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  1. legionary2099

    The New Invisible Soviet Railguns.

    It's a russian game what da ya expect ? OP weebs or alien kriegsmarine ?
  2. legionary2099

    T10 Noobs or Bots

    Remember communication is not possible when diviating by more than 30 points. And no common average for human is below 100. If you are above it , you likely are above alot of people. Same deal here. When you are too good , everyone around you looks like idiots.
  3. legionary2099

    PSA: Install and use the Ultra audio settings

    Most of us won't be able to take advantage of high res audio. As good audio equipment is freaking expensive. 24 bit hi res of WG music really sound like crap when the system need to resample them down to 16 bit to play to most setup. Just use normal and low quality , they are good enough for your system. In anycase , a good speaker will cost an arm , while a headphone and a DAC/AMP to make use of the sound will likely cost you anywhere from 200 to 500 USD. TL;DR : don't vie for it , you will regret it. Good audio is a black hole that will thoroughly destroy your wallet.
  4. legionary2099

    Biggest reason why people hate CV

    Pfft , the number one enemy for CV is not you. It is not your teammate either. It is time. When he is loitering he isn't shooting you. CV have medium alpha damage but very long attack interval. DD loitering can still drop torps , and still hold control over cap. A CV can't do those. AA isn't there to destroy planes , it is to deter plane from making easy kills. You are asking for CV to be combat ineffective and you become invincible to them. Double standard. CV need to manage their planes. Losing half their squadron means he will run out of planes in 10 minutes. It is CV being dumb and you didn't exploit it. Learn to exploit it. Read the map and start planning ahead. CV strike is no coincidence. You were targeted deliberately.
  5. legionary2099

    When will Wukong, Baijie and Siliwangi on sale?

    You have fallen to the dark side !
  6. legionary2099

    Biggest reason why people hate CV

    So why can dd have eyes and CV can't ? Double standard much ? Any surface ship in this game can relay spotting to others.
  7. Subs will have AA !! Problem solved sir .
  8. legionary2099


    Why do you guys expect cooperation like a trained unit with random people. I had cooperation problems even with guys i've known for years on end. Infact , i did not expect my career to go as smoothly as a steamroll in this game .
  9. legionary2099


    Wait , why did CN_70 suddenly become everybody idols ? Last day i check this is the top news , now i check it's still crowning as the most talk about idol group. Give it a rest you guys , these guys are not worth your time. Maybe AKBxxx too , but that's for another story. Just chills , you can always win games later. Especially in 27 bot , 1 human match up .
  10. legionary2099

    a STATMENT from a former CN_70 player

    Still powerless against the shark though .
  11. legionary2099


    Well met them. And too my suprise it generate an english responding to calls for reporting for botting behaviours. Not too sure if they are bots or not. One match they perform normally ( still bad ) and chatting away , others they are just plain bots. Though i have to say you guys underestimate bots too much. They dodge torps better than human too. Like that miraculous afk CN_70 that dodge all incoming torp from staying still. Hold my cola over this one.
  12. legionary2099

    Zao Masterclass with flamu

    Zao i find on this server rely heavily on positioning and enemy line up to make it work. If it is in a position where it have large room to play wiggle wiggle , it works. But if the enemy ignore more beefy allies or most allies are the same kind as Zao ( other cruisers ), it sucks royally. Henry is a better gun platform than Zao on ASIA IMHO. Zao doesn't have a role like it used too when french DD are better ambush / assassin ship than Zao.
  13. legionary2099

    Later Suckers!!!

    The prophecy has told that a certain koala is being shot at by stronk US police for border trypassing.
  14. legionary2099


    Smolensk > mo len > mo lets > molest you get the idea. It fits the sheep.
  15. legionary2099

    SEA Server back to bad connection

    Shark strike again. The undersea cable is under repair. Internet in countries near Viet Nam will be heavily affected ....