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  2. DD torps hit twice - thrice - fourth times as hard as air launched ones though. Usually you land fewer of them , but each hit really really hurt. I have had games where a sushi eat 30 torps + from my Enterprise and still afloat...
  3. It had them , until WG decide that pilots are drunkards and jets are too fast for them ....
  4. I wish my CV carry B-25 and Daisy Cutters.
  5. legionary2099

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    You never need to run away. Concealment only work against other ship. You need to change your mindset because planes are not ship , do not defend against plane the sameway you do with ship. Use your teammates , your positioning , your heading , your speed as leverage.
  6. legionary2099

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    1/ They did not nerf AA for one. 2/ They give you the ability to run away , instead of instantly dying on the spot to cross torps and extreme aiming from 600 APM starcraft players. 3/ Planes even well controlled , cannot magically run across well defended AA zone unscathed. 4/ The way to play ships are changing , why are you still stuck running in the 90s ? 5/ Scouting is not DD only job. Your job have always been supporting your bigger ships. Scouting is only part of that duty. Did you do the others ? Or did you forget them completely ? 6/ Planes are not unlimited , it's just you who find his wrath because you leave the fleet for some unnecessary things. As it should be. Planes if needlessly spent , will be emptied by 7 minutes mark. 7/ If you don't want to play it , then don't. There is no consequences, games are not essentials. WG cannot drag a customer that is unwilling to comeback. 8/ If this is not working , the rework have been scraped , and you are stuck with RTS CV that can one shot a full health Moskva in less than 3 minutes.
  7. legionary2099


    Sounds like you already have an answer. Anyway, since Alaska and Azuma will stay for awhile you can just laze around till you find something fancy. Azuma is easier to play than Alaska , but less impactful and more vulnerable to air strikes.
  8. legionary2099

    [ichase] even he.........

    Drunk kung fu is a serious martial arts unbeatable by all but the farters. I'm sure our wows players are the drinkers. Hold my beer.
  9. legionary2099

    [ichase] even he.........

    Well , if you are singled out long enough , you will get overwhelmed with negative emotions. I'm not suprised. To tell the truth , i've heard a pilot sobbed on the airwaves midflight about his wife had left him ( even though you can't do idle chat on comm frequency ). Sucks to be that guy to say the least. But if you don't get your emotion in control , you will drag everyone around and yourself down the toilet drain. About ichase , maybe a vacation would suit him. Phuket or Ha Long Bay sounds good for a salty CC.
  10. legionary2099

    World of Aircraft Carriers.

    I can share with you one secret : why did CV think you are an easy prey ?
  11. legionary2099

    secondary build midways

    Anyone care to explain why many guys call Ausie infantry as Diggers ? I just don't get the meme.
  12. legionary2099

    The Last CV thread you will ever need

    You are just as beautiful as the wind blowing through the Bernoulli pipe.
  13. legionary2099

    CV Matchmaking

    Torpedo spread will narrow down the longer you aim , however , you should not always go for full narrow aim ( RN and IJN CV can get converging drop at max range ), instead you may want spread out drops to maximize hit chance. This is especially true when targeting long ship where a narrow spread may miss entirely due to their timely turn. You usually want somewhere halfway of aiming at various distance. Too far , go for wide , too near and go for narrow. High learning curve. If your torp bomber can survive for 2 shots , intentionally force him to turn first , then you can pound him once he has turned. Dive bomber get highest penetration when they are pointing their plane nearly 90 degree for the drop and go lower if you miss the sweet point. So drop high on BB to citadel them while wait a bit longer to citadel lightly armoured cruisers. A lot of practice is needed to get the right distance for penetration adjustment and target leading. You can mitigate losses by using slingshot techniques ( again high learning curve ) to get the drop on camping cruiser who is otherwise immune to CV. Lower tier CV should always go for low tier BB and DD in +2 match up. Anything +2 will shred their planes. Your goal is to have enough reserves to go dry and pick off stragglers late game.
  14. legionary2099

    Regarding the "play poorly" report

    Too much work for too little gain. The whole report system is more stress relief than being an actual feature. Karma meme ? That said , you can't define play poorly. I can do 0 damage , spot 0 enemies but cap the base and win the game. Does that count as poorly ? AI , algorithms have no way of determining this. They are not smart. And programing them to learn or to be smart is even more of a hassle. You cannot define play poorly as a violated ToS or in seriousness a crime , as all newbies will be behind bars for playing poorly. And you need to understand that you was once that noob like everyone else. And this is a game which cater to many players type including casuals. Playing poorly is no excuse for denying of service or shoving of an unwanted ads ( which how 2 videos are ) , which then again violate the laws. And last i heard , the report system is last in place of a terribly long list of priorities. Customer support although slow , seem to have better efficiency.
  15. legionary2099


    Hey , even Dork Souls have the infamous trollo death cam where you get to see how other die a spectacular death lmao. You get the help you need with all the kneejerk kill cam they give you lol.