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  1. I do think rng screw over most low tier bb though 🙄
  2. legionary2099

    3 CV's per side. What are you thinking WOWS???

    Well , sailor if you want realism , it's going to suck hard. Cause you are stuck 24/7 cleaning the damn thing until liberty calls. This game tone down a lot of realism to appeal to many people who have no clue how ships paddle through the water. In this game ,CV is well protected and far away. It is not an appealing target much like modern Carrier battle group. And also , CV is much neutered , it is no longer the first kill ship to affect a win. If CV is what it is , one can sink the whole enemy fleet in single sortie and mope up leftovers with a second.
  3. legionary2099

    3 CV's per side. What are you thinking WOWS???

    3 CV is fun , when you are in a game as Atlanta or Sandy chan .
  4. legionary2099

    SEA server level of compentency?

    Asians in general hate losing face. They care less about team performance but care alot about their personal performance. If this server speak alot of english , you basically get toxic x2. But gladly and thankfully most don't.
  5. legionary2099

    SEA server level of compentency?

    Well , if anything players on this server learn how not 2 die 101 quite fast. Some in less than desirable way. You are not gonna get that 100k hallmark if you are dead 3 minutes into the game.
  6. legionary2099

    [] Solution to the "red skies" problem

    404 not found. Though i find the red sky with the "texture not found" entertaining. Maybe we can have event with internet memes all over the place for the giggles. It's fun when you shoot a ship with a 404 not found on it's side.
  7. legionary2099

    Midway is weak

    Hakuryu is powerful , but RNG based with it's rockets being rather poor. It do better in random due to it's blazing fast speed and double jump technique that allow it to preserve planes by bypassing stronger AA completely. AP bomb is strong , but can fail consistently if your luck is bad or completely rofl stomp ship in a pass. It's torpedo planes are both fast and have enough starting reserves of 24 to last the entire match. What make Midway fare badly nowaday is a combination of more AA range on average than before and CV plane overall speed nerf. It is not as agile and tough as Audacious plane and therefore suffer quite a bit. On match up with poor AA , midway outclass both Auda and Haku damage generation capacity with relentless DoT stacking. Midway torpedos although seemingly crap , is 6 in a wave. A suicide wave can force an entire flank of ships to turn and look into the wrong direction. This can single handedly give your guys easy side shots or deter enemies from chasing your guys. Auda suffer by being too slow to reverse a losing flank , if the flank it is supporting fail , it can't do enough damage to stall the stomp fest. On bigger map Auda is quite possibly the worse CV to be in. Adding salt to injury is the smaller slow regen plane pools, when needing to go dry , Auda is not a good to be in.
  8. legionary2099

    Puerto Rico damage model.

    If it bounce off that 104mm i would not complain though , then there is penetration no damage ... which is weird as heck.
  9. legionary2099

    Puerto Rico damage model.

    TL;DR : i believe this ship has serious issues with it's damage and collision model. I shot this guy 3 times , landed on deck , the shot went through ( no module was blasted ) and it cause no damage. What the heck. And it was with the Yamato vaunted 460mm too. If it bounced off , it would have noticed me. But the ribbons appeared as penetration confirmed. Which really bug me. And not once , but thrice. If any mods or WG employees can forward this , i would greatly appreciate it as i'm not in touch with ST program. IF THE SHOT land into the torpedo belt ( hence no damage ) then this ship armour is wayy too good for a cruiser , he can afford to show broadside at mid 14 - 15 km zipping around with RNG help ( kinda like Zao trollish armour scheme ).
  10. legionary2099

    WG Buff CV plz

    Again with the old feeling problem. People must have never been told that they are NOT special , that you have to work to be recognized and that respect is earned , not asked. You aren't special , people would still play video games if you are not around. What's the point ? Men use their head , not their emotions and vice versa. Being a man and fighting in a cat drama , seriously , what's up with people nowadays ... Because he has a valid point and you don't. Your problems are your emotion pumped response that is not factual.
  11. legionary2099

    What is the Best Ship for every tier

    The best ship for every tier is shark bait period. It never fail to do wonder against any and all opponents
  12. legionary2099

    Research Bureau : progress report thread

    For those that find grinding is not a chore , it is cool. You get something for it. For me, no. Grinding a line is already tough dedication when there is a future i need to account for. Time is a luxury that no people on this planet have in excess. WG , NTC is not a feature to persuade me to spend more time on your product. Your offerings are lack lustre.
  13. legionary2099

    Research Bureau : progress report thread

    Meh , not going to do it. The sastifaction of progress just crumbled for me. This game is starting to design so many time consuming features that can drain so much time of your day. This feature has gotta be the most time consuming i've ever seen. And much more problematic is it's gonna get worse.
  14. legionary2099

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.7

    Don't know about contents. But the update broke the game , crashing randomly during battle. And cost me pink names for faults not me own. Downvoted for technical faults. And not just once , but more than a couple of times.