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  1. Otago_F111

    Ships - What to sell? What to keep?

    just keep buying port slots and you don't have to sell anything :)
  2. Otago_F111

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    Dive!! Dive!! Dive!! .... I'm coming up 1 year, and still haven't gotten to far past DD's (except some premium's). My conclusion is I don't play random if its under a 14 point cpt. your behind the 8 ball before you even start. just my opinion.
  3. Otago_F111

    Up coming buff etc (stolen from NA server)

    seemingly the radar has changes too, a time delay in the "team" seeing the lit up ship.
  4. Aigle will get torpedo buff from 7km to 8km in order to improve her ability to torp from stealth. Dunkerque reload reduced to 26 seconds from 28 in order to improve her ability to do damage due to the lower caliber main battery. Sims buff of torpedoes. The short ranged gets from 5.5km to 7km. Long range torpedoes go to 10.5km from 9.2. Improved alpha as well. Reload increased from 72 to 76 seconds. Mahan RoF buff from 4 seconds to 3.3. Due to the bad shell arcs a RoF buff will help increase her damage. Colorado sigma increase from 1.9 to 2.0. Because of the New Mexico having 12 barrels and Colorado getting reduced to 8, an accuracy buff will increase the hit probability. Kiev can get a Repair Party instead of Smoke. She will have 2 charges with Premium Consumable. Ognevoi gets access to Repair Party on an extra slot. 2 charges as well with Premium Consumable. Udaloi will also be getting a Repair Party, I guess it's Oprah time for VMF DDs. 2 charges as well. All the VMF changes are done in order to better prepare the ground for the tier Xs. Nagato reload time reduced from 32 seconds to 30. Same as Colorado, buff in order to improve her ability to do more damage. Kii buff. Reload reduced from 31 to 30. TORP BUFF. 10km torpedoes instead of 6. 1 knot nerf to speed, damage buff to 17.2k. The torpedo buff is still in consideration. The torpedo buff will make them more reliable. In addition due to the bad broadside of Kii, she will be able to use her torps more efficiently and without getting into brawl range. Izumo sigma increase from 1.8 to 2.0. WG is taking a step by step approach regarding her to see where they will get. Hood buff! Sigma from 1.8 to 1.9. Fuse delay increase to help deal with BBs. Since alot of people on chat are mentioning Blyskawica, she still is good based on statistics; if they do something drastic she will turn OP, so they will have to find a more elegant solution. Fire duration for the "large cruisers (Stalingrad, Kron, Alaska, Azuma) will become uniformly 60 seconds from 45. The large HP pool and armor schemes led to this decision. If positioned well without being exposed these ships are almost invulnerable to regular cruisers.
  5. Otago_F111

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    sunk on sight apparently
  6. Otago_F111

    Operation of the Week - Narai - Div thread

    thanks for having me Max, 1st time I used the division. most enjoyable
  7. Otago_F111

    10K Battles

    think I read it on facebook or youtube!! ahahaha
  8. Otago_F111

    Ingame voice overs

    "that was a bit of an under arm there Trev" or "that shot might need a bit of sand paper there Stevo"
  9. Otago_F111

    10K Battles

    well done Max, I think ...... remember, there is a real world out there
  10. Otago_F111

    Expand Operations

    I would like to do more "team" stuff, but having to use a mic is not agreeable with the person who is also in the same room, whom I must obey
  11. Otago_F111

    Why is smokescreen camping the focus?

    yup agree here, and smoke only lasts a minute or so. I will "camp" if there is only one ship close and no others until the smoke runs out, or things alter. yes had a few delete's but that's how it goes.
  12. Otago_F111

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich Grind completed

    was trying to complete the 3rd set of tasks, which one was 100 airplanes to shoot. Planes= Atlanta. after 2 games with no CV, I switched to Sims, yup CV's. Each time I swapped back to the Atlanta, no CV, this was at least 8 times. something dodgy going on here!! not interested in the 4th lot of tasks (or the PEF), but need one more piece to complete the set.
  13. Otago_F111

    I need to vent ...

    had a couple of pinks in my Asashio. Bit like doing a cross-field kick with a balloon, by the time it gets 20km, the wingers are way in front :) but sunk way more of them than us, so all good.
  14. Otago_F111

    Admiral Hipper - Well that makes perfect sense.

    Lucky for us they didn't name the ship with Hippers full name :)
  15. wat? stem ships being a new boat Ralph?