA

    The problem with ppl thinking Massa is better is becaused they are spoiled with the fast heal and good secondary that bail them out of bad position and cover their bad play. The Iowa although power creeped, remained one of the fastest BB around and is equipped with very reliable main gun that is not gimped in weird ways. Iowa can make flanking play and teach ppl to rely on positional play the same way Montana do a tier later. Iowa can flank, is well protected from carrier and can keep favourable distance in almost any situation. NC and Massa rely more on bow tanking because they can, the Iowa cannot, as it frequently encounter the Yamato trios and long range HE spammer. Use speed , position and very good gun arc to punish people. Stop reverse bow tank and you will do fine.
  12. legionary2099

    Any guides to link for Newport?

    You sure they ain't bots ? Cause from what i see, nowadays scenarios are stupidly easy except for station defence. Even then, it is only mildly challenging.
  13. It's funny how narrow minded they are in assuming CV will screw their life. CV nowaday is more of a vulture than a hawk. If CV have a hard on for you, usually it is you who make the mistake.
  14. legionary2099

    How should I resolve with abyssal Monarch guns?

    Monarch have the worst AP pen of all tier 8 BB period. You should not even consider using them. They will likely fail to citadel the belt of most if not all tier 8 BB and some tier 7. They are only good against cruisers, since the low pen means lower chance to overpen. Stick to HE, it play like an oversized IJN cruiser and should be treated as much, angle and stack fires. It is stealthy, you can go black and try to stick fire to multiple or single targets with the nice RoF for a BB.
  15. legionary2099

    Overall Thoughts on Rework after 1 Month?

    It is a worthwhile skill if you are doing the hunting though. Since it save you the trouble when peaking corner or doing corner rambo. They know you are coming for them , but they don't know your orientation, but you do.