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  1. Im sure he buy his way like this : premium time , set of camo + all signals , a few games of a premium ship if he had one. The point isnt free exping , he litterally waltz a line buying his way through every single ship by grinding. The 3 games per ship there will expontentially shorten the grind a lot.
  2. The US camouflage

    Why dont you ask for them to hold a designing art contest ? Drawing is not as easy as picking up a brush and draw a few lines , you actually need some artistic sense and mind in it :I. You could draw a camo on your own and send it to the contest or PM a mod and see if they can pass it for you. A popularity vote for the contest would be a very good activity to shake up this cold forum to me. sign , miss you hot sharks
  3. There will be another batch of missions for you to get those
  4. henry4? is that worth it?

    Henri IV weak armour will lead to weird overpen all the times, if the angle is good , the space armour will stop shells from citadelling from glancing hits. Though like any other cruiser , it can and will eat citadels from weird angles. Its speed is its greatest asset and best defence against an incoming salvo. You usually have enough time to juke incoming BB rounds continously
  5. When will we get more coop difficulties ?

    Kinda away from the game due to spartan 13 hours part time work which sucks. But man, crying against dumb cv bots lmao. I have had cv teammates who are worst than bots .... How do i get rid of those ,;). Doesnt change the fact that 90%, of scenario is easy if your team know their stuffs
  6. Was wondering when can we expect hard difficulty? Its been there for quite sometimes. While we are at it can we get difficulty setting like : maniac - lunatic - heaven or hell or even Dante must die ? I mean i want something that can pull the ridiculous coop win rate to something more modest and redefine teamplay to its finest. Sitting at 70%+ is kinda weird to say the least. Make it a real challenge that even unicum must cry ;)
  7. They cost nearly the same with a bonus port slot if you nitpick about it. Then again, in game gold purchase allow you to save cost by getting golds from other mean
  8. Nah, it is not that critical of a process. You lose more if you borrow even with 0% interest. I wouldnt borrow unless it is a critical and life threatening demand
  9. As title said. Im working my butt off on a part time job , but wont get paid until the 10-11th of this month. Just wanna ask if i can buy it in time after getting paid :v
  10. spec help

    that is only for 3D redrawing from game engine. AMD is much more powerful when you do 3D drawing , CAD , other heavy resource drawing tools that doesnt require high tech. Nvidia is fast , support a lot of useful technology dont get me wrong , but when it come down to raw power in keeping up , AMD usually win with about the same pricing
  11. spec help

    This is quite hard actually , simulation ( complex ) and not a simple input - output emulator and video edit is actually CPU intensive. Meanwhile 3d works can make use of a 1050 GTX. You might want around 8gb ram at the minimum to avoid deathtraps and an SSD to avoid the lag caused by hardware bottlenecks as well as a seperate HDD to store vids ( vids are heavy and they stack up a lot over times). The 2nd option might be 10-15% better in your case.
  12. spec help

    If you are using heavy 3D apps , up and including 3D drawing , nvidia might not be the best choice , an AMD card work better. AMD are quite powerful for their tech and can do heavy duty lifting , but their technology scope is quite limited. Nvidia is quite fast , but loading heavy work in CAD or 3D drawing it is not optimal. Between the 2 , the first option is better suited for running heavy simulator ( PS 2 , Desmune ,... etc , JAVA ) as a powerful CPU is optimal and games byJapanese developers love to do most work instructions on CPU The 2nd option is better suited for western games , WG's products as it deliver the needed FPS in game minus the port screen An i5 is good enough for a CPU chip for gaming. Beware that if your work is about CAD , construction and 3D Max building , choosing an Nvidia card is not a good option
  13. Doing well in horrible ships.

    People are looking for some consistency after the horror of Wyoming and South Carolina you know , now it get outclassed by that tea maker ,...