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  1. Cheater Musashi IGN: ddd_dumplings

    You do know that the best and almighty devs have access to dev console menu and can pretty much make a Yamato run 100 knts/h like an F1 car or make torpedo runs at C speed and guarantee hit anything you aim right ? They make the brightess , most powerful , best of all time stars of stars and most of all have the right to cheat right ? Devs are LEGITIMATE CHEATER. Now try beating them
  2. Constant server crash tonite

    APG cable line was raided by shark commandos just recently. Itll take a while before internet connection got repaired. DO note that cable line running through Hong Kong , Viet Nam and Singapore is within heavy traffic naval traffic region , ships , animals , frequent storms have high probability to damage the cable line. This line got cut like 3-4 times a year and it is annoying.
  3. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Looks like whales got it tough , for once .... They are introducing a way for heavy grinders to actually advance in the game. Nowadays, it is extremely hard to pass the tier 8 barrier if you truly do it for free. So much so that you could end up hating the game and leave for good , less cannon fodders for P2W so to say. Introducing new resources compel these guys to actually spend time in the game and is free PR for the company itself. They could introduce a ridiculously expensive on new resources crate that net you one random premium ship for example. Or make rare , otherwise unbuyable premium only available through the gatcha 101 and profit that way :). P/s : the gatcha is something that will likely trigger lots of Japanese into a madman rush lol or @drakon233 into his re re re stage
  4. Did Minotaur get buffed?

    You didnt show him your broadside did you ? Basic error 101
  5. World of Battleships - Random

    Why the heck are you guys picking a fight with the sharkbait ? Lol , why take him so serious when he is trying to crack an ironic joke lmao. Also , DPG tell little if at all about the ship capability. Leander is a defence oriented ship , it cant be agressive most of the time or actively participate in a push in areas with little cover. Just think about it , playing defensively might not be what the Shark is thinking about , he is thinking about blasting stuffs with demolition and zipping around in a sport car , most likely with his le gali wrong speed.
  6. World of Battleships - Random

    I dont think leander get uptiered as well as other cruisers that have access to HE and can cripple higher tier ships effectively. Inside its tier its very good, just lacking in the dpm department
  7. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    I hate the bundle so much , i want the unique content , not some side show that i got no use for. If i want premium or doubloon i will buy it seperately. Gosh the Haifuri bundle was ridiculous. Lucky i have something like 20ish ARP captains , so i have no shortage of IJN captains to pick from.
  8. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Just when i run out of money and starting a new part time job , GGWP , lol wont get paid till June RIP me
  9. Poll - Ranked Battle Map Poll

    How about Ocean ? All skill no luck comrades, best shooters win
  10. These little furballs looks like perfect companion to a spaniel
  11. Honor to WoT for this one , meet this guy when im mindlessly grinding WoT. But did meet him in an old pre 0.7.3 match
  12. Just wonder how creative our playerbase are at their naming sense. Im bored anyway :)
  13. Shimakaze buff in new update

    Yes , it will get it concealment buff to 5.6km at maximum. All torpedoes will get their aerial dectection radius slash in half (planes will less likely to spot incoming torps)
  14. Woah , that is the unspokable true for the STOCK MASTER RACE