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  1. was playing on a match when I realize the achievement badge blocking the indicator number from priority target skill.. thanks to this plus my potato skill enemy fubuki get free devastating strike p.s. I hate to compress image every time I want to upload it
  2. DaintyRose

    Increase flag size on Hipper

    no problem mate, I can understand what you saying I see, so it was just my feeling then.. thanks for your explanation
  3. DaintyRose

    Increase flag size on Hipper

    I don't know if it's just me, but I think the flag size on Hipper feel so small compared to other ship. Even after I zoomed the ship I still can barely see the flag
  4. I experienced problem when back to port after some battle, I cant move the ship carousel by dragging left / right, instead it will rotating the camera.. Also when I scrolling up / down on module section it will zooming the camera instead scroll the module.. Unfortunately I can't provide any screenshot since it wont show the cursor
  5. DaintyRose

    ST Recruitment Round 4 Questions Thread

    do ST must can speak and listening english fluently or just can understand english?
  6. DaintyRose

    Cheapest Tier VI BB... or not

    So, according to wiki, tier VI BBs has price about 3.6 million credits.. but thanks to WG the upcoming tier VI BB will become the cheapest ship among the other 3 moved to off-topic. ~dead_man_walking
  7. DaintyRose

    In game chat become unreadable

    offcourse I'm aware of that. the problem is every alphabet I typed on chatbox turned into square charracter.
  8. DaintyRose

    In game chat become unreadable

    Issue: My in game chat become square charracter Screenshots: Ship: AnyMap: AnyOccurrences: RandomlyTested: Cannot force error, but it does re-occur.Severity: Low impact, visual error.Details: My in game chat become square charracter, not only happened in this patch, but also 5.5 and 5.4 patch