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  1. How about playing torpedo beat mini game where you dodge torps for as long as possible :))
  2. How radar should work IMO

    That would be how it work in real life. But it will also cause the very annoying blink effect that once dreaded smokers. And due to that , we have to move away from the blink "effect". It is very annoying for anyone involved. In anycase , my choice of nerfing radar would be that target revealed by radar will only appear as a dot centered to the middle of the ship and not appear as a module until spotted by mk 1 eyeball.
  3. what happened to WOWs?

    Baiting is not in everyone's dictionary i suppose.
  4. Gallant

    Deja vu ? Anyway , the one thing Gallant player might not like is the 5s gun reload and with only 4 guns. You need to pick your fight very carefully. I can understand his frustration,
  5. what happened to WOWs?

    Its not your imagination. Most good players are standing down due to BOTS ... Most notorious are grinding bots at high tiers ( VIII - X ). And the majority of bots runners are thought to be from Chinese players immigrating from China server ( the 0.7.2 crisis ). Anyway , welcome back detonation chief.
  6. WoW Default Vs WoW Steam

    Nope , steam id cannot be linked to WG id , they exist as seperate entity. So my advice : stick with WGC however shitty that is.
  7. How about ship girl throwing a wrench at ya ? Bet that will be super effective against your OPness.
  8. Date for Brit DD`s anyone

    0.7.10 or 0.7.11 is planned , which would be one - two month after 0.7.9 go online. We cant be sure since the balancing of the ships wasnt complete at the time of writing.
  9. Supercontainer nerfed... again?

    SC is nothing more than a bonus. Think too deeply and invest so heavily on that is AKA "gambling". Hungry for the win is blinding you and this is NOT GOOD. Just treat it as an extra reward and you will be fine. Honestly it doesnt really matter what the SC give me , since it will profit me anyway. Dont let the thirst for "gambling wins" get the better of you. Stay rationale.
  10. DeGrasse FOC

    I won 1 ship : Gallant , and i took 2 years of opening SC ( try your luck all the time ). Your mileage may vary , but it is suitable to call it 0.5% chance of getting in a SC.
  11. Who is "Dasha Perova"?

    Shes a nice lady sure , give a chance and i might ask her out for a date . Dasha been part of the promo team for quite a while , if you have time check their youtube content and you ll see her along with the new mascot girl. Some of WG vids teach you something about the game.
  12. Who is "Dasha Perova"?

    Got the feeling that OP doesnt spend much time on exploring the other half of the same coin and treat it strictly as a past time. Well anyway , i understand that you like HISTORICAL ACCURACY over fictional mayhem. But well , WG is after profit as the primary concern so they make what will sell first and foremost. I am against promoting bravery and heroism due to personal reasons. I can only say it like this : my uncles , grandfather served in real war and almost all of them want nothing to remind them of the war they served.
  13. What time Brisbane is 3rd Anniversary

    3 more hours.
  14. On citadels located below waterline ?

    Dont encourage them to do pixel sniping man. I really dont want that to be a thing in WoWS ( WoT triggered ).
  15. On citadels located below waterline ?

    Stay at 10km+ , you need your shots to arc down to have a chance of hitting underwater citadels. Flatter trajectory arcs require much more distance like 14km+. Most US BB can citadels german BB from 8km although very rarely. For flatter arcs like IJN BB , you need to stay at 14km+ to have a chance at nailing those and you need to shoot one that is in a full swing turn.