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  1. Otago_F111

    So discouraging to play Ranking...

    I really enjoyed it. I used my Salem with a 19 pointer, a Yamamoto (12) and a rental Shimakaze (16). only played about 50 games and got as far as 10, finished 11th. Win rate was shite, but damage got better as I played and was a good help to the team towards the end. Whichever team got the "push on" first, seemed to have the advantage in the that the opposition back pedalled. certainly different play style from Random in that no one seemed to camp at the rear. Agree with others that having brackets and no camo, I was certainly targeted. Maybe in future the ships have a special flag and unless you visually see the flag you would not know any difference.
  2. Otago_F111

    Never give up! Never surrender!

    "Hey BB's can you please knock out the gun emplacements" no action, and repeat message. "Incoming!!!!" ok I will do it.
  3. Otago_F111

    Rogue Wave Event

    *as he ducks down in the phone booth and dials his shoe phone*
  4. Dans probably more into walking away
  5. Otago_F111


    me too, and still don't understand what "yeet" actually means?
  6. I think the most annoying part of these "OP" ships, is that those that were around when they were issued aren't complaining, but the ones who haven't got them are. why not let them be accessed/ purchased by all, then no one would complain? Or does WG do this to ensure people spend money buying xmas crates? the only one I have is GC, and haven't really played it due to not having a high skilled captain yet.
  7. Otago_F111

    Georgia is very hard to play properly

    How would my mass captain go on this ship using the following? P/T, P/M. A/R Super Man FC, IFHE & AFT
  8. Otago_F111

    FF actual S...

    ahaha, now wouldn't you think if its a problem that they know about, they could ignore the "pink" for an hour or so.... or am I a bit optimistic??
  9. Otago_F111

    CV haku AP bombs

    I think you guys can argue until the sun stops shining, but: 1. CV's wont be going away. 2. Yes there will always be balancing issues. From different types of ships, to same types but different country etc. 3. AA versus Torps v radar and so on. Sure have a moan, but don't take anything to heart. WG has the hard data, and will make adjustments as time goes by, but overnight no. So just roll with it, or if it riles you up that much find another game to play for a while. Me I don't play CV (but have had a few training room and CO-OP). I stopped playing DD at that last CV change, and have gone onto BB play which I am really enjoying. I will go back when it suits me. Really all I'm saying is enjoy the game, it will get better.
  10. Otago_F111

    Which commander would you buy next?

    i use Bert on my premium DD's and Exeter and use jack for premium BB's. The best is the versatile Oberksky. 19 point mainly setup for Alabama, but use it on Texas, Arizona and even the Alaska. Also Russian premium BB and Cruisers.
  11. Otago_F111

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    oh ooh!!, Ralph will lose his rag over this one
  12. Otago_F111

    Changed my mind - Not funny. Makra gud.

    I would deduct 30 and then go hard
  13. Otago_F111


    wife nagging him to mow the lawns?
  14. Heads or tails? let us know how it went.
  15. Otago_F111

    Just got the Kremlin, do you any tips for this Soviet T10 beast?

    sorry I don't play Russian BB, but if its a brawler, where are any of the BFT/ AFT/IFHE or man fire control skills? I have my brawlers, Massachusett's and Tirpitz's and are set up for attack rather than defence. Unfortunately the first time I have ever been "detonated" was last night when I met a Seeyuz head on!!!