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  1. Otago_F111

    The Prodigal Max

    You social butterfly Max but you are right in that aspect... quite a small group of regular forum posters here, and, well a crap load on NA, but that does not worry me to much. The operations are a nightmare, but it maybe kids on xmas break ... but not holding my breath. As a good tatty man I find the style, meta?, a big difference from here and its taking me a while to get used to it, though I quite like the aggressiveness of the random battles. The saltiness in battle is all "piss in the wind" and is meant quite lightheartedly ...My first dev strike on a CA and I got a "FU" in reply and was a bit a taken back, but then he typed "but I did give you a WD in karma". Wow I even have 4!! Anyway I dont want to start any us or them arguments, but to say Im happy with what has panned out, yes there are differences but I only play 3 or 4 games a night and am enjoying the banter during a match ... I mean much of the discussion is on the open chat which kinda leads me to think it is not so serious as here and maybe why NA is a bit different So yes I will stay at NA for the foreseeable future, but who knows I may return one day when Im a kumera (yup google it).
  2. Otago_F111

    When do I start worrying/hassling?

    Me either Max, but to my absolute total surprise.... Im in!!! not that it took 2 1/2 days to upload the game version (who new that my computer goes to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity ). Only played one co-op but things seem ok. ping is running about the same but game was a bit jerky. Then noticed the game settings were back to default. I would have screen shot mine before it changed over and will now have to go and find the videos of the settings that can be reduced from high etc.
  3. Otago_F111

    It seems transfers are under way.

    just downloading the game again in the NA folder... 26GB, its going to take a while
  4. Otago_F111

    transfering to other server..

    because if you don't like it, you can return after 30 days
  5. Otago_F111

    transfering to other server..

    Well my plane ticket turned up, so I'm off for a visit to NA. whether I stay or return, who knows. I'm a late starter with this game (just under 2 years) but it been fun to hear all the banter along the way. Asian, Ozzy who really cares, we are all playing a cyber game from our houses, and I do it for the enjoyment. I have learnt a lot from the many posts (still a shit player) but slowly getting better.... kind of. Either see you again in 30 days, or best of luck for the future.
  6. Otago_F111

    transfering to other server..

    yep applications closed, but the actual process of moving has been delayed. look closer, I'm sitting out there watching the island blow up (white Island) from an eruption
  7. Otago_F111

    transfering to other server..

    that wouldn't be the titanic would it? I think the 12th is the cut off date. the latest update says "will be continue to the end of this week"
  8. Otago_F111

    transfering to other server..

    a query on the rule Max can I listen to john, Paul, George and Ringo individually? I like Wings
  9. nah, just tell him you wont buy any Ferrari T shirts or merchandise, and I'm sure he will get scared and give it to you Ralph
  10. Otago_F111

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    the Spanish and Portuguese galleons might be a bit outdated, as the Greek Trireme.
  11. Otago_F111

    One reason why I prefer to stay in Asia is....

    Reading this thread objectively, it gives more reason to move to another server
  12. Otago_F111

    Is Alaska worth 1m fxp?

    I'm with you on this ..... but xmas boxes are coming
  13. Otago_F111

    Server Transfer Delay

    I'm still tossing it up at the moment, but might give the 30 day trial a go, nothing to loose, well that's not exactly true. I'm trying hard to finish the Yamato legendary hook up thingy (cant remember what its called). on the last level of 40k base FXP and have 32k to go before the 11th. Seems quicker to do in CO-OP.
  14. Otago_F111

    Blardy Jingles!!

    "You have just sunk an allied battleship" WHAT!!!!!! ... oh no ... shit .... that had me going for 5-10 seconds.
  15. Otago_F111

    Server Transfer Delay

    damn you right ... Russian balanz!!!