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  1. legionary2099

    OMG Kansas is terrible

    The one thing i think WG need to change about how they approach this line : If being an armored shotgun turtle is what this line is about , it need a different gimmick. They could just instead introduce a sprinting mechanic : which is a very short, but strong speed increase, allowing it to move up to tank as needed instead of DFAA. Highly doubt DFAA interaction with planes, which is kinda not working as intended. That and also lower the firing range by 2km, it would force troublesome sniper to move up to where needed.
  2. legionary2099

    OMG Kansas is terrible

    I find Kansas is a pretty stable ship. However she promote very unhealthy gameplay as she is not a lead ship, but rather a floating bunker at long range. She lack the speed, her turret rotation leave something to be desired and her DPM is just not there. The few chances where you get to punish badly positioned foes are few and far between. Yet when you do get them RNG will usually fail you. The slow long range bunker can be better done by playing other BB who have the speed to actually switch places. Kansas is good at being the defender in a line of slug fest, but actually smashing the line is left to your team, which is heavily RNG dependant. If you like tanking hits, looks no further. But if you actually want to do something other than being a meatshield, look elsewhere. She can be good in a game where you have coordination (clan war for example), but randoms ... i hold my beer. I think that WG had just released a botter's wet dream, where being slow to die, good AA and torp belt allow it to camp at the back and still get stuffs done. It should not be that way.
  3. legionary2099

    Georgia or Thunderer?

    In your case i highly recommend Georgia over Thunderer for your first buy. You need a fun credit printer, and Georgia is hella fun at that. Not saying Siegfried is bad, but German ships are plagued with being the manly nation. You know , all in and nothing between. And SEA do not forgive manly play , you will get blapped by a thousand wounds , possibly worse. Georgia can play any role , and it has the speed to plug whatever hole your team need. Not to mention worthwhile AA to dissuade CV from killing you first thing. Versatility is pretty good. Thunderer is alot more boring, laid back flinging shells from long range. It lack the portable dockyard of Conkek and also the necessary armor + HP pool to assume tanking role. I find Thunderer is not a win game ship, but certainly a great support BB. Thunderer is not an AA ship, it has great AA sure , but not great enough to stop AP bombs from smashing you, whereas American BB in general are somewhat immune to AP bomb thanks to their armor layout.
  4. legionary2099

    So, what is the point of 0.9.9?

    Just stop CV from dropping FT out of nowhere. FT mechanic as of current is either useless or broken. They perma spot dd slowing down or are making a retreat. My suggestion is returning FT as a plane type. A FT attack run is a strafe, planes hit will be shot down equal to the number of planes in attack run/ That would be more fun and allow CV to actually take care of aerial control instead of yolo attacking every ship in sight. Also stop CV from seeing 2 places at the same time.
  5. legionary2099

    Try this if you feel insufficient credit...

    They have already included the option to sell the leftover moduls once you are ready to sell your ship and move up the tier. Though, if you only intend to sell the ship for ermergency funds, it is wiser to keep the module for future purposes. After getting lots of tier X ship, it's actually a problem that my port have a lack of lower tiers to participate in events and game modes. That and also a lack of capable captains. The game is flooded with waifus JP captains though, there just isn't enough JP ships for them ...
  6. legionary2099

    oh come on! CVs vs DD in ranked

    Move this thread to the NA forum. You will find your comrades there. And they will shed tears for you. Though they will still blast your back
  7. legionary2099

    so my name got changed back...

    Oh uhm why not kondra ?
  8. legionary2099

    What i think about German CV

    I don't think unicums will find german CV palatable either. Other nations do not suffer from such a specific criteria to perform well. Meeting or creating such scenarios is seriously up to chance in a lot of times.
  9. legionary2099

    What i think about German CV

    The way WG skewed bombs toward dropping on the edge of the circle instead of center make CV no skill all luck. Lining up your drop do very little to compensate for the flawed RNG. There will be games where you get to punish mistakes, and get no result.
  10. legionary2099

    What i think about German CV

    Having played the IV, VI and VIII i think they need to be reworked and are not ready for this server consumption. Well long story short : they are hot garbage because of inconsistency and too much specialization thrown in. This CV is heavily reliant on enemy making basic mistakes (good luck finding that on this particular server) and circumstantial map pool. This map require very specific maps to work and 2 of it's 3 attacking option only work on one class of enemy ship. Even then it require a lot of RNG and bad enemy mistakes. Rockets : They are only good against lightly armoured cruiser. Cruiser with good inner armor (alot of them) can get away scot free with showing broadside as any slight angling will generate lots of pen and overpen that do nothing. As they are AP, they don't break modules or AA often either. BB will tank these rockets all day and laugh (no fire) while DD are unharmed as they don't break critical modules like HE rocket. Also, making rockets go against cruiser who are most often AA ship is counter intuitive and not productive; if said cruiser park behind island (they will), you have no option to clear them without taking disporportional lost. AP bomb : like all AP bomb, they sucked, because inconsistency. It doesn't help that since german dive bombers fly high, they cannot use terrain to mask their approach. Not too different from other dive bomber, but they lack what make other bombers usable : durability. Bomb take a lot of time setting up, German bomber don't have anywhere enough durability to tank enough hits to attack BB. Also , the available targets are severely limited : French BB , US BB are not good targets (their armor resist aerial cit quite well); USSR and IJN are neutral while German and English BB are quite rare nowadays. Also since BB playground is the outskirt of the map it takes eternity to get there and do something. TL:DR : IJN AP bomb are better , still fast and can go low behind terrain to slam dunk things. The heal is a trap , German bomber will not survive past it's duration. Torpedo : the only redeeming feature of the line, except British torpedo are better than them, still maneuverable and can kill dd like them. I find German torpedoes are good at steal killing, but is bad at anything else. To kill DD with it, you still need atleast 2 attack run uninterrupted ( 1 force turn and 1 real attack). With DD being cautious, just no. The torp only likeable feature is that it's fast. And they are the only reliable way of attacking cruiser , BB. You are heavily in need of these fragile planes throughout the game because of consistency. To top all that up, german planes are fragile , setting up chain attacks against same target is next to impossible ( turning radii is massive); even chaining multiple target in a straight run risk you losing all planes in the attack. German CV is at great risk of being deplaned. That said : what's they are good at ? I my opinion, they are the perfect scout bot. Encourage really passive gameplay ( and i think unhealthy for the game too) of loitering around a specific area and steal kill anything your team pick. In my games i often rack up 100k+ assist spotting (unlike other CV) simply because this CV line cannot join the fun or risk playing mario inside the match.
  11. He's looking for sympathy , which most of us don't have. That's why he ask a mode carved out for him personally and left out CV instead of asking where did i go wrong ?. This game is a massive compromise between various things, unless he bought the company , he had to compromise like the rest of us. Either he accept that or he move on. His choice. A ship cannot have two captains.
  12. You Should no longer on this forum because you really need to start from basics. Then we can talk.
  13. Cringey , you should settle your cries first, we don't offer tissues here.
  14. legionary2099

    American CV T10 F. D. Roosevelt, 1 drop is 8 torps!

    Suddenly i remember that time when a Hakuryu triple cross for a game over. Happy reincarnation for the DD chad ...
  15. Okay, after awhile returning to the game i felt that today skill is not needed. RNG favourism is more needed. I felt that that single upgrade + camo give ships too much RNG. It is already difficult to land shots and now it is even more inconsistent. The shots simply are too random , same as bombs to plan your game around. If anything, this encourage people to actually camp more so they have more time to land their shots. The -11% dispersion for US BB seem broken , missing 5/6 aimed shots at 3km brawling range is dumb to me. At tier 9 and 10 you should not miss much at point blank. ( And rethink about ship that have citadels that can't be punished - looking at puerto rico ) I don't know about you guys , but the combo simply give super cruisers , including petroleum too much uneeded survival boost. Nowadays , they can play like true BB and get away with it thanks to RNG boosted item. Oh and that item also seem to affect AP bomb, which heavily rely on being on center drop. WG need to reconsider their stand on sigma and dispersion. Right now, both high caliber gun and AP bomb aiming accuracy is a broken state. Not that they are OP , simply broken. Dead center drop on stationary sheep should punish people, not going up and making water splashes like Magikarp ... The new german CV line is screwed also because of reliance of AP accuracy. Okay, end of rant.