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  1. Otago_F111

    Unique Commanders - how do YOU use them?

    I have only 3. Two British which are on premium DD and BB at this stage. I can build them up to 19 by using him on Gallant and Cossack, and once he is at 19 I can then transfer the XP to the Warspite. John doe (US) is also on premium DD ( I have another 19 captain on the "premium" ships, but he is a fully AA built). JD is currently 17 and built middle of the road, so can I use him on 5 destroyers and cruisers ( like Atlanta, Boise and even Indianapolis for scenario's). I decided a while back (when I was getting clubbed a lot), that I don't battle DD's without them being at least 14 (CE & RF) , so am trying to get my fleet to this level (from tier 5-8). In my theory (rightfully I'm not sure) is that I can cycle through all my premium ships, at all different levels(3-8) IJN, US, KR and now HMS with mostly all level 19 captains. All the XP gets allocated to bumping the regular force up. thoughts?
  2. Otago_F111

    Rough Seas Wargaming?

    I think they got enough crap to worry about and fix up before you get this. just sway on your chair if it helps
  3. Otago_F111

    Pay to play Halloween subs until 7.11?

    what drugs you been taking today Ralph???
  4. Otago_F111

    Is it a bug:Can't receive"Major Contribution"

    Damn impressive numbers right there .... especially the schnellboat numbers mate!!
  5. Otago_F111

    matchmaking algorithm

    I pick a fully AAA spec DD and guess what, no CV, but if I pick a normal DD, there's a CV ... dang its happened about 8 times in a row so far.
  6. I figured this one out after 6 or 7 months (Doh!). I Couldn't understand why I was getting smashed all the time in 1-10 point captains. I set myself a level of 14 points minimum for PVP ... much better now, even some DD's have 60% WR. will have to go back and lift my terrible WR one day.
  7. Otago_F111


    totally understand this icy, but you can see that people who want to acquire the amount of ships you have without: A. having to spend the time you have to acquire them (maybe 2 or so years?). B. Having to spend that sort of money. Some of the "bot" account sell for $700 and have all (most) boats, all lvl19 captains, heaps of flags, silver etc etc. This is your bot problem, this is your lack of "experienced" players at the top level. And I would say there is nothing WG can do about it, even if they wanted too. I like the way you think Ralph.
  8. Otago_F111


    What I was really trying to convey is that no matter how frustrated you may get, how weird the whole thing is, just play the game, do as best you can and dont whine. Money and time means nothing... you will die and leave this all behind, but did you enjoy it, hell yes!! If it gets into your head that it becomes a frustration then let it go... find a good woman
  9. Otago_F111


    I personally think you need to find another game Max, where you can play 1st person games and not worry about anyone else. The ongoing whinging (which could be an inherent Aussie trait we hear of) is getting a bit boring. Though you may play this game well, I question your capacity to understand that: 1. the MM will never change (and appears that its been like this all along). 2. The "morons" will never go away (in any game). 3. They wont split high percentage to low. 4. Bots wont go away. (so long as people are willing to pay for the service). I have accepted the above after only 8 months.. finish the game, start another... smile/ shake your head, it isn't going to change. As we say here "suck it up petal, and move on".
  10. Otago_F111

    Unique Commanders

    awesome. WOWS wiki doesn't show this guy, and is Missouri ever likely to come back?
  11. apologies for the "by pass" of the censorship .... I wonder if "trucker" is ok? (that's ok on you tube)
  12. Otago_F111

    Unique Commanders

    thanks @Gryrus_Triss Havent gotten into BB yet, but maybe I could start with the Texas which would allow me to easily move him up At least the British brothers are good for Cruisers, and maybe worth a try on the DD's Jervis, Cossack and lightning. JOAT, SSE, EM?
  13. Otago_F111

    Unique Commanders

    Thanks Ralph, then not much use on a US destroyer as I don't need to spend 3 points there. Been smashing the Dunkirk scenario for a week to get this guy to 17 so far, and I don't really need him yet... oh well he will come in handy at some stage. A Cruiser or BB that has really slow turret rotation and needs to swap shells often?
  14. Otago_F111

    Unique Commanders

    So I got myself the 2 British and one US commander last week and was wondering what the go is with them. E.g John Doe here has 2 small "+" in the commander screen above these two items. Does this mean that if I don't use the "+", that they have Expert Marksman and Expert loader by default?
  15. Otago_F111

    Royal Navy Containers

    Really? wow, lets erase history. Could be difficult if they introduce any finnish (Finland) aircraft then.